Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Workplace Violence Essay -- Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace ViolenceWorkplace craze is a phenomenon that is forthwith widely recognized as a social problem, which intrusions all organizations. accord to Department of Justice statistics for 1995,21% of all violent crime occurred enchantment the victim was either at work or traveling to or from work. WorkplaceViolence accounted for more than two (2) million violentCrimes every year from 1992-1997 (Kaufer 1-2).In this research paper I will provide an overview of work violence and furnishExamples of the effect and costs, as it affect the body of work. Workplace violence can be devastating to caper and present emotional impact on the employees involved (Ecis, 1).Incidents of workplace violence were virtually unheard of until the 1970s. Since so it has more than tripled. As companies downsize, reorganize, re-engineer, and demand more of each employee, stress levels ontogeny to the breaking point causing work-related violence to escalate (Mattman, 1).Obviously something essenti al be done to protect employees from workplace violence. Employees not only deserve a safe workplace environment but several press out mandates need to be considered.Three important questions deserve close examination. These include, why over the past years have there been evidenced an summation in workplace violence? What are the effects on the business economics when they are subjected to occupational violence on the work send? And finally, what can be done to avoid violence in the workplace?Workplace violence has shown itself to be a serious detriment to the baron of a company to be successful and productive. As you can see, it not only affects the workplace but places employees in emotional states, which are counterpro... ...erly, get along with Works. Free Press 1999.Kaufer, Steven. The cost of workplace violence to American business. ancestry www.workviolence.comKlein, Stuart. Workers Under stress. University Press of Kentucky 1990.Source CSUDH LibraryMantell, Michael. T icking bombs. Irwin Professional make 1993.Source Public Library of Long Beach.Unknown Author. Steps to fighting workplace violence.Source http//www.sentryinsurance.com/Wontvid.htmUnknown Author. Violence has no place in the workplace. M2 Communication Ltd. 1992.Unknown Author. Workplace violence policy. Internet.Source http//www.2kumc.edu/hr/admin/wpv.html Vuong, Andy. military control discuss safety at workplace. SourceWilliam, Waugh, L. and Lloyd, Nigro G. Workplace Violence A Human resources perspective. Internet.Source http//www.gsu.edupurlgn/WPVAbstract.html

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