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Microsoft Office Essay Example for Free

Microsoft Office Essay The office uses Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition which is the leading software in the market today. It offers significant advantages which include excellent functionality, improved collaboration between people, information and processes, attractive and easy to use interface and useful collection of applications.   Among the Office 2003 applications which are commonly used include: Outlook: The 2003 Professional Edition has given a much better look to Outlook than before.   The software offers new and advanced features such as improved junk mail facility and addition of data markers which allow the user to see not just the date but the day when an email was sent or received. Word: The most common and useful word-processing tool available today.   The 2003 version is quite advanced and understands the XML file format.   It comes with easy editing and formatting tools, graphs and diagram templates, spell check, grammar and thesaurus and an overall user-friendly interface.   A key disadvantage with Word is the amount of memory it takes up which is higher than the older versions. Excel:   Excel is a very handy tool when it comes to dealing with data and data related activities.   It enables the user to turn data into useful information and offers tools which help in the analysis, communication and sharing of that data and its key findings and conclusions.   Excel also offers the added advantage of using Extensible Markup Language (XML) data which provides users greater flexibility to connect with business processes.   Excel spreadsheets are easy to use and read and provide easy access to important information.   The software is a must for any company and allows timely access to information and helps smooth the process of decision making.   Overall, it’s easy to use but a key disadvantage is the difficulty of using pivot tables and numerical calculations through formulas. PowerPoint: PowerPoint allows the user to crate presentations that have more impact and that have the ability to transmit information in a more accurate and interesting manner.   This software can help create amazing presentations with the use of graphics, animation and multimedia.   Presenting is quite easy with various slide show tools and transitions.   With PowerPoint, it is also quite easy to share and exchange relevant presentations with others by sharing them and by using the shared attachment option.   Important and confidential presentations can be secured by preventing others from copying or printing the slides.   This can be done through the Information Rights Management functionality. FrontPage:   This software is another important tool especially in todays age of the World Wide Web.   Microsoft FrontPage offers great features, flexibility and functionality and allows users to create unique and attractive websites.   It provides easy to use designing and publishing tools and also allows users to test their site with various combinations and resolutions to determine how it would eventually turn out to be.   Users can take advantage of multiple images and content and build websites that are effective and attractive. Windows Server 2003: The Windows 2003 Server is an extremely essential and effective operating system that helps organizations create strong infrastructure and make a network which would work with great efficiency.   The 2003 server offers enhanced security, increased reliability and is extremely easy to use and administer.   This software is great to collaborate with people, information, systems and devices.   While it offers great benefits, a major disadvantage of Windows Server 2003 is that it requires more system resources. It also needs to reboot more frequently than UNIX or Linux.   It is comparatively more expensive than other operating systems.

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impresonment is more humane than capitol punishment :: essays research papers

Imprisonment is More Humane than Capital Punishment Murder, where to commit it. Canada vs. U.S.A. In this essay you will learn about Peter and Joe. Peter lives in Canada, he killed five people and was sentenced to the maximum sentence of twenty-five years. Joe lives in the United States and also killed five people, he received a death sentence. Please remember in this essay Peter and Joe are not real people they are just used to explain this essay. First we will learn about Peter’s sentence of twenty-five years, then we will learn about Joe’s death sentence. First lets talk about Peter. He has a life sentence, which in Canada is twenty-five years. I believe this is not a whole life, with all the privileges Peter can earn it’s just like sitting at home, and not going to work. After fifteen years Peter can apply for parole, he most likely won’t get it considering he killed five people. Peter has his own room with a toilet, still he has no privacy. Guards are watching him throughout most of the day. Peter has many privileges like television, gym access, library access, the telephone and also visitors. However these privileges are not â€Å"free† they are earned by being good. The question about going insane well I really don’t think he could. If he can sit around, watch television, read books, workout, and well be lazy, how could you go insane like that?   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Now, back to Joe, he lives in the United States. He was convicted of killing five people also, he received a death sentence. Joe is now waiting on death row. His death date is three years from now. Joe spends about twenty-three hours a day in his room on death row, he gets about one hour to walk around. Like Peter Joe does not have privileges like television, gym access, and visitors. He gets books and maybe the telephone at certain times. Now about two months before Joe’s death date he is told that it has been changed to another two years from now. This could happen up to ten times before the actual date of his death. I think that this could make a person go insane, sitting in a room almost all day, knowing when your date to die is and then changing it over and over again.

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Ethics and Morality Essay

[You must use APA formatting for your papers, which includes correct formatting for the cover sheet, double-spacing throughout the document and correct formatting for the reference sheet. Please check out the Cover Sheet Template to start yourself off right: Go to the Library tab, click on the APA Information link in the Useful Links box on the right-hand side of the page. Scroll down and you’ll find the Cover Sheet Template. APA formatting shouldn’t stand in the way of you earning full points! ] A very good example! It’s very important that you take the time to truly understand what you’re writing about, then develop a clear, concise outline to help you write your paper. Write simply and concisely: just like you talk! Many of your sentences are very unclear, to the point where I wasn’t sure what you were attempting to say. Most unfortunately as well, you did not cite any of the research noted on your reference sheet in the text of your paper. Not giving proper credit to the authors is considered plagiarism. As stated in the Syllabus, Instructor Policies and posted earlier in the Main forum, this has resulted in an automatic 50% grade point reduction. Always review the syllabus, instructor policies and rubrics carefully to ensure you’ve covered everything that’s required. When in doubt, contact your instructor! SEE RUBRIC AT END OF PAPER? Ethics and Morals [Always indent paragraphs in APA]Virtue Theory, Utilitarianism, and Deontological ethics tries to install [wrong word] what the basis of living is as a virtuous person. [Don’t forget to cite the research from your readings where you learned these concepts! ] These ethics address the similarities and differences of how the rules of conduct are recognized in respect to a particular class of human actions. [Actually, the theories don’t address the similarities and differences in rules of conduct. They attempt to define rules of conduct. Your task with these assignment is to identify the similarities and differences between the theories. ] The ideal of goodness is the opinion of the similarities and the differences between virtue theory, utilitarianism, and deontological. [Actually the ideal of goodness derives from various aspects of these theories – not their differences and similarities] Sometimes ethics is used interchangeably with morality to define or describe good character. [Don’t forget your preview statement to tell your reader what you plan to discuss and in what order. See the Writing Framework posted on the Course Materials OLS forum for guidance] [Don’t forget subheadings as noted in the Student Sample paper posted on the Course Materials OLS forum and rubric] The likenesses between these theories are that ethics are ways to understand how people become moral human beings and figure out how to make good decisions. In virtue theory the morality is learning how to apply what was taught. [True – If the person’s character is good, then he or she is virtuous – regardless of his or her actions. ] Utilitarianism’s approach to ethics can be characterized as a person of no good behavior known as no moral good[Awkwardly written. Utilitarianism refers to the importance of the community over the individual. ]. The deontological theory in ethics focuses on the actions a person performs. If the action is beneficial to the well being of others as it is beneficial to the community the act is considered good. [Awkwardly written: If the act itself is considered beneficial to the community, then the person is considered good.] The unlikeness between these theories are that virtue theory cannot be contrasted with morality, as of deontological theory can be contrast with morality. Ethics is supposed to provide us with moral principle leading to difference of working virtue theory. The deontological theory approaches morality as the focus on the desire to, and want to accomplish goals by action. Utilitarianism approaches to morality as the means of no moral act, the act of doing wrong with the acknowledgement of wrong doing. [Always proofread carefully from your reader’s perspective. I’m not sure what you’re saying at all in this paragraph.] The personal experience that was explained in relationship to virtue, value, and moral concepts as it relates to one of the three theories[awkwardly written]. Mary asked [keep your tenses consistent] John the supervisor for a partial day off so she could take her daughter to the doctor for a checkup, but she was really going camping with her daughter and she needed to leave early. John agreed to give the partial day off and Mary was to leave at 2:00 p. m. , but Mary left earlier then she was suppose [sp] to leave. She left at 12:00 noon and still wanted to get paid for the two hours of work on her time schedule. On the virtue part if Mary had not chosen to lie about why she needed to take off from work, she would not have lost her job. [Good point. Be sure to tell your reader than because she was dishonest to her supervisor, she was fired. ] Because Mary lied about the need for the day off she did not value her job very well. Had she chosen to tell the truth she would have still had a job. [Good example! Which of the theory is most relevant to this example? ] In conclusion, ethics and morals played a major role in all three parts of the theory. [Actually, they are three separate theories.] The three theories represent the moral excellences, the ethical doctrine and moral obligation of a virtuous person. Theories are defined according to rules of the guidelines of the community. [A good conclusion summarizes the key points from the paper and does not introduce new ideas. See the Writing Framework for guidance about writing conclusions. ] References: http://www. papercamp. com/essay/73128/Similarities-And-Differences-Between-Virtue-Th†¦ http://www. iep. utm. edu/virtue/ http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Utilitarianism http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Morality http://en. Ethics http://www. buzzle. com/articles/difference-between-ethics-and-morality. html http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Deontological_ethics http://www. tere. org/assets/downloads/secondary/pdf_downloads/ALevel/VirtueTheory. pdf http://www. ila-net. org/Members/Directory/DownloadS/Antonakis-Ciulla-13. pdf http://dictionary. reference. com/ WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT FEEDBACK Content / Development (50%) Grading Criteria:EGANN/A Subject Matter: All key elements of assignment covered 4. 5 Content is comprehensive/accurate/persuasive 4. 5 Displays an understanding of relevant theory 4. 5Ã'Ž Major points supported by specific details/examples6. 5 Research is appropriate and timely6. 5 Writer has gone beyond textbook for resources6. 5 Higher-Order Thinking: Writer demonstrates clear understanding of how the theories/concepts relate to the topic 12 At the appropriate level, the writer uses critical thinking skills to analyze the topic and show how it can be applied in new and interesting ways 12 Points Earned:57/ 75 Organization (20%) Grading Criteria:EGANN/A Introduction provides sufficient background, thesis & previews points 4 Central theme/purpose is immediately clear6Ã'Ž Structure is clear, logical and easy to follow6 Sections/paragraphs are appropriately developed to support theme 6 Conclusion summarizes key points from the paper’s body 4 Points Earned:26/ 30 Style / Mechanics (30%) Grading Criteria:EGANN/A Format (10)%: Citations/reference page follow APA guidelines 0 Properly cites ideas/information from other sources 0 Paper is laid out effectively — uses headings other reader-friendly tools 2. 5 Paper is neat & shows attention to detail and appropriate formatting 1. 3 Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling (10%): Rules of grammar, usage, spelling and punctuation are followed 5 Writer has proofread the assignment before posting 5 Readability/Style (10%): Sentences are complete, clear, and concise 2 Sentences are well-constructed with consistently strong, varied structure 2 Transitions between paragraphs/sections help maintain the flow3 Words used are precise and unambiguous 2 The tone is appropriate to the audience, content, and assignment3 Points Earned:25. 8/ 45 Automatic 50% deduction for failing to cite research in text-75 TOTAL POINTS EARNED:34/ 150Ã'Ž

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A Raisin in the Sun Free Essay Example, 1250 words

She is in a troubled marriage, with her husband, Walter, not moving up from his career as a chaffeur. The following rant of her husband was as much directed to her as to himself: â€Å"You tired, aint you? † Tired of everything. Me, the boy, the way we live this beat-up hole – everything. Ain’t you? So tired – moaning and groaning all the time, but you wouldn’t do nothing to help, would you? You couldn’t be on my side that long for nothing, could you? † (Hansberry, 438). Ruth may have chosen to leave the Youngers and pursue a better life for herself, but she stuck with them through thick or thin like the biblical Ruth who also lived in poverty and never abandoned her mother-in-law, Naomi. Although she was already free from any obligation to care for her because her husband, Naomi’s son, has already died, she remained loyal to her. The Ruth in the present story is the same, although she is still bound to her husband, Walter, in marriage, he seemed to have died in terms of performing his duty to give his family a comfortable life. We will write a custom essay sample on A Raisin in the Sun or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/pageorder now Ruth assumes the same position of the biblical Ruth who expressed the following as a declaration of loyalty to Naomi: â€Å"Do not press me to leave you or to turn back from following you! Where you go, I will go; Where you lodge, I will lodge; Your people shall be my people and your God my God. Where you die, I will die. There I will be buried. May the Lord do thus and so to me and more as well If even death parts me from you! †Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ (Ruth 1:16-17) With these words from the biblical Ruth, it is as if the present Ruth was saying it herself to the Younger family. Although seemingly beaten by life’s challenges, Ruth remains grounded. She is aware that the key to social mobility is still hard work enhanced by determination to achieve one’s goals (Matthews 560). Her husband does not think the same way. He was very enthusiastic with his idea of opening a liquor business which he believes would be their ticket to a comfortable life. Ruth tries to pull him back to the thinking that they still need to work hard in order to be promoted to a higher level of socioeconomic status. That is why she keeps asking him to â€Å"eat his eggs† in order to nourish him so he has the strength for his daily toil (Matthews 561). She maintains her philosophy even with the possibility of moving to a middle class neighbourhood. It does not mean she can relax and enjoy the benefits of a more comfortable home just by moving in. She clings to the idea that success can only be achieved through hard work.