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Future of HR (just paraphrase) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Future of HR (just paraphrase) - Essay ExampleThus, HR managers have a huge variety of responsible roles and functions in an arrangings. One of the most important tasks is to consider that the future human resource leaders are fit to take over. For this, HR managers need to retain their credibility in the organization to gain the trust of the staff and set an example for the future HR leaders. Such an endeavor would be possible through the maintenance of behavioral integrity.The quality of HR of an organization makes a huge difference to the success of the organization. In most instances, organizations easily overcome difficult situations totally because of their HR. For instance, as Nick Holley points out, during the recession it was seen that within organizations, some business units were found to benefit from the recession succession other business units suffered. He cites the example of Primark to explain this phenomenon (AllBusiness.com, 2010). According to Holley, recessio n has wrongly been taken as an excuse for an underperforming HR function and as research suggests, the success or failure of the organization depends on its HR function, which should be driven based on the specific needs of the business and rather than difficulties much(prenominal) as recession and success strategies of other organizations (AllBusiness.com, 2010). HR managers should focus on inculcating behavioral integrity in their organization and promote ethical practices among employees. It is essential for corporate managers to win employee trust, and this has been found to be a profound predictor of productivity, turnover, and profitability for the organization (Krell, 2006). Maintenance of behavioral integrity by corporate managers ensures that trust. Krell lists six ship canal to build employee trust in an organization. Firstly, by translating corporate values into behaviors, and by encouraging and training the employees to keep those behaviors, employee trust can

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Final Assessment of Apple Inc Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Final Assessment of Apple Inc - Essay exemplarDuring critical analysis of its vision and mission statement, examination of Apples compliance to business morality was also performed. Overall outcome of this analysis elaborates that Apple has made innovation and simplicity a posterior of not only its products, but its organizational philosophy as well. Effects of Globalization & Organizational nuance on Employee Selection and Training Apple is an ideal case study for understanding globalization in terms of business model and related processes. With workforce and supply chain scattered all nearly the globe and access to every part of global mobile and electronic gadgets market, Apple has managed to emerge as a market leader in mobile appliances and related applications. In addition to that, Apples organizational culture nevertheless supports its global business model and extended market access. ... Globalization has further strengthened the foundation of this culture. As a result of globalized model, Apple has introduced strategies like ethical partnership with the suppliers and home-based jobs for students and opposite professionals in order to avail opportunities offered by global business model. As furthest as employee woof is concerned, Apple uses market competitive strategies to attract and retain talent but only recruit employees that argon not only job fit but an organization fit as well. As far as training methods employed are concerned, its leadership uses a simple regime of Tell, Show and Do. Employees submit to on-job as well as academic trainings for enhancing their skill inventory and using them accordingly. On the other hand, as an ethical organization, Apple has also introduced educational programs, i.e. graduation, associate and bachelors for employees working for its suppliers. Training its own workforce and suppliers employees is influenced by its philosophy that says, When people gain new skills and knowledge, they can improve their li ves (Apple, 2012a). Apples Vision and armorial bearing Statement Apples vision is based on an optimistic ideology of being a market leader in engineering and communication devices. It has managed to offer products that cover every aspect of technology usage and allows the consumer to pay back an impeccable experience with its products becoming an integral part of customers demeanor style. Beginning from MacBooks to iPhones and iPads, Apple has attempted to amalgamate convenience, functionality and style in a single gadget. Furthermore, its commitment to have a motivated workforce and supply chain is another area that provides participatory direction to its

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Alexander the great Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Alexander the owing(p) - Research Paper ExampleThe classic period acted as a milestone for the revolution of the classical society from inward looking and restricted city-states to a sophisticated and open culture. This culture spread to the entire of Southwest Asia and Eastern Mediterranean. The age of Hellenism, which started in 800 B.C, lasted up to the time of Alexander the Greats remainder in 323 B.C. (Stoneman 19).The Hellenistic image can be associated with Alexander the Great, who made significant pieces that shaped the Hellenistic period. With his numerous conquests, Alexander the Great helped in the development of Hellenistic judgement. Alexanders main contribution to the Hellenistic thought rests in his desire for conquest (Stoneman 21). Through his military conquests, he created an empire that further learning and cultural exchange. He also contributed to remarkable Hellenistic ideas that have lasted up to today through with(predicate) governance, forms of art, a nd government. Moreover, he light-emitting diode to the creation of an empire that allowed people to spread and blend this promoted learning. Thus, Alexander the Great pave way for the spreading of Hellenistic thought and ideas.As a way of thinking, Hellenism has some merits and demerits. The pros of Hellenistic thought include the remarkable contributions in the fields of math, medicine, mechanical science, and philosophy. Moreover, Hellenism promoted trade and exchange of cultures and ideas. In math, Hellenistic thought led to numerous developments in geometry (Perry 66). In medicine, Hellenism paved way for several discoveries such as the handling of dissections to distinguish between nerves and arteries. In the field of mechanical science, Hellenism contributed to the invention of the steam engine. In philosophy, Hellenism led to the emergence of new ideas such as Stoicism, which emphasized on the need to perform ones duty and persevering

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Critically discuss the role of women in Luke-Acts Essay

Critically cover the agency of women in Luke-Acts - Essay ExampleConversely, the interpretation of Lukes Gospel has often been viewed as highlight the passive and silent role of women, thereby supporting the importance of the male leaders (Seim, 1994, p.173).This debate has pass on led to the argument that whilst women may be seen as prophets in the private domain, the symbolic role of this prototype simply serves to highlight the public prophetic role of men (Levine & Blickenstaff, 2004, p.67). The biblical criticism in this battlefield is additionally fuelled by the fact that notwithstanding the express role of women in the Luke Gospel, there is clearly a dichotomy between the Luke Gospel and the Acts. Indeed, Seim highlights that whilst women are clearly visible within the content of the Gospel their role is negligible and effectively silenced in the Acts (Seim, 1994, p.173).The focus of this analysis is to critically evaluate the role of women in the Luke Acts. In doing so I shall adopt a contextual approach with reference to feminist piety and the appurtenant feminist issues raised by the Luke Acts.As an initial observation it is important to highlight that Lukes Gospel comprises dowry of the Canon of the New Testament and was selected on grounds of its theological emphasis correlating with the former(a) books of the New Testament, particularly the Synoptic gospels (DAngelo, 1990, p.442). Additionally, Lukes Gospel is widely recognised as part of a two piece work in conjunction with the Book of Acts (Reid, 1996, p.95).In contrast to the former(a) Gospels, Luke is most notable for according an overt and prominent role to women as they are main characters in the birth, infancy narratives and the resurrection appearances, which is unique to Luke (Corley, 1993 15). Furthermore, Luke makes reference to 13 women that are not mentioned in the other Gospels (Corley, 1993 25).However, the moment attached to the representation of women in Luke is somewhat un dermined by Seims emphasis on the

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Hotel Quality Management Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Hotel Quality Management - Research Paper ExampleCustomers who request for a room commute spend several minutes before they are reallocated another room. This has proven to be ineffective to customers and hotel departments. other(a) room services such as newspaper delivery and baggage storage also control improvements. Most of the offsetes that take place in the hotel are done manually, and there is minimal use of technology. Guests concord to call for transit at the check-out time since there are no prior arrangements or contracts with transport companies. These activities and processes compromise the quality of services offered by the hotel, and may drive away some customers. Automating the report and check-out process would greatly improve the hotel services. A quality system empowers workers at several levels in the hotel in redact to establish guest service expectations and device the best way to meet or exceed these expectations. An online check-in system would prove ef fective in providing quality system. This would help customers moderate booking processes via the internet and agnise payments online. Currently, the hotel uses a manual identification process, which involves checking identification documents. A computerized check-in process would enable hotel attendants verify the identity of customers automatically. Online services can also conduct room changes before they check-in to the hotel. Room change processes comm all consume a lot of time before the new room is prepared. Conducting these requests before the guests check-in would maintain the amount of time spent. The check-out process is also conducted manually by checking the identification of the customer and retrieving customer modification information manually. Guests have to line up at the summit desk to clear from the hotel. A computerized system would change the confirmation process, and guests could check-out of their room without lining up at the front desk. Guests are pr esented with their bill at the front desk, which increases the amount of time spent. An efficient system would enable guests receive their bills before leaving their rooms. The hotel does not conduct a customer satisfaction survey about their services. Collecting customer feedback would enable the hotel improve unalike areas of their services, which did not please the customers. A guest email service would facilitate the collection of customer feedback and see the hotel management to process the collected data. The core of quality management is to steer the duty towards an improved performance. It has deuce-ace main components, which include quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement. Consistent quality is achieved by not only improving the condition of services, but also by improving the processes (Jones and Lockwood, 2004). This involves eliminating or minimizing defects present at the business processes and type of services offered. Customer and investor sati sfaction are directly linked to the quality of services provided in the hotel. A hotel quality system would reduce competition from other hotels with the help of benchmarking. The hotel would have a tool of measuring the degree of customer needs and expectations through the customer feedback system. The hotel would then match these expectations and needs against the perceived quality. Automating the

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Proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Proposal - Essay ExampleLike the students, educators similarly want to feel safe, stiffd, respected, and well - contributeed. Rooney (2003) suggests that the wisdom of the good school must be worked out by those who live within its walls yet there are so many issues in education which varies from highly qualified staff to unsafe school buildings and all areas in between. According to Weissbourd (2003), schools can best avow students moral development by helping teachers manage the stresses of their profession by increasing teachers capacity for reproach and empathy. Another line of work addressed by disenfranchised educators is the lack of state and federal funding to secure an adequate education. School districts in poor rural communities have suffered funding issues for generations (Borman, 2003) however, under public interest, the concern for teachers satisfaction oftentimes goes unnoticed. A qualitative random sample will be drawn from 20 K-12 public school teachers represe nting Dillon County School District Two. Survey and interview questions will be distributed to each educator. The police detective will then analyze the data using the appropriate statistical method.A. Problem under reading Lack of safety and salary as well as unacceptable administrative and parental support are the causative factors in the decline of the teachers entering the classroom. The problem addressed by this study is the import teacher job satisfaction on student academic achievement.F. Data Collection Procedures Survey forms and questionnaires comprising 10 questions will be distributed to 20 K - 12 educators from 6 schools in Dillon County District Two. This one workweek study consists of surveys and interview questions that will highlight on teachers satisfaction and students achievement.Problem Statement The lack of teachers safety, salaries, and unsatisfactory administrative and parental support are the causative factors for teachers

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Color and the Visible Spectrum Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 1

Color and the plain Spectrum - Research Paper ExampleThe clear spectrum range is located on the electromagnetic spectrum indoors ranging from 780 nanometer to 390 nanometers. The narrow band forms the ROYGBIV, as will be discussed in the body of the project. The following is a example of a evident light spectrum within the electromagnetic wave spectrumFrom the image above, it is clear that within apiece spectrum division of visible light range there is a particular deform to that answer. Consequently, this brings the concept of retina perceiving special(prenominal) color sensation when light consisting of certain wavelength drops on the retina. Isaac Newtont illustrates this aspect by using the light calendered on prism. The prism divides the light shining through into various wavelengths thereby showing the various color components of the visible light. Each color produced therein is a representation of a particular wavelength the wavelengths are what cause the varying am ounts of bend exhibited by each color. upon this discussion comes the aspect of dispersion, which is simply refers to the process of separation of visible light into various distinct colors. In the presence of a prism, as shown in the image, dispersion of visible light results to the colors red (R), orange (O), yellow (Y), green (G), blue (B), and violet (V) (Gomes & Velho, 98). The abbreviations therein take a leak visible light the name ROY G BIV (Even though Indigo (I) is usually not depicted within the spectrum range, it is arbitrarily added to produce a vowel for Roys name that comes last). From the spectrum, red has the longer wavelengths meaning it canful be easily seen while violet has the shorted wavelength, which confirm the rarity of human eye seeing it. The following is an image showing the visible light spectrum with descriptionThe distinct types of cones characterized by photo-pigments in humans, allows them to have aesthesia to three

Statistics are Misleading in the Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Statistics be Misleading in the Media - Essay ExampleMany of the unsuspecting readers are often oblivious of the fact that people creating and quoting statistics do have personal agendas and vested interests (Hodges 2). Thus most of the social statistics is often colored by such oblique intentions. The journalists in their zeal for bolstering on the issue under consideration do tend to exaggerate or subdue the available statistical findings (Calif 2). Many a times the entities like governments, political parties and NGOs purposely translate tainted statistical data and studies so as to accentuate or dilute a special issue. Thus it is important for any discerning citizen to investigate the basic parameters surrounding a statistical retell that is the entity who created a statistical study (Best 27), the purpose for which a given statistical data was created (Best 28) and the manner in which a statistical research was carried out (Best 29). Sad, but true, many of the subscribers a re mostly not so astute, systematic and methodical in their analysis of the statistics published in media and are therefore vulnerable to coating up with faulty perceptions, false notions and misguided views. It is really imperative to understand the dynamics by which statistics is exaggerated, downplayed or manipulated by the media to send a specific message to the masses. Many a statistical studies prefer to consume the samples as per their convenience (Best 52). The samples for statistical studies are often chosen by the media in a non scientific way and at random that go well with their limited budgetary resources. Hence such samples decompose to represent the total population and do yield false conclusions. Besides the statisticians hired by the media houses are oft deficient in the expertise to wean out the mutations incorporated while sampling a population. There is no denying the fact that the statistical studies conducted in an academic environment are not bounds by the compulsion to yield black and white results. It is a reality that if an academic study ends up with open ended conclusions, the researchers do prefer to leave them as such and never rush in to deduce faulty hypothesis. However, this is not always true so far as media reports are concerned. close of the media reports by their very nature are expected and bound to give concrete conclusions underlying a statistical study. Thus when the journalists are pushed by their voracious readers to yield results, they often do not swerve from culling out nonrealistic guesses from the available statistical figures (Best 32). In fact, to sensationalize their news reports, media houses even go to the extent of exaggerating or downplaying the results attributed to a given statistical study. If nothing else, commercial success is often too big a want to prevent them

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Speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 4

Speech - Essay ExampleThis practice is carried out on girls. It gouge be done as from few days old to teenage years.This presentation intends to examine the unravel of the warlords during the colonial period towards FGM, the violence caused by FGM and education as a major contributory component part to rampant FGM practices (Levin & Asaah, 2009).FGM is entrustd to be intensive in Africa where WHO approximates the population ranging from 90-95 million women to have undergone the practice (Levin & Asaah, 2009). Majority of the communities believe that FGM lessen libido. However, the majority of the Muslim believes that it is a religious obligation that is mandatoryThe warlords and the process of colonization atomic number 18 closely linked with FGM. It is imperative to note that attempts by the colonial administrators to halt the practice during the early twentieth century did not succeed, but instead enhanced the provocation and anger consequently the FGM escalated. Kenya is a c haracteristic example where the FGM escalated upon aggravation of the local communities. The Christian missionaries in Kenya tried to discourage the practice due to the medical exam consequences and the accompanying sexualized rituals (Levin & Asaah, 2009). This did not work instead, it became a focal point of agitating for independence, particularly by the Kikuyu community. It is wakeless to note that, the provocation led to the murder of Hilda Stump who was one of the American Missionary after she radius about the FGM openly. The efforts of preaching against FGM by the Christian Missionaries and human rights activists based in London failed because most of the Kenyan local communities believed that the female circumcision was not just an event or action but an institution, which was immensely attributed to long educational, moral, religious and social implications. Consider the following table that indicates the statistical data of the rate of

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Incentives and disincentives to invest in research and development Essay

Incentives and disincentives to invest in search and development - Essay ExampleA critical input for a firms triumph might be a derivative of its investments in R&D projects. For this reason, competition is one of the pristine incentives that would influence a business to invest in R&D, which is also an essential element that derriere lead to the growth and profitability of a business (Atkinson & Ezell, 2014, p. 27). In this case, apt property rights accorded to innovative entrepreneurship lead an incentive to for the investment in innovative developments. These rights contribute to the protection of a firms intellectual assets, which enhances profitability and heightens the entitys competitiveness. For instance, Gilead Sciences Inc., a pharmaceutical organisation in the United States, invested in an R&D project to develop Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir), a drug used in the treatment of Hepatitis C. This drug was introduced in the market place in December 2013 (Palmer, 2015, np). The inv ention not only improved the profitability of the firm, but it also conduct to the sustainability of the firms competitiveness in the industry. There is a possibility of addressing market failures for R&D by influencing the incentives for a private firm. In this case, addressing issues of the appropriateness of an inventions research results is possible by granting the inventor the monopoly over the intellectual property (Curci, 2010, p. 45). However, the disincentive of the appropriation relates to the risks and ambiguity of R&D investments. In this case, a firm can invest in an R&D project.

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Oral immunotherapy for food allergy Research Paper - 1

spoken immunotherapy for food every(prenominal)ergic reaction - Research Paper ExampleIn general, failure to avoid food allergen erect trigger signs and symptoms related to allergic rhinitis, asthma, atopic dermatitis, and other types of food allergies (Steinman, 2010 CDC, 2008). As a type of immunological disease, having an allergy on food can significantly affect the socio-economic situation and quality of life of all(prenominal) somebody (Castellazzi et al., 2013). Aside from losing work productivity, the economic cost of food allergy can reach up to US$24.8 billion in which the direct cost of medication, hospitalization and healthcare visitations can be as mellow as US$4.3 billion each year (Gupta et al., 2013).Around the world, roughly 6% to 8% of all children cast off been affected by food allergy during their childhood life (Gupta et al., 2011 Steinman, 2010). In line with this, around 15 million Americans have or had experience some sort of food allergies (news-journa l, 2014). Among children, the Centers for Disease master and Prevention (CDC) reported that the prevalence rate of food allergy at 5% is equal to materialisation individuals between the age group of 0 to 4 years old, 5 to 9 years old, and 10 to 17 years old (CDC, 2013). Today, food allergy has been considered as one of the most common health problems among children (CDC, 2008).In general, the process of having severe food allergies can adversely affect or impair the quality-of-life of each person (Anagnostou et al., 2014 Clark et al., 2009). In one of the studies that were conducted by Gupta et al. (2011), the authors mentioned that 30.4% of these children had more than one type of food allergy and that almost 38.7% of children with food allergy had experienced some sort of a severe reaction. Even though Lyons and Forde (2004) pointed surface that most people with food allergy does not consider this particular health situation to have a significant impact in

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Social Determinants of Health Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Social Determinants of Health - Coursework ExampleThe investigator statesthat the social and economic conditions experienced by an individual like position, power and financial stability and different other factors, affects health. It is in this context that social determinants, like poverty, lack of knowledge and health awareness among people, unitedly contributes to health inequalities. Communicable infirmity refers to health a problem that possesses high chances of being transmitted from iodine person to another. These are caused by agents like bacteria and virus that release toxic substances in piece body and thereafter, causing damages to the cells. The chain of infection comprises the agent, source, way of transmission and host who are primarily prone to infections. The source of infection is the environment in which, the microorganisms exist and mode is the process by which, the disease is transferred from one to another human being. It is thus that a nurse plays a cruc ial role in controlling communicable diseases. The health care facilities in hospitals are looked after by the nurses, who are over again responsible for providing a healthy environment to the patients. The type of infection identified in an individual, also influences the deport aim of care provided by the nurses. A nurse is responsible for monitoring a patient and to prescribe antibiotics jibe to the type of disease. Nurses are required to provide health aid to the patients as well as take precautions so that the disease is not transmitted to others and is cured at the earliest.

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College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

College - Essay congressmanBeing a leader of a neat number of people will require unity to be patient and try to understand his or her people. Financial crisis management is another problem that if not properly managed the leaders responsible might even face corruption cases.Sustainability is another area of great concern that should be looked at. Strategies should be placed to alter that the current good situations are sustained. It is not an light task to be achieved when looking at how the environment changes daily. We should develop skills that must be learned in order to be aware of and respond trancely to change. Technology change is the main reason for closely changes. We should, therefore, be equipped with knowledge of the latest technology. Understanding and usage of the latest technology will enable us cope up with environmental changes. As a leader, people expect good performance. well-nigh people think that performance management is that easy but it is an area of great concern that requires appropriate knowledge and skills. Another challenge in this field is decision- reservation. Decision-making requires to be taken in an appropriate metre and is usually associated with aperson making risks. Some situations require quick decision-making which may cause bad outcomes. Before making a decision, both positive and negative outcomes should be considered. Ethical practice should be considered appropriately as well. Masters in public administration is a field that faces many challenges and the people pursue this field should be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them be competent. The run of challenges is long, and the above list is just a part of them. MPA is an area that will equip us with the appropriate skills and knowledge.Masters in public administration is a field that I am interested in. It is an area on completion, will enable me to meet and successfully tackle the many challenges faced, some of which have been h ighlighted above.

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The Extent To Which States can Cooperate Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

The Extent To Which States can meet - Essay ExampleCooperation between States It must also be noned that according to H withdrawmann (2009 245), stimulateivism has come up as an alternative to the shortcomings of Realism, liberalism and neo-liberalism. Some of the thinkers in multinational relations and government activity such as Michael Barnett converge social constructivism as macrocosm occupied with the manner in which ideas construct international structure, the manner in which such structures the identities and interests of these states, and the manner in which states and non-state entities act to produce this structure. Constructivists see international relations as being underpinned and defined by tenable and persuasive ideas, social ideas, forces of acculturation and incorporated values. Against this underpindrop, there are some(prenominal) who have championed for the triumphing of constructivism in international relations over ideals such as realism, liberalism an d neo-liberalism. Many relations live between or among states in the international arena and can be seen to have been underpinned by ideals of constructivism. In the first place, it is important to note that the era in which states started to cooperate among themselves does not only date back to as far as when the concept of a state was realised, besides also expressly lift elements of constructivism. One can clearly see the manner in which the French Revolution (1789-1799) set off precedence towards cordial interstate cooperation. Seeking to maintain the balance of great power to restore legitimacy of principle and to quash the revolutionary spirit from suffusing into the rest of Europe, the Concert of Europe was make among Prussia, Britain, the Russian Empire and... The look for notes that according to Hoffmann, constructivism has come up as an alternative to the shortcomings of Realism, liberalism and neo-liberalism. Some of the thinkers in international relations and poli tics such as Michael Barnett see social constructivism as being occupied with the manner in which ideas construct international structure, the manner in which such structures the identities and interests of these states, and the manner in which states and non-state entities act to produce this structure. Constructivists see international relations as being underpinned and defined by tenable and persuasive ideas, social ideas, forces of acculturation and collective values. Against this backdrop, there are many who have championed for the triumphing of constructivism in international relations over ideals such as realism, liberalism and neo-liberalism. Many relations exist between or among states in the international arena and can be seen to have been underpinned by ideals of constructivism. In the first place, it is important to note that the era in which states started to cooperate among themselves does not only date back to as far as when the concept of a state was realised, but al so expressly convey elements of constructivism. One can clearly see the manner in which the French Revolution (1789-1799) set off precedence towards cordial interstate cooperation. Seeking to maintain the balance of power to restore legitimacy of rule and to quash the revolutionary spirit from suffusing into the rest of Europe, the Concert of Europe was formed among Prussia, Britain, the Russian Empire and Austria.

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Professional Project - Rehearsal Studio Literature review

Professional Project - rumor Studio - Literature review ExampleUsing Space for Artistic Needs The main usance of a rehearsal studio is to help to stimulate an environment and create a space for musicians and former(a)(a) performers. If there arent spaces available, then it becomes difficult to prepare for performances, recording and otherwise alternatives that are needed to be a growing musician. In a specific study, (Fewster, Wood, 2009), there was an examination of whether musicians and artists required spaces for performance. The comparison do was to virtual environments that led to a hybrid experience with technology as well as other alternative environments which were available for rehearsing. Through this study, it was found that the change in environment also led to convey changes in the formation of music. When the rehearsal space was used through and through a 3D alternative or virtual collaboration space, for instance, the environment changed to create a hybrid effec t. This combined higher amounts of technology with the music, as opposed to having the needed performance options. The environment with the space was able to offer a different hotshot of experimentation, specifically with interactions between the members that allowed for collaboration to move forward in a different alternative (Fewster, Wood, 2009). The judgment of changing the environment and the mood with collaboration is essential for various reasons. For those collaborating with several individuals is the superpower to interact differently and to allow creativity to move into a different set of alternatives. This offers new levels of professionalism and enhances the creativity needed through the use of space. The environment is combined with the concept of using creative space. When the creativity is in the surrounding environment, it becomes easier for musicians and other artists to collaborate and work toward enhanced materials. The development of the creative space admi ts more opportunities to find unique aspects to a band or group while offering an outside area in which musicians and others fanny perform. The important aspect to consider is based on investing in the creation of space that enhances creativity and which is contributing(prenominal) to the needs of artists, specifically because this changes the reactions and opportunities available through a given area (Martin, 2010). It should be noted that the ability to offer a rehearsal space isnt only dependent on musicians with specific needs. narrative space is also changing shape and form because of the emerging technologies and the need to have collaborative areas for those concerned in music. The concept of body space activity is one which is straight off being used among musicians and other performers. However, the ability to produce these activities is also dependent on having other applications and technologies within the space. For instance, recording equipment, materials and other a pplications which can form specific roles can be used for creative needs. The most common alternatives which are now in the UK are based on the use of creative spaces in urban regions, which has expanded the vagary of rehearsal spaces. This is one which is now inclusive of an environment for creativity as well as materials that provide physical access to those who wouldnt have the options available in another given arena (Tandt, 2006). Socio-cultural Changes

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Change using frame theory of Kurt Lewin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Change victimization frame theory of Kurt Lewin - Essay ExampleThese spots are unfreezing, movement, and refreezing stages. Unfreezing is the stage when the person needing the diverges realizes and accepts that the change is needed. In the stage of movement, the suitable approaches and measures are decided that would actually bring round the changes in the needed, ensuring that the driving forces can positively influence the person towards the change (Marquis and Huston, 2009, pp.167-169).The last stage is the refreezing stage where the change stabilizes the system and hence the change gets integrated into the life of the person. Without this stage, the change would remain ineffective (Marquis and Huston, 2009, pp.167-169). The get wind of Lewin was focused on a plenteous understanding of the mind of the humans and their personalities. This is itemly suitable in regard to the fact that the factors that influence individuals digress from person to person and hence understanding of such driving forces need to be identified (Friedman, 2008, p.238). This particular theory would enable to bring about change in the person, say alphabet, talked about in this study where the following steps would be considered.Step 1 Unfreezing In this step, ABC will be assay to be communicated and understood how overweight and hypertension are harmful for the health, and that control on these factors is essential. The negative effect of ice-cream, cheese cake and heavy meals will also be explained to him.Step 2 Movement In this step the step 1 will be performed with the help of the driving forces of ABC. The major driving forces of ABC are his family and his girlfriend. Thus his family members and his girlfriend will have to take the initiative to constantly talk to him about how he can positively influence his life avoiding the heavy meals and ice-creams. This can be achieved through whirl him with other healthy foods and habits such as exercises, tours, visits to differen t places that he would enjoy and not indulge in bad

Feminism Philosophy Essay Example for Free

Feminism Philosophy EssayAt the onset, Valerie Solanas SCUM Manifesto is a work that was clearly addressed to piece of musicly species which she regarded as accidental a biological accident. The first ii paragraphs of her work reveal her deep resent manpowert on the subroutine of men and women in the society. The last part of the first paragraph reflects her strong rejection of the manly sex. Solanas identifies young-begetting(prenominal) in various ways only when all describing the male as an undesirable species. To her, to be male is something that a man should be ashamed of and maleness is a dearth, a disease and that males be emotionally limited. She utter male is completely an isolated unit and everything that he has in himself is nothing but a bastard that he use to fulfill his drives and needs. Her work also reflect a seemingly an almost sulfurous feeling towards men. She used strong and very offending sentences emphasizing on the males purportedly many in capa bilities including relationship except of his physical sensation. However, the male according to her is capable Solanos obvious hatred to the male sex was also expressed in the way she describes how a male expresses himself.She described the males behavior as physically passive but then he does not like it. He expressed his frustration of his own passivity by screwing a woman he despises. She tell the male project his passivity by projecting it onto women and by screwing. Overall, Valerie Solanos work was an expression of her sentiments on the role between the male and the female in which she downgraded the role of the male species as concerns only of him self, but she gratifies women for her unselfish role. Solano stated that while m different allots for what is best for her children, the father only wants what is best for him.She was a man hater. In contrast with the work of Solano, peasants work is more fair game although she also urges that women should distract themselves from the world of males and male dominated institution. This separation according to Fry is of various sorts which must includes institutions, relationships, roles and activities that are male dominated. Frys work reflects a more meaningful feminist opinion as she discussed most-valuable feminist issues leading to their accusative of achieving liberation from the male dominance world.While Solano strongly reject the male describing him as incapable, emotionally weak, a disease, and so forth all maligning the male sex, Fry was more objective in a sense that she also put her feet on the others shoes. Though a real feminist and also a staunch advocate of the separation from male dominance, she described womens role in the background of the traditional notion that men are the provider and the protector of women. Fry cited the notion of parasitism of the male and female in terms of family matters.But she insists that the parasitism goes the other way around. It is the male that is pa rasites to females because men are pathetic and used up by living by their own. In general, although both women were against the exist arrangement of the roles of men and women in the society, Solano was very radical in her views about the males role and the male as a person to the point that she appeared being a man-hater. Fry on the other hand, was more objective although she also deplored the male as weak and parasites to women.But unlike Solanos views of the male which is very person-to-person and very negative, Frys opinion reflects a carefully weigh ideas regarding the issues involving the role of men and women which in the perspective of feminist like them are offensive and binding to women. Is having a maid chastely ruin? What are BARBARA Ehrenreichs reasons for thinking so? Is correct? Why or why not? In my own opinion, having a maid is not morally wrong as long as they are not treated fairly, are not nuisanced, and given just compensation.In the contexts of the employ ers, maids should not be viewed as slaves rather they should be considered as worker or even employees. Ong (2006) was right in her assessment that having a domestic helper or two is part of the bargain with two-income families (p. 201). Ong noted that a high shopworn of living is considered impossible without one or even two foreign maids to take care of the domicile chores as well as of children or the elderly (p. 201). Thus, having a maid at home should be considered as a social right, just like access to better schools, housing, shopping malls, and leisure.However, in the context of the families of these maids, to be maid in a foreign country is a source of hope on their economic miseries. Most of the families these maids came from are poor and the best option for them to survive is for their daughter to get practice session overseas. In other words, hiring maids meant helping those families. Unfortunately, there are always people who discriminate others. They tend to abuse t heir domestic servants by giving them unequal and unfair treatment.According to the Human Rights Watch, many domestic helpers speak up of abusive treatments such as not providing them enough food, longer working hours, and racist behavior. These are what is morally wrong and not the hiring of domestic helpers. Barbara Ehrenreichs thinking about having maids at home On the other hand, Barbara Ehrenreich noted the movement of women around the world and draws a comparison that for every women executive who travels, large derive of women from the third world countries leave their families to work as domestic servants in the first world countries.For Ehrenreich, this lot exodus of women is morally wrong because it results in odd displacements. Ehrenreich cited the facts that while these women carry with them the warmth of the female zero into the wealthy country that hired them this is usually at the expense of their families left behind. Their absent deprive their families of her ca re which she willingly offer to the families that need her services abroad. For Ehrenreich, having domestic helpers harm ones moral region and she calls on her readers not hire maids to clean the house.Ehrenreich argued having domestic servants clean the house is not good for the family in particular the children. While Ehrenreich was more concern on are supposed to clean the house, which is usually done by the maids, she deplored that cleaning other peoples house is so gross and demeaning. While Ehrenreich may keep back a point, but this issue should not be seen as morally wrong rather it should viewed in the economic context. Having a maid is not morally wrong because it is a decent job for women who founder fewer opportunities in life, especially those coming from very poor families in third world countries.As long as they are treated fairly and justly compensated, it is never morally wrong to employ somebody to do some jobs that one cannot do anymore. It is the most practica l thing because it serves in two ways, it benefits the employer because they can concentrate in their work, and it benefits the maid because she will earn dollars for her family back home. Reference Fry, M. (1983) Some reflectivity on Separatism and Power http//www. feminist-reprise. org/docs/fryesep. htm Ong, A. (2006) Neoliberalism as Exception ground forces Duke University Press Solano, V. Avital, R. (2004) SCUM Manifesto USA Verso

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Music vs. Book Essay Example for Free

medication vs. Book EssayBooks and melody are not a direct comparison normally exclusively when it comes to youngsters and their lives both have a very strong influence. When we are bored, it is the time we listen to music or read a book. These two are the common things we are doing in our leisure time. People should be influenced by music and book. Music can have both a positive as rise up as invalidating impact on an individuals life. The nature and kind of music defines that what theatrical role of message they render on the youngster. While books of any type give you either eye start or well meaning but misguided information on subjects ranging from the simplest subjects to the more sophisticated.Books can regular be used by those who are looking for answers in life. Many people report decision the perfect book to answer the burning questions in their minds. Books are more limited fiction equivalent novels and short stories and non-fiction corresponding memoir, his tory, biography, self help, and philosophy. Reading books require a larger share of our time. We cannot also do another thing while reading a book. We cannot read a book while washables clothes. Books are more intellectually stimulating and has bigger journey than music.On the contrary, music doesnt answer questions by itself. Music answers feeling or disturbed emotions looking for an outlet. It exists in an extraordinarily wide array of genres and styles like vocal music (song, choral music, and opera), solo instrumental, chamber, orchestral, band and etc. We will listen to the music we whop countless times over the course of our lives. We can multitask while listening to music. We can listen to music while running or washing clothes. Music are more passion and emotional than books.Whether you regard to listen to music or read a book, they can both give positive and negative influences, affect all kinds of age groups, and cause different views of the world.

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Stalins aims for the transformation of the Russian economy Essay Example for Free

Stalins aims for the transformation of the Russian preservation EssayTo what extent did Stalin succeed in achieving his aims for the transformation of the Russian economy?Under the NEP, Russia had managed to recover from seven years of warfare, but by the late 1920s Russia had nevertheless not been able to develop its economy beyond the level of 1914 and its kitchen-gardening was still really backward. Stalin mat up that under the NEP, the Russian economy was underperforming and he felt he had to change this as he treasured to rise Russia and move it forwards to a truly socialist society. Stalin wanted to transform Russian economy in order of battle for Russia to be a socialist society there had to be more workers than peasants and the coarse had to be at industrially advanced.This would mean that the Russian economy, which relied heavily on agriculture, would have to be changed and develop industries would have to be developed and Russia would have to become an indu strialised country. In 1929 in the Great Turn, Stalin introduced the collectivization of agriculture this set of policies, along with the Five Year Plans, created the framework for what became known as the Soviet centrally planned economy and transformed the Soviet economy. Stalin, through collectivization and industrialisation, managed to transform the Russian economy.One of Stalins aims for the transformation of the economy was to build up heavy industry and increase the industrial product of the Soviet sodality through the Five Year Plans, and to catch up with the industrialised West. Stalins policy of industrialisation was based on central planning the state produced three consecutive Five Year Plans that set production and output targets for all areas of industry, with emphasis on building up heavy industry and creating new industry. In order to provide capital to finance industrialisation, Stalin introduced collectivisation, which modernised Russias agricultural system. The se Five Year Plans broadly achieved Stalins aim. There was a huge increase in the productivity and output of heavy industry. Whole new industries were developed in Russia, alike the chemical factories, tractor and machine tool plants. Many new factories were built, whole new industrial centres like Magnitogorsk were created and cities grew rapidly.Russia was gripped by gigantomania there was an emphasis on large-scale projects like the Dniepostroi Dam. Communications improved, the transport links in Russia were better than before and electricity became available to the masses. Russia had managed to industrialise and catch up with the West at a time when much of the Western world was suffering from an economic depression. However, the goods produced were often of a poor quality, as quantity was more important than quality for Stalin. There was also a great deal of wastage, raw materials were wasted and the production of goods was often inefficient. The Five Year Plans often had un realistic production targets which factories struggled to meet.Another of Stalins aims was to modernise agriculture and increase productivity through collectivisation. He believed that the peasant-based country methods used were inefficient and large collectivist state farms would vastly increase production. Stalin needed to carry out the collectivisation of agriculture to finance industrialisation and feed the workers in the cities. Large, collective farms were created, where peasants worked to increase production of grain. This was, to some extent, a success all agriculture was collective by 1941.By 1939, Russia had reached the same levels of production as 1928 with less peasants working on the farms. Also, farming was modernised, there was increased use of machinery and tractors on the collective farms, which made the work easier. However, the human cost of collectivisation was great. In 1932, there was a Great Famine, which was caused by a drop in production in the early 1930 s this affected the Soviet matrimony badly, especially Ukraine where 5 million people died. By 1941, Russia had only just regained the production levels of 1928 there was no increase in production. Also, animals were not used efficiently, and in this sense the Russian farms were still quite backwards.Stalins final aim to transform the economy was to transform Russia into a truly Socialist economy, by turning peasants into workers and introducing central planning into the system. In order for Russia to be a truly Socialist society, there would have to be a greater number of workers than peasants a Socialist economy would be more focused on industry rather than agriculture. This would mean developing industry, so the number of workers would exceed the number of peasants.This would also mean eliminating the privileged classes such as the Kulaks, who were better away than ordinary peasants. Kulaks that refused to join collective farms and co-operate with the state were either exiled or sent to forced-labour camps. Stalin also aimed to get free of the last vestiges of Capitalism this would mean getting rid of the NEP and replacing it with central planning. However, the Russian economy did not become truly Socialist. Wage differentials and bonuses created a privileged class among the workers. The working and living conditions for Russians were still very poor. The system relied heavily on force, in order for the transformation of the Soviet economy to take place.In conclusion, Stalin did partly succeed in achieving his aims for the transformation of the Russian economy. Stalin managed to industrialise and modernise Russia, many new find industries developed and Russia no longer relied solely on agriculture for its economy. The new, collective farms were more efficient than the white-haired farms, the same amounts were produced with less peasants. By the 1940s, there were more workers than peasants and, generally, Russia was a more Socialist society. However, there were limits on this there was still a small privileged class, and working and living conditions in the Soviet Union were poor. Also, the transformation of the Soviet economy came at a human cost, and many people died as a result of the Great Famine and dangerous working conditions in factories.

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Of Mice and Men Essay Example for Free

Of Mice and hands EssayIn the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, the characters entangle considerable privacy, pull down around some other multitude. They feel left out, ignored, and tied(p) invisible with no one to talk concerning his own thoughts. Although a person is skirt by others, feelings of nakedness can occur. For instance, in Of Mice and Men the characters ignored by other people at the farm felt lonely. One character who expressed her loneliness was Curleys wife.At one point she said to Lennie, I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely I cant talk to nobody but Curley. Else he gets mad. (Steinbeck 86) She expressed to Lennie how she is ignored and lonely. On the contrary, if a person were encircled by friends then he would not feel lonely. A good example of this would be George and Lennie. The dickens men were close friends and were not lonely as they stuck together no matter what might happen.Although in that respect were other characters in Of Mice and Men who were lonely, if they reached out to those around them, the profound loneliness felt would disappear. On the other hand, many workers during this time period often go from one job to another to survive. Many people who lived at this time had little chance to have a asting friendship and became lonely as a result. In the book, George lost his friend Lennie would be lonely how without a friend.Another character, Crooks was an lonely person, but his loneliness was due to his race. In the end, many of the characters wanted companionship though sadly most ended up alone. All in all, in Of Mice and Men many characters felt loneliness in their daily lives even with other people around them. In fact a person who can be surrounded by others and have strong feelings of loneliness. In life if someone is lonely and seeking friendship he should reach out to others so as to remove the loneliness one may feel.

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Downtown Beirut, Response on Mohsens Article Essay Example for Free

Downtown capital of Lebanon, Response on Mohsens Article sampleDowntown capital of Lebanon a spot pour les bourgeois In his article Downtown capital of Lebanon A City of Ghosts? , published in the Alakhbar English journal on Saturday, January 7 2012, Ahmed Mohsen describes the heart of Beirut as an empty, fake, artificial hanging spot for the elite, so distant and alienated from the culture and the civilization of the penny-pinching old Beirut known for its diversity among antithetical social classes.Mohsen considers rebuilding the capital after the traumatizing fight have thus its true identity and covered its completelyeys with fake architecture that destroyed the historical bang of what once was known as the Paris of the Middle East. For many, whats known today as Solidere , projects the new pack war era, the era of a flourishing economy and an original society. In fact, the new buildings are indeed nothing more than an overpriced imitation of other countries archite cture leaving the old Beirut and its sizeable Middle Eastern history nothing more than a memory along with its social traditions.Mohsen pointed come on in his article that after rebuilding the center of the capital, the original citizens in Wadi Abu Jamil and its surroundings are no longer there. According to the composes article Wadi Abu Jamils original residents and owners have vanished. (Page 120) I personally believe that the old Beirut with its old, wrecked buildings and crowded dirty alleys is a unique haven of coexistence between the various religious sects and the different social classes unlike the new Down Town or DT with its new original buildings inhabited by only one social class.The High class. The reconstruction of Beirut put money and artificial mantrap over the unity of the classes and the unity of the different peoples that lived for centuries in Lebanon and their reunification after the devastating war. In his article, the author criticized the fact that only rich people can shop or hang out in the DT saying For those who can afford it, the place to shop in downtown is Beirut souks. (Page 119). In fact, all the shops present in downtown are indeed valuable for the average citizen.But the problem is that nonetheless the most basic things in a small shop are much more expensive than any other place in the country. Buying a simple cone of ice toss will approach you something around 2000 L. L in Lebanon, but buying it from downtown will cost you about 7000 L. L. All the artificial beauty that is supposed to encourage the Lebanese around the world to go back to their country is in fact, a repulsive, ugly place reserved for the elite and rich tourists from beside Arabic countries.

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Football as an Intramural Essay Example for Free

Football as an Intramural try outAbstract Intramural sportsmans present a free rein way for students to spend their time at direct, and try an excellent opportunity to introduce themselves in the hot world of college. Students get the chance to meet new people by pushovering against them in various sports such as softball, volleyball, and basketball. These sports are overly co-ed, gist that men and women can play on the same teams or against one an opposite. Intramurals is also a bang-up way to improve attendance or boost students motive to improve their grades. However, there is only a select variety of options for sports. Most of the sports would fall under womens sports, with their macrocosm softball over baseball and volleyball over football. There arent many an(prenominal) options for men to get problematical in internals with no mens sports to play. Adding one sport thats a mens sport lead give men more options in participating in intramurals. The accesso ry of football may be what this school needs to get more people pertain in intramural sports at Alexandria Technical and Community College (ATCC).With a chance for more men to participate, and more women to get involved in mens sports, its a sport that cannot fail if the right conditions are met. withal much contact could be an issue, just now if it were even touch football (2-hand touch), there wouldnt be genuinely many problems. Adding football to ATCC intramurals is what this school needs to not only offer more options for students, exactly to divine service attendance and boost student motivation to improve grades. It will be beneficial for the school, and fun for the students. 1. 0 Introduction Alexandria Technical and Community College is a great place to get to know different students.One of the ways to meet the students is by joining their intramural sports and getting on teams that compete against the other teams of the school. 1. 1 Problem With having intramural sp orts comes the privilege of choosing what you want to do with your time. However, there are not many options for intramural sports. There is softball and volleyball, just to name a couple, but not many options for the students. This may be why there are a lot of ATCC students not participating in intramurals. We recollect that the addition of one particular sport will attract more students, and that sport is football. 2.0 banter 2. 1 Benefits to ATCC One of the main focuses of ATCC is to get their students involved in the school and the community. One of the ways they pace for this goal is to encourage students to join in intramurals. Our idea is that if football is added to the intramural list, it may bring in more students to participate in intramural sports, and bring more students together. 2. 2 Benefits to Students According to the National collegial Athletic Association (NCAA) Proposition 48, students who participate in school activities and sports must maintain a grade poi nt average of 2. 0 on a 4. 0 scale (Begnaud, 2007) .With that being said, this would prove that students who participate in extramarital activities would have to motivate themselves and push themselves to maintain a high enough GPA to still participate. This motivation would be beneficial to students, and with more students wanting to play football, this would motivate more students to succeed in school. So now the question is, How do you know football is a popular sport? Well, harmonize to studies do by many colleges such as MSU Moorhead, football has been ranked the number one popular sport in the United States (Walter) .This means that given the select, football would be the top pick for the majority of the nation. With that being said, if football is added to intramurals then students would choose it for their intramural and would be motivated to do well in school to be able to participate in intramurals. Figure 1. 1 2. 3 Effects on attending As was stated in section 2. 1 , students would be more likely to do good in school because they must maintain a GPA of at least a 2. 0 on a 4. 0 scale. If students are to good in school, they must attend school and do well. attending is important to do good in school, so intramurals must effect attendance, right? This can be proven if the rules of the NCAA Proposition 48 are followed. 2. 4 Effects on Grades Again, the NCAA Proposition 48 proves that sports do have a major impact on grades, but only because they have to. Students must do good in school if they want to participate in intramurals. Figure 1. 2 2. 5 properly to Give Students a Choice in Sports According to the Constitution, we all have the right to free speech (Amendment 1). If this is true, then it should also give us all the right to a vote.So shouldnt students be able to vote on whether or not to include football in intramurals? In addition to that, students should also have the right to vote on whether or not to choose if they want to play foot ball as their intramural if it is added to intramurals. The point to be made here is that we all have a right to vote, so we feel that there should be a vote at ATCC on whether or not to add football to the list of intramurals. Our voices should be heard if there is something that we truly believe will benefit the people and the school better. 2.6 Comparison to Schools with Football as an Intramural Sport It is very difficult to compare ATCC with other schools with intramural sports, and especially since ATCC doesnt have football as an intramural. However, according to the following website, these are the community colleges that do include football as a sport of choice http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/List_of_community_college_football_programs This website gives all of the schools that have football as a sport of choice. On this list, some of the schools are also listed on the list of the top community colleges in the US. ATCC ranked 8 on the list, while St.capital of Minnesota Colleg e ranked 1, and they do have football as a sport ( uppercase Monthly, 2010) . So, could football actually help our students do better in school? It appears that it could, since 57% of all men in colleges played football (Heinlien, 2007) . 3. 0 Conclusion In conclusion, due to the facts given in the above sections, we believe that students should be able to participate in a vote for football as an intramural at ATCC. Also, whether the vote happens or not, football should be added to the intramural list to improve student participation, and to improve not only attendance, but grades too.4. 0 Appendix 5. 0 Glossary Intramural-involving only students in the same school or college. Thats the only word we feel the need to define 6. 0.Works Cited Begnaud, B. (2007, February 15). The Effect of Athletic Involvement on GPA. Retrieved November 28, 2012, from Yahoo Answers http//voices. yahoo. com/the-effect-athletic-involvement-gpa-benefits-201277. html? cat=25 Heinlien, E. (2007, October 28 ). The Benefits of Intramural Sports. Retrieved November 29, 2012, from Helium http//www. helium. com/items/670511-the-benefits-of-intramural-sports Mueller, J.(2012, February 16). Do Sports Have an Affect on GPA. Retrieved November 29, 2012, from Stat Crunch http//www. statcrunch. com/5. 0/viewreport. php? reportid=23966 Walter, T. (n. d. ). How Do Professional Sports in the US Rank in Popularity. Retrieved December 1, 2012, from Wiki Answers http//wiki. answers. com/Q/How_do_professional_sports_in_the_US_rank_in_popularity Washington Monthly. (2010). College Guide. Retrieved December 1, 2012, from Washington Monthly http//www. washingtonmonthly. com/college_guide/rankings_2010/community_colleges. php.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization Essay Example for Free

Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalization EssayGlobalization is the integration of states through increasing contact, communication and get by to create a single global system in which the process of change progressively binds raft together in a common fate. Some economists see globalization as being in the best interest of all states involved, while others believe that increasing modern business and global scotch relations is harmful in many slipway. While globalization marks a move in the direction of a more(prenominal) open world-trading government, it can also be connected to damages on in reckonence, making countries lose the ability to be totally independent. As a result, issues of globalization and free trade are surrounded by an excited debate and controversy.The economic demands of globalization have made countries slight independent, making them incapable of taking care of their own issues, economies, and governments, with out the help of foreign aid. The m ore the weaker countries piddle from the more fortified countries, the greater their dependence and inability to take care of themselves they will become. While they depend on other countries for financial and political support, they do not learn how to be more self sufficient.They do not create enough revenue or have enough political top executive to stand on their own with out the threat of a financially or governmentally crashing. The more self-reliant countries therefore have to use their own resources to support these nations and therefore there will is slight money and goods available to support their own societies and economies. Globalization slowly drains keen and commodities from the stronger, more independent countries. The resources go to countries that will probably never be able to thrive with out aid, but with out it would split up and disrupt the balance of the political and economic scales.To make global or worldwide in chain of mountains or application of tra de, communication, and resources is what is known as globalization. The idea of unifying the world markets, the infinite numbers of ways to correspond, and the limited resources of humankind sounds like an intelligent idea. Many have come to realize however that by helping countries by giving them financial aid and the resources they need makes them dependent, not any stronger or self- sufficient.Advantages productivity maturations faster when countries produce goods and services in which they have a competitive advantage. Living standards can increase more rapidly.Global competition and cheap imports keep a constraint on prices, so puffiness is less likely to disrupt economic growth.An open economy promotes technological development and innovation, with fresh ideas from overseas.Jobs in export industry tend to pay about 15% more than jobs in import-competing industries.Unfettered capital movements provide the United States access to foreign investment and maintain the low interes t rates.DisadvantagesMillions of Americans have anomic jobs because of imports or shifts in production abroad. Most find new jobs that pay less.Millions of other Americans fear of acquiring laid-off, especially at those firms operating in import-competing industries.Workers face demands of wage concessions from their employers, which often threaten to export jobs abroad if wage concessions are not agreed to.Besides blue-collar jobs, service and white-collar jobs are increasingly vulnerable to operations being sent overseas.American employees can lose their competitiveness when companies build state of the art factories in low-wage countries, making them as productive as those in the United States.

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Cable TV Vs Network TV Essay Example for Free

Cable TV Vs Network TV EssayIn addition, consumer style have changed from dish vane, to argumentation network and direct network. First, consumer had access to only dish networks which provided a control variety of channel done a satellite receiver and dish antenna. The antenna had to revolve at specific angle in order to capture different channels, nut indeed, cable television came into piddle which entirely changed the concept of watching television. With hundreds of channels through a single wire, people had access to more(prenominal)(prenominal) information then ever before. Concept of couch potatoes also came onto stage according to which there were viewing audience who actu aloney switched between channels the entire day as they had a large variety of channels . The largest impact of such advancement was hitchn in the developing countries which actu bothy came to know what was happening in the humanity outside at a larger scale. Due to a variety of channels cov ering all sectors of daily life, many cultures started to adopt the western culture because of the fact that most of the channels on cable at that time belonged to the west. This was the time when new TV channels came on air even more rapidly then the news.Globalization and the concept of westernization in different cultures was seen as the west projected its media all over there world. However, today, the concept of direct TV and network TV are on their brandish sort of then cable TV because of the fact that consumer preferences have an addition of high quality resolutions rather then just the variety which only the direct TV networks provide. Customer satisfaction and high resolutions were met through which customers paid for only those channels which they wanted to watch rather then subscribing to all of the channels and then switching between them.Viewers want quality entertainment more then they want multitude entertainment. Almost all news channels tell the same story with different perspectives, but, viewers what to see what is right, what is in accordance to their perspective and stance on specific issues, what is in line with their tastes, what attracts them the most, what tells the truth and what is more attractive. Thus, as direct network TV offers high quality resolution, high quality services and send along with selection of the channels, the viewers are moving towards this type of media rather than the booming cable network industry.

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Advertising In Our Life Essay Example for Free

Advertising In Our Life moveWhen I was browsing the internet, an ad caught my attention. It was a Nike skateboarding advertisement. The clip has a nice soundtrack, technical tricks, well behaved pace and nice scenery. When you see that advertisement, it will help to change your mood for the day. The video foc mappings on the Nike shoe bank bill known as SB dunk. Nike, by understanding its audience, has created an effective advertisement through the internet.This advertisement runs for 2 minutes. It coming into courts people from various nations skateboarding and everywhere wearing SB dunk. On the sidewalks in Los Angeles, the skateboarders use the grinding rails to slide with skateboards. In New York, they use benches to do tricks and slide. In Italy, the skaters play in the park near a beautiful river, and endly the d shows skateboarders skating down the slopes in the San Francisco bea. roughly of the places contain graffiti art in their surroundings. This gives us the atmosphere of a street culture. The video overly shows an event that took place in USA where there were lots of professional and famous skateboarders wearing SB dunk taking autographs. The end of the advertisement shows the Nike SB logo.Back in its earliest days, Nikes harvesting be quiet carried the classic Nike logo without the SB at the right bottom. However, in 2005, Nike has started changing the logo by adding SB at the bottom of the logo, which stands for skateboarding. This could make the people distinguish its skateboarding line from another Nike product such as tennis, soccer and even basketball. In an advertisement, the model are wearing the Nike logo with SB on it. The Nike SB logo that appears in this clip is white on a black background. I find that this color is very unique and simple. Both of these colors are good for advertising. They are used to represent power and create a sense that the society is professionalThe video also uses language to appeal to consum ers. on that point are three summonss that appear in the advertisement. The first quote is Master Technician. I think that this quote is onerous to tell us that when you wear these shoes, you will master the techniques in skateboarding.The second quote isSerious Commitment. For about people who purchase these shoes, they believe that wearing the shoes will get them to commit seriously to skateboarding. The last quote is, Limited Edition. Most of the people inthat advertisement are wearing limited variance shoes. One of them is called the Heineken SB dunk shoes, which are very limited and the price is very high, starting from cholecalciferol dollars. The color provided and the pattern of the shoes is designed by artists in Holland. Until now there are entirely 65 types of shoes, but not all of them are limited. The other limited shoes that attract my eyeball in the advertisement are the denim shoes. The denim shoes, more limited than Heineken shoes and the price are more than one thousand dollars. This great advertisement will attracts attention of the youngsters to buy the Nike SB product and it could be the envy on 6h3e streets among skaters. Skateboarders are individuals who desire to stand out among the people. Therefore, they probably love the particular that there arent many others who are wearing the same shoes.This advertisement is targeting teenagers who are skaters. This idea is apparently trying to target male group and not the female. By showing various countries, and the autograph session by professional skaters, it is trying to depict that the shoes worn by famous skaters who are also celebrities more or less the world. If skaters see this advertisement, they will believe they could be like one of the professionals when they are wearing the shoes. They also show fabulous skateboarding trick. Skaters will assume that by wearing the Nike SB, they could perform like the professional in the advertisement. The shoes are worn by Tony Hawk, Mar k Appleyard, Pj Ladd and other famous skaters.Although most of the music in the advertisement features Rock and Hip Hop, which are associated with teenagers and skateboarding, Nike SB promotes its products in advertisement differently. Instead of Rock or Hip Hop music for the skateboarding advertisement, Nike uses a classical, soft and comfortable music for us to make happy while watching the advertisement. In this commercial, the beautiful scenery in different countries shows that the shoes are enamor and comfortable to wear in every location.Nikes top of the line skateboarding product is mainly shoes. Nike launched this line in 2002 to enter rapidly growing skateboarding market. I think by making this advertisement, the company could increase more attraction forthe people especially the skateboarders. Skateboarding still are a comparatively small community, not enough to attract serious interests from major shoe makers while they were battling out in the precious basketball terr itory. I think that this advertisement gives Nike a chance to gain ground in the skateboarding market. To attract and establish itself as a major force in the market, Nike, has successfully make this advertisement for skaters.Work CitedNike SB advertisement. The name of the website is sole redemption. Date posted was 4 February 2006 0714p.m. Date I looked at the advertisement was 2 March 2006 (http//www.soleredemption.com)

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Bats Echolocation Essay Example for Free

Bats echo sounding EssayEcho stead is the art which is utilized by many wildcats in the detection of their beseech and for navigational purposes. These animals atomic number 18 largely not equipped with eyes that are functionally advanced to the extent that makes them a good piranha in their habitat. Common examples of such animals are Bats, dolphins, whales etc. Such animals emit an ultrasonic signal into the surroundings and wiz the signal that returns back after striking from the surroundings. This enables them to appreciate what waits ahead of them, its range, sizing etc. In short echo sounding whole kit exactly like modern day sonar in which the animal makes an estimate of the range of the require by calculating the time interval between its own discharge of the sound and the echoes that return back.Bats use echolocation signals that range in the frequence from 14kHz to 1000khz (Neuweiler 245) .These signals are thereof well out of the range of human head to hea r which is capable to decipher audio signals dropping between the oftenness of 20 Hz -20,000 Hz .. Studies have indicated that work outs have a actually characteristic pattern of leading by echolocation that can be divided into four somas that is to say pursuit phase, approach phase, last seethe and the post buzz phase. All these phases differ in their annulus width and inter pulse duration. When a bat is in flying smoothly in search of its ask it is said to be in the search phase which is characterized by pulses which have a comparatively low pulse repetition rate, a mellower pulse duration and inter-pulse interval .When the pray is detected the signal is changed to the approach phase in which the interval between the pulses decreases to about 33 ms. fitting before the capture of the pray most of the echo locating wrong(p) emit a terminal buzz, which has further decreased inter-pulse interval. The terminal buzz phase can likewise be divided into a Buzz I and Buzz II phase. Irrespective of the fact that a prey capture onrush is happy or not the same pattern of phases is repeated again during the course a bat is flying in search of its pray. To tell more simply the usual signals in the search phase are well separated and have a lesser rate/sec as compared to the signals which are released when the bat has spotted and is just approaching its target. The pattern of the phases are however different which would be discussed subsequently in the same article.One may be wondering what makes these animals utilize such advanced mechanisms to hunt for their pray. The answer lies in the fact that wrong(p) are reserved with a highly sensitive inner ear (The part of the ear that detects and transmits hearing impulses to higher centers in the nervous system). In the same way bats have a very advanced auditory cortex in order to interpret these signals (Grinnell 25). many studies have been conducted on the echolocation pattern of the bats below it the sum maries of some selected studies which would enable the readers in a better understanding of the topic.Although it is an extremely vast topic yet every effort is made to provide the summaries of recent five researches1) Effects of successful capture attempt versus unsuccessful capture attempt on post-buzz checkAdam et al in their study demonstrated the effect of a successful plosive consonant over an unsuccessful attempt on the post-Buzz period. Post Buzz period is the interval that follows the terminal buzz till the usual pattern of the pulses, search phase is restarted. According to this study the post-buzz phase was significantly greater after successful attempts as compared to unsuccessful attempts.206112.3ms for successful attempts and 106.2 83.3 ms for unsuccessful attempts. This increase in the post-buzz period has been attributed to time that is required in the handling of the pray. Similar studies have indicated increase in post-buzz time upon the successful capture of the pray (Kalko 225).However the post-buzz time was shorter in this study than that found in that found by Adam et al possibly due to the use of smaller insects. So the pray size is to a fault a determining factor in the duration of post-buzz interval. Similar results were obtained by a study make by Annemarie, Vibeke and Jakob Tougaard from the University of Southern Denmark. In addition to the calculation of post-buzz time for successful and unsuccessful attempts they also calculate the post-buzz periods for berthes also, i.e. when a bat is unsuccessful in capturing the prey yet its body parts slightly touch the prey in flight. Similar to the previous studies the post-buzz period was greatest in successful catches 272.2 ms and shortest in unsuccessful attempts, 117.9 ms and almost a middle value in case of touches i.e. 181.2 ms.2. Effect of the size of prey on the bats response timeOne might think that it makes sense if we say that larger prays are detected from a longer distance as compared to prays of smaller size. tho in actual studies this belief has been negated. One of the studies indicated that there was no significant effect of the size of the pray on the reaction time of bats. The mean time from detection till attempted capture was 604141 ms (Britton 1796). Similar results were found by Acharya and Fenton in their study titled Echolocation behavior of vespertilionid bats attacking airborne targets including arctiid moths3. Echolocation frequency of bat species and its relation with geographical habitatIn a lot number of studies the interesting phemenon of the relationship between specific bat frequencies to their habitat was demonstrated. Gareth Jones and Sofie M. V Parijs demonstrated the presence of both high frequency and low frequency Pipistrelus bats in Britain. The echolocation signals of the low frequency bats were never found to exceed 52 KHz while that of the high frequency bats were usually above 52 KHz (Jones 123). They attributed this f requency difference to their geographical habitats. In recordings from Scotland the high frequency bats which were found to be 71% clearly dominated the low frequency bats. Thus it was concluded that in a particular geographical area different phenotypic bats having nearly similar echolocation frequencies of the same specie can exist and the change in frequency is not exhibited by the same phenotype which change its frequency according to ecological conditions.4) Echolocation studies in DolphinsDolphins have the appearance _or_ semblance to have a lot more advanced echolocation system as compared to bats. They listen to their pray and then use echolocation signals to get more information about the pray (Harley 62). There is also a possibility that dolphins use echolocation signals for communication purposes as well this was proposed by Brownlee.Conclusion belongings in view the diversified studies that have been done on the echolocation patterns of bats one finds himself kayoed to see what is known and highly curious about what is yet to be found out. Future works can target coding bat species according to their echolocation frequencies. Although this is not going to be an uncomplicated job but it is going to open windows to new dimensions of research. Through this coding an attribution to the geographical location of the bats can also be made.

Changes in UK Labour Productivity: Analysis

Changes in UK labor Productivity AnalysisIntroductionThe Agents lashings for dexterity constraintsThe series of scores inside the Agents Summary of Business Conditions, which is generated by 12 regional officies (Agencies), is a tool for Monetary polity Committee (MPC) to track the underlying trend in economic factors. The Agents in each region c every last(predicate) for the information on economic conditions from their contacts, then judge what value to score subjectively. The scores atomic number 18 the truthful way that Agents alter the intelligence they ga at that placed before into a quantitative assessment of the economy everywhere time (Colin Ellis, Tim Pike, 2005).Figure 1 Capacity Constraints Scores in Agents Summary of Business Conditions from Jan, 1998 to Sept, 2014 (Source Bank of England) nearly of the scores argon based on a comparison of recent months with the same period a year earlier, however, there atomic number 18 some exceptions equivalent transaction intentions or cleverness constraints, which are feel forward. The scores range from -5 to +5 with -5 is de noned that rapidly decreasing direct and +5 is rapidly gain. In this case, a positive score in Capacity Constraints means that companies face with a little or no pressure on capacity crave and viciousness versa. In the chart above, it spate be seen that there are two downward lean periods between 2009 and 2013 when were the double-dip recession occurred in the UK. The trend also illustrates an up progress within a year recently, with a swot up of 0.6 points on both sectors.The UK increaseiveness setProductivity experience in cross-country and historical viewsThe Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2007-2008 has caused a momentous damage to the economy of most developed countries in the world, including the UK. The decline in output has led to a considerable decline in labor productivity in the UK. Labor productivity has been improving from 2013, exactly it still be less than its pre-crisis train of around 16% (see Figure 2 below). This shortfall atomic number 50 be referred as the UK productivity puzzle and it has took a great effort from economists in order to inform the situations, however, it has yet to be answered completely so far.Figure 2 The UK Labour Productivity (1998-2013). Sources Moneymovesmarket.comIt tramp be seen from purpose 3 that a weaker performance in labour productivity during the latest recession than all previous post-war recessions. In all recessions before, the first fall in productivity was usually short-lived and the productivity began to gain and regained its peak level after just unless almost a year and a half.Figure 3 Productivity per person after UK recessions (Source Office for National Statistics)However, this latest episode did not see the same stories as its two previous. Between early 2009 and mid-2010, the productivity make a rise of of approximately one percent and continually levelled off and it d id not rise further over the attached year as both output and business saw real slow recoveries.At the time of Q3/2011, the employment was rising sharply while the growth of GDP has shrinked (see Appendix), therefore creating a renew decrease in labour productivity. As a result, the UK productivity still be underneath its pre-recession peak around 4 percent. One remarkable point is that the increasing employment and the weak labour productivity seem to be an odd thing to see among the GFC. If the business is expected to stay weak typical companies will neglect labour to boost productivity up.The productivity weakness of the UK is also unusual when comparing with some planetary stories for recent years. Despite their increasing growth before the GFC, it has been significantly weaker than some high-income countries economy. Looking at condition 4, it is easily seen that the UK productivity performance was consistent with that of other countries suggests that some common factors might be involved.Nevertheless, as mentioned above, there has been a downward slope in UK productivity in mid-2011 which was not encountered to the same level elsewhere.The weak productivity of Germany is due to the unusual lovesome employment referred to the past. One additional point is that only Italy has the similar trend with the UK, showing the impact of GFC on their labour productivity.There are some minds wherefore these comparison might exaggerate the productivity puzzles size. Measurement inaccuracy could take account for a very small piece of productivity weakness. Moreover, expenditure on research and development (RD) is considered as a part of GDP, therefore GDP can be lifted by around 1.5% points. Another originator here is that the decrease in North Sea oil and gas output (see Appendix) slowed trend growth in labour productivity in this sector. In total, although the measurement issues can explain up to 4% point of the shortfall in productivity there are lots of t hings to research the remaining.Figure 4 Labour productivity per person across countries between 1999 and 2013Source Thomson Reuters Datastream, Eurostat and ONSCyclical explanations on productivity shortfallLower factor function as a result of weak affect conditionsThe first surmisal suggests that weakness in productivity is cyclical in nature, driven by weak demand conditions. Firms are unable or unwilling to shed labour or dispose of corking but sometimes, they are not as productive as they might have been. The difference between the lower utilisation level and more normal levels of capacity utilisation is called spare capacity within firms.The first reason for this hypothesis is that they need to keep business going by holding a minimum level of staffs, so-called overhead labour. Therefore, some firms might not have been able to cut employment below the minimum base, like the guards for the construction until it is sold, for example.Anothing reason should be remarked here is that companies believe the weak demand is temporary. In past experiences, companies made decisions to having fired workers in the early stages of the recession. Conversely, they found it hard to find workers with the appropriate, firm-specific skills. Thus, they preoccupied the opportunities to make a breakthrough on the market. Recently, companies might desire to hoard underutilised workers to avoid those lessons from the past. From 2007 to 2012, the proportion of decrease output companies but holding employment rose from about 20 percent than the pre-crisis period (see figure 5). It also suggests that these holding action of firms con premiumd to the decrease in productivity measured, shown by the diamonds in the chart.Figure 5 Proportion of reduced output firms but holding labour (from 2005-2012).Source ONS and Bank calculationsSpare capacity is measured in the business survey that provide a significant degree of idle capacity within companies in the initial stages of the cris is. However, this business survey just uses the qualitative methods, thus it did not fascinate the amount of spare capacity in each firm. One additional thing is all answers are subjective so it can be changed over time. It might take no solvent on the size of the UK productivity puzzle.Other cyclical factorsSome sectors had diverted the resources toward activities which is not immediately counted as output. Consequently, it cannot tribute to the total productivity. In contrast, there are some point which indicated that the cyclical hypothesis alone cannot richly explain the productivity puzzle.Effect of persistent factors on productivity puzzleTangible and intangible swell letter inducement effects on the shortfallThe consequences of the GFC made the firms desire in investment in corporeal capital more difficult because the tighter credit conditions may lead to a high cost to book finance. The stagnated situation in this period also made investments become less efficient, causing directly the material deterioration in the capital stock of worker. Moreover, a considerable fall in real salary during the crisis (see Appendix) while the cost of capital went up have led the relative cost of labour to capital to be decreasing. Hence, it have provided a motivation to switch to use labor-intensive business and companies decided to increase the labour working hours. However, the production output did not go up due to the low demand conditions, therefore the productivity has been decreased.Firms also invest in intangible capital which include some types like intellectual property rights or brand names, etc. One main point here is the strong relationship between two types of capital investment mentioned above. For example, the innovated implementation can be doed on base the introduction of plants and machinery. However, RD expense is considered as the innovation input that means even though firms have invest a huge amount of money but without new valuable output, which are some types of product or process innovation, there will be an inverse impact on the productivity. According to the entropy of the UK Innovation Survey, there has been a fall of about 30% in both product and process innovation among the crisis despite an increasing trend in spending budget on RD (see figure ). These capital channels have explained a considerable proportion, about 3 to 4 percentage points, of the shortfall in the UK.Impaired resource allocation and the higher firm survivalFigure 6 Decomposition of the UK Labour Productivity (2004-2012).Source ONS and Bank calculations.Looking at the graph above, it is seen that there is a downward sloping trend in the contribution from reallocation, as a result of higher insolvencies or firing demeanor (Riley et al, 2014), and its contribution decreased even further, becoming minor between 2010 and 2012. As mentioned above, uncertainty have made firms more wary when investing and labour reallocation. Moreover, the financial system have played a office to have impaired the movement of resources through two channels impaired capital allocation and higher firm survival.Broadbent (2012, 2013) declares that considerable changes in rates of return on capital across sectors might not be associated with the following movements of capital stocks. In addition, Barnett et al (2014b) highlight an economic model with multiple firms and sectors to consider that a high price dispersion might be used to explain the productivity passing play with around 3 to 4 percentage point.According to Arrowsmith et al (2013), there has been a bank lenity which provide the measures of support to firms struggling to meet its debt obligations. Although the direct impact have been a little at around one percentage point, the overall impact might have been greater because the widespread effect of the forbearance in the whole sector. Moreover, Arrowsmith et al (2013) indicated that the low level of Bank rate has supported to go on the borrowing costs for firms fairly low. The unusually low rate of firm collapse is to have bring down labour productivity by up to 5 percentage points.Relationship between the labour productivity and monetary policy decisionThe outlook for inflation in the medium-term depends on the balance of demand and tag on in the economy. In theory, if supply is greater than the goods and services that people demand, prices will tend to fall and vice versa. Hence, the MPC should make an assessment about up-to-date indicators and prediction in supply, as well as demand.In recessions, demand typically falls by more than supply. An output gap opens up the economy can supply more than is currently demanded. And unless that gap is closed, it will push down on costs and prices. still assessing the size of the output gap is very difficult, for exactly the reasons we have been discussing today. Early estimates of economic activity can be revised substantially, so it is hard to know just how weak demand and output really are. And it is equally difficult to know the extent to which the supply potential of the economy has been affected by the recession.1 Page

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A Look at Gender Difference in Social Interaction

A Look at Gender Difference in Social interactionEthnography A Look at Gender Difference in Social fundamental interactionAn ethnographic approach was chosen for this study because it has the potential to provide a descriptive, interpretive, evaluative and authentic vision of partnership (Hammersley Atkinson, 1995). The observation was done by myself. I went to the Marketplace Mall in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, on litigate 4th. I stayed from one oclock to three oclock in the afternoon. I sit down in the mouth on a bench close to the diet court, and observed concourse who were rise on 18 and up. I observed the ways in which males and effeminates were different when it came to neighborly interaction.Literature ReviewThe article Gender and relationships Influences on agentic and communal behaviors lambasted much or less agency and communion. According to the article, agency is the tenor for mastery or power, and communion is the striving for intimacy and connectednes s (Suh, 2004). According to measures of masculine and feminine sex roles, hands make decisions easily, dont give up easily, and be competitive, outspoken, and outgoing. Females like kids, and are warm, emotional, considerate, tactful, gentle, and helpful. Gender differences appear primarily in chemical group or social con school texts. Stereotypic beliefs are that women are communal and men are agentic (Suh, 2004). Women do domestic work more(prenominal) than men, have a few(prenominal)er hours in paid employment, and are said to have occupations of reject status. Men are more agentic with male friends, than women are with female friends. Women are more communal with female friends, than men are with male friends (Suh, 2004). This relates to my observation in the way my hypothesis was formed. I used stereotypes, and labels that men and women already have, as a knowledge base for what I might observe.The article, Putting Gender into circumstance An Inter participating Model o f Gender-Related Behavior, stated that the passage of sexual urge takes place within social interaction (Deaux, 1987). This enactment takes place due to self-verification and self-presentation. They are naturally interwoven together. Because people monitor behavior internally and externally, they are concerned with self-presentation and self-verification simultaneously (Deaux, 1987). When I was doing my observation, I did notice people monitoring their behavior, or their childs behavior. I focused more on who each person was interacting with, instead of how they were interacting.In Deborah Tannens article, You solely Dont Understand Women and Men in Conversation, she do a bully point about the history of women and talking. In history, women were punished for talking too much. In Colonial America, they were held underwater, or even gagged. Women were believed to talk too much however, studies find that men talk more in meetings, groups, and classrooms (Tannen, 1991). Men feel go od with public speaking, speckle women feel good with speaking in private. Womens language of conversation is a way to establish connections, negotiating, and maintain relationships. Men talk as a means to preserve independence, conduct and maintain status. Home is where on that point is the silent man and talkative woman (Tannen, 1991). Thats the distinction among public and private speaking. My observation contradicted this article. More women were interacting and communicating than men. However, I was interested in the historical construction of the stereotypes we have today, and this gave a little hint as to what kinds of things happened to women, who spoke out of turn back in the colonial time period.An interesting topic that arose from my observation was the use of mobile phones. In Community and social interaction in the wireless city Wi-Fi use in public and semi-public spaces, Hampton talked about how a few studies have addressed how wireless internet use in public spac es influences social life. Recent long time have seen growth in availability of wireless internet access in public places (Hampton, 2008). nimble phones make community instantly accessible, and social ties are reachable eachwhere at any time. Hampton made the point that mobile phones create a private sphere of interaction in public spaces. When people engage with mobile phones, they create a private cocoon that reduces the likelihood of public encounters (Hampton, 2008). To get a picture of what this means, while I was observing, a centre old male was sitting at a table alone, but he was talking on his phone to someone. One could tell he was oblivious in the conversation because he did not take notice of any one that walked by him, and he stayed sitting there for about 45 minutes after I had sat down and started my observation. guessingThe hypothesis I formed before the observation at the mall was, Middle aged females give be more social with the homogeneous gender, than eld er or juvenile females. Young males will be more social with the opposite gender, than middle aged or senior males. I created this hypothesis on the priming of past experiences when shopping with my mother, and my friends. There always seemed to be more females of middle age than any other age group. At the mall, there would always seem to be many more young males than any age group. I alike used basic stereotypes that everyone hears growing up. Such stereotypes include, women are divinatory to be submissive and do as they are told, and, men are always in charge. I do not personally believe in these however, I did use them as a basis for my hypothesis.MethodologyOver spring break I went home to Davie County, North Carolina. It is a rural town with a small shopping mall. Not many people actually go to the mall, because Walmart is just down the street. I chose to go to the Market Place Mall, instead of Walmart, and sit at the food court. I got there at one in the afternoon, on T uesday, March 4th. Not a lot of people were there. I sat down on a bench beside the food court, and I took notes on my phone, so I would not draw attention to myself. I figured I would have attention if I had a notebook in front of me. I watched everyone that walked by me, because no one was sitting in the food court. When the people would walk by, I would record their age range, gender, and whether they were alone or with someone, and what gender those someones were. I would also record if they were interacting together. I stayed for two hours just sitting there on the bench, stash away data. When I finished at the shopping mall, I went home and wrote down everything I had on my notes in my phone. Then i drew up a spreadsheet in excel, and put in all of the training I hive away. It helped me organize, and get precise calculations.Field Notes SummaryIn total, I observed 152 people all everyplace the two hour time period. There were 50 males and 102 females. 68 were middle aged adults. Out if the 68, 24 were men. 15 of the men were alone, 4 were with the same gender and 5 were with females. Also, out of the 68 middle aged adults, 44 were women. 13 of them were alone, 26 were with the same gender, and 5 were with males.Out of the 152 people I observed, 40 were older adults. 14 were men. 9 of them were alone, 2 were with the same gender, and 3 were with females. 26 out of the 40 were women. 16 of the older women were alone, 6 were with the same gender, and 4 were with males.Out of the 152 people, 42 were young adults. 13 were men. 5 of them were alone, 3 were with the same gender, and 5 were with females. There were 29 young women. 7 of them were alone, 16 were with the same gender, and 6 were with males. I also observed two teenagers there. They were the provided teenagers I noticed being there.A little less than half(prenominal) of the people I observed were alone. To be exact, 65, out of the 152 people, were alone. Phone use was not a liberal spread ac tion I saw people doing, if they were alone. I only saw 8, out of the 65 people, on their phones.When it comes to social interaction, over half of the people observed were partaking in some sort of converse with each other. 87, out of the 152 people, were interacting. I saw 50 females talking with each other, and I saw 9 males talking with each other. There were 28 people partaking in interaction with the opposite gender. That includes two sets, of a male and female, holding hands.Conclusion on HypothesisRestating my hypothesis, middle aged females will be more social with the same gender than older females, and young males will be social with the opposite gender than middle aged or older males. My hypothesis was completely right. The first part of my hypothesis was that middle aged females were more social with the same gender then older females were. The data I self-collected about the 152 people I observed showed that 59% of middle aged females were social with the same gender, while only 23% of older females were social with the same gender. The second part of my hypothesis was that young males were more social with the opposite gender than any other age group of males. The data I collected for the 152 people I observed showed that 38% of young males were social with the opposite gender, while only 20% of middle aged males were social with the opposite gender, and 21% of older males were social with the opposite gender.What I rear most interesting was the difference between men and womens social interaction, in general. Judith Hall print an observational study on signed gender differences and discussed the cultural reasons as to those differences. In her study, she noted women as smiling and laughing more, as well as having a better understanding of others nonverbal cues. She believed that women were further to be more emotionally expressive in their language, thus better developed in nonverbal communication. Men, on the other hand, were taught to be less expressive, to suppress their emotions, and thus be less nonverbally active in communication and more sporadic in their use of nonverbal cues. This builds on what I launch in my observation. There were more women that I observed, but in total, there were more men who were alone. Actually, over half the men I observed, 29 out of 50, were alone, while 36 of the 102 females, I observed, were alone. Thats only 35 % compared to the 56% of men.What I LearnedWhat I acquire focused on men and women. With women, I learned that they interact more with females, than males, at the mall. I also learned that more middle age women go to the Market Place Mall than any other age group, according to my observation. With men, I learned that they interact more with females, then males, at the mall. I also learned that most men come alone to the mall, according to my observation.ReferencesDeaux, K., Major, B. (January 01, 1987). Putting gender into context An interactive model of gender-related behavior. Psychological Review, 94, 3, 369-389Hammersley, M. Atkinson, P. (1995). Ethnography principles in practice. 2nd Ed. capital of the United Kingdom Routledge.Hampton, K., Gupta, N. (November, 13, 2008). Community and social interaction in the wireless city Wi-Fi use in public and semi-public spaces. New Media Society, 10, 6, 831-850Igarashi, T., Takai, J., Yoshida, T. (January 01, 2005). Gender differences in social network development via mobile phone text messages A longitudinal study. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 22, 5, 691-713.Knapp, M., Hall, J., Horgan, T. (2013). Nonverbal Communication in Human Interaction (8 ed.). Cengage Learning.Suh, E. J., Moskowitz, D. S., Fournier, M. A., Zuroff, D. C. (2004). Gender and relationships Influences on agentic and communal behaviors. Personal Relationships, 11(1), 41-60Tannen, D. (1991). You just dont understand Women and men in conversation (p. 113). London Virago.