Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Line between Democracy and Totalitarianism in Lord of the Flies Ess

Golding at present shows how voting procedures of a democratic society can help period of time evil from taking over. During the first encounter between Jack and his choirboys and Ralph and his group, it becomes lapse the differences in between both groups. Jack, during the first meeting, yells at the boys to Stand mum(Golding 20) and even when one of the boys flopped on his face in the sand he makes the others choirboys move the fallen boy to the platform and let him lie (Golding 20). With this sketch peek into the leadership of Jack, it is evident that Jack has no concern for the vernacular men in his choir, furthering the illusion of his authoritarianial skills. The theme of leaving the flock of common citizens uncared for, while the elites are given exclusive powers is a major notion of the totalitarian government. When these boys see how mistreated Jacks choirboys are, the choose for chief is affected. When Ralph asks, Who wants Jack for chief? the choirboys With drea ry obedience they raised their hand(Golding 23). Then, when Ralph asked, Who wants me? Every hand outside the choir except Piggys was raised immediately. Then Piggy, too, raised his hand(Golding 23). Evident here is how the general and Golding perceive the two contradicting types of government. This tiny glimpse shows that even when a dictator has all the power over his citizens, he cannot beat a democratically elected leader in an election. The undertone of this situation shows that citizens prefer a democratic leader that they elect than somebody who attempts to usurp the throne. While this was notwithstanding the first time the two sides meet, the two sides only become much distanced by every time they meet.Furthermore, Golding uses frequent meetings to further es... ... until the prodding became danceable(Golding 182). Then, Roger advanced upon them as one wielding a nameless authority (Golding 182). Samneric, in this situation, are illusions to the political oppositi on that are present in some totalitarian societies. Samneric are treated as political prisoners and bullied into keeping their mouths come together about their views and into accepting the new leaders way of ruling, which is with an iron, determined fist. Golding, in this situation, tries to show the reader how a totalitarian government does not allow any opposition to the official governments idea. If a person disagrees with the government, then it is better to keep that opinion to their self or face severe backlash from the government. All in all, Jacks newly increased folk music only happened due to Jack employ fear and brutality as a means to keep his tribe in line.

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