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Film Analysis: “Braveheart”

Over the past decade, Hollywood has begun to spot to history as the source of up channel for some of its award-winning celluloids. Most, if not tout ensemble, of these photos would be promoted by the producers, directors and plain actors of the film as those that are as close to historic accounts and docu manpowertations nigh these events and individuals. Although this whitethorn be the case, a portion of the cracks sh induce in movies based on events and prominent individuals in history wipe out been included in effectuate to make up to the drama and action to the film even if the scene does not confuse all historical docu custodytation to support the scene to be included.In some cases, certain separate of an otherwise historical event may excessively be changed in localizeliness to make it to a greater extent stri female monarch and unforgettable to the audience. The reputation will provide an epitome on the accuracy of the events presented in the honorary socie ty Award-winning movie Braveheart starring Mel Gibson. The paper would provide a summary of great key points presented in the movie. Specifically, the paper would touch sensation into the accuracy of the employments portrayed in the movie to research conducted by historians with regards to Sir William Wallace, the hero interpret in this epic movie.The paper would also look into the viability of the wild-eyed affair in the midst of Sir William Wallace and the Princess of France and the surrounding circumstances as picture in the movie. Summary of Braveheart In order to analyze the accuracy of the situations and events of the movie Braveheart, a summary of the movie must premier(prenominal) be provided. The film acquires in Scot grime in the year 1280 AD. The end of the king of Scotland leave the coun settle without a ruler of its own as the king did not fix a son to leave the land to.As a result, the rulers from neighboring countries began to compete with each(prenomina l) other for the crown and ownership of the kingdom of Scotland. The most castingidable of these competitors was Edward the Longshanks, king of England. His assume over Scotland was met with hostility from the putting greeners of the land. In order to extinguish any retaliation on the part of the common citizenry of Scotland, Edward the Longshanks logical a con campaignation whereby each attraction of the unalike shires of Scotland were invited to attend, allowing them to bring along lonesome(prenominal) one page as their companion.Among those who have been invited was a commoner named Malcolm Wallace who decided to take his eldest son, John, with him to the shock. They were delayed to arrive to the meeting as Malcolm had to convince his modernest son, William, that he was lock up too young to go to the travel with them. Upon their arrival, Malcolm Wallace had realized that his sons effort had saved him from walking into a immobilise that had been orchestrated by Ed ward the Longshanks. All the attendees in the supposed meetings were hung inside the cottage where the meeting was supposed to have taken place, including the women and children.William, who had cadence-tested to follow his military chaplain and brother to the meeting, truism the brutality of the scenario a vision that had left field wing a lasting mark to the young boy (Braveheart). The brutality of the scene prompted Malcolm Wallace to reach some of the leaders in the shire to try a violent repartee for what Edward the Longshanks had committed to their fellow men. Unfortunately, the effort was a failed attempt, and Malcolm and his son were killed in the battle. On the mean solar day that his father and brother were buried, his uncle, Argyle, took him into his care (Braveheart).The film indeed fast forwards to a few years later on. Edward the Longshanks, in his require to rule over all of Europe, organise an allegiance with his rival, the pansy of France, through an d through the marriage of the latters daughter to Edward the Longshanks son and heir to the throne. Meanwhile, in Edinburgh, the stinting nobles had formed a council. Included in the council was the 17th Earl of Bruce named Robert, who has been considered to be the leading rivalry to the crown of Scotland. Among the topics that begun to concern the council was the issuance of the orderliness of stellar(prenominal) nocte by Edward the Longshanks.This gave nobles who have verbalise their allegiance to the pouf of England the privilege to pause with any newly married common woman on the showtime darkness as a married woman. This was through with(p) in an effort to encourage more Scottish nobles to swear allegiance to the pansy of England which then would lead to the surety of Edward the Longshanks hold over Scotland (Braveheart). It was around this time that William Wallace, now an adult, returns to the shire that he had left when he was a young orphan.He reunites himself w ith Hamish, his childhood friend and the young woman named Murron who, during his father and brothers burial, offered him a blossom forth as a sign of sympathy. Because of the prima nocte decree, William and Murron married in secret and indeed allowing William the privilege that most other men in the shire had been deprived of (Braveheart). The round point for the pace of the movie and the intent of William Wallace occurred just a few years after his secret marriage.A soldier of the English crown attempted to force himself on the young woman, but she had fought and, through the avail of William, freed herself but only for a while. She was at last caught by the soldiers and was penalize in front of the entire town as an simulation on what would happen to them should they try to couple any representative of the king of England, be it a soldier or a noble since according to the nobleman, an opposition to any individual representing the king of England is an opposition to th e King himself (Braveheart).The death of Murron and the reasoning of the noble had caused William Wallace to begin a revolution beginning in his own town. His passion and determination to liberate the country of the English had made a lot of Scottish commoners take up arm and join him in his cause. town after town, he and his band of men which eventually led to the joining of the forces of the Scottish and the Irish, had made the townspeople consider him as a legend and tales began to spread about him (Braveheart).News had reached the King of England and sent his daughter-in-law, the Princess of France, as an ambassador to negotiate some form of truce and ceasefire with William Wallace, who by now had been knighted by the Council of frugal, headed by Robert the Bruce. Wallace declined the offer of Edward the Longshanks by relaying to the future ottoman the haunting scene that he had stumbled on when he was a boy and when the King of England first offered a truce to the people of Scotland.Not only did the Princess of France become amazed by the intelligence that Wallace had exhibited, but she also began to bugger off fond of him in a romantic way (Braveheart). When she returned to London and delivered the message of William Wallace to the king, he decided to go into war with Wallace again. This time, he was to have a large soldiery by tapping into the allegiances that he had formed through the years. When news of this reached William Wallace through the help of the Princess of France, Wallace went to the Council of Scots to ask them to join their cause.Initially, Robert the Bruce gave Wallace his word and so did the other members of the council. However, on the day of the battle, Wallace first experienced betrayal when he truism two of the council men that showed up with their single armies had turned around after cosmos bribed by the King of England, and then later when he discovered that Robert the Bruce himself was fighting aboard the King of E ngland as well (Braveheart). Upon sightedness the effects of his betrayal to Wallace, Robert the Bruce was overcome with guilt and as a means to try to amend for his betrayal, helped Wallace black market the battlefield.This allowed Wallace to take penalise on the two noblemen who have betrayed him in the battlefield (Braveheart). With news of Wallaces escape reaching the King of England, another attempt was made on his bread and butter. This plot was overheard by the Princess of France, who again warned Wallace of the assassination attempt. Unfortunately, the third time, Wallace was at last apprehended. Robert the Bruce sent word to William Wallace that he would akin to talk and make amends for his front betrayal.Still trusting the Bruce, and realizing the need for a larger army to continue the cause, Wallace went to the residence of the Bruce simply and unarmed. Unknown to both Robert the Bruce and William Wallace, the other members of the Council, through the guidance of Robert the Bruces father, made arrangements to consider William Wallace over to the King of England (Braveheart). William Wallace was tried for proud treason against the King of England and was sentenced to be executed the following day. Knowing about this, the Princess of France begged for the life of William Wallace to the King of England as he lies on his deathbed.When the king refused to grant the request of the princess, she then made it known to the dying king that she was pregnant with the child of William Wallace, his mortal obstructionist (Braveheart). Wallace suffered a horrendous and slow death through a process called hung, careworn and quartered. With his last breath, he shouted with all his might the word Freedom, a cry that stirred the hearts of his comrades who witnessed his exertion in the crowd. After he was beheaded, the organic structure of William Wallace was cut into pieces and placed in different locations to serve as a type to anyone who tries to go aga inst the King of England.His head was primed(p) on London Bridge, while his arms and legs were sent to the four corners of England. The movie ends with the write up on how instead of deterring any form of resistance towards the crown of England, the opposite had in reality happened. In the year 1314, despite the Scottish army headed by Robert the Bruce were lacking in resources and heavily outnumbered, had won the freedom of their land from English rule in the battle that occurred on the field of Bannockburn (Braveheart). Analysis of the accuracy of Braveheart

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'Post Partum Haemorrhage (PPH) Essay\r'

'Introduction:\r\nPost partum bleed (PPH) is an obstetrical emergency that provide do vaginal or cesargonan tar. It is a major cause of enatic morbidness and one of the top three causes of motherlike mortality in both last and slump per capital income countries, although the absolute hazard of death in much dishonor in high income countries (1 in 100,000 versus 1 in 1000 births in low income countries). Furthermore, hemorrhage is the leading cause of gate of the intensive care unit and the nearly preventcapable cause of maternal mortality.\r\nThe comely c ablaze(p)it line injury succeeding(a) vaginal delivery, abdominal delivery delivery and caesarean hysterectomy is ergocalciferol ml, 1000ml and 1500 ml respectively.\r\nDepending upon the amount of air loss, come in partum hemorrhage (PPH) can be-\r\n➢ Minor (1L) ➢ dreadful (10g/dl) so that the unhurried can obtain approximately amount of the agate line loss. • proud shoot for chances pe rseverings who are likely to bust spotlight partum hemorrhage ( much(prenominal) as twins, hydramnios, noble multipara, APH, history of previous PPH, severe anemia) are to be screened & adenylic acid; delive scarlet in a well equipped hospital. • Blood seek should be one for every women so that no quantify is wasted during emergency. • trans eutherian mammal localization must be do in all women with previous caesarean delivery by USG or magnetic resonance imaging to detect placenta accreta or percreta. • Women with morbid ally placenta are at high risk of PPH. Such a case should be delivered by a senior obstetrician. A availability of blood & international adenineere; or blood products must be ensured in the beginning kick in.\r\nIntranatal:\r\n• Active management of the third stage, for all women in labour should be a routine as it fells PPH by 60%. • Women delivered by caesarean section, oxytocin 5 IU slow IV is to be devoted to reduce b lood loss. • Exploration of the utero-vaginal groove for evidence of scathe following touchy labour or instrumental delivery. • remark for approximately 2 bits a great deal delivery to make sure that the womb is aphonic and well contracted before direct her to ward. • During caesarean section spontaneous judicial time interval & adenine; delivery of the placenta reduces blood loss (30%).\r\n trouble of hold placenta:\r\nThis diagnosis is reached when the placenta system undelivered after a specified consequence of time ( ordinarily half to 1 hour following the baby’s birth). This is make to apply pressure to the eutherian invest. The full-page hit is introduced into the vagina in cone wrought fashion after separating the labia with the fingers of the early(a) consecrate. the vaginal go past is clenched into a clenched fist with the back of the hand directed standeriorly and the knuckles in the anterior fornix. The other hand is pos e over the abdomen tail assembly the uterus to make it anteverted. The uterus is firm squeezed between the two hold. It whitethorn be necessary to continue the compression for a prolonged period until the (during the period, the resuscitative measures are to be continued).\r\nManual removal of the placenta:\r\nThe operation is through with(p) under general anaesthesia. The patient is placed in lithotomy position with all unimaginative measures, the bladder is catheterized. One hand is introduced into the uterus after smearing with the antiseptic solution in cone shaped manner following the cord, which is made taut by the other hand. While introducing the hand, the labia are separated by the fingers of the other hand. The fingers of the uterine should locate the border of the placenta. Counter pressure on the uterine fundus is applied by the other hand placed over the abdomen.\r\nThe abdominal hand should steady the fundus & group A; guide the movements of the fingers within the uterine cavity till the placenta is totally separated. As soon as the placental margin is reached, the fingers are insinuated between the placenta & adenine; the uterine wall with the back of the hand in contact with the uterine wall. The placenta is stepwise separated with a side shipway slicing movement of the fingers, until whole of the placenta is separated. When the placenta is completely separated, it is extracted by traction of the cord by the other hand. The uterine hand is palliate inside the uterus for exploration of the cavity to be sure that nothing is left hand behind.\r\ni) focusing of third stage haemorrhage:\r\nIn this third stage of release or hemorrhage, the bleeding come ups before sound projection of placenta.\r\nPrinciples\r\n➢ To quash the uterus.\r\n➢ To replace the blood.\r\n➢ To ensure useful haemostasis.\r\nSteps of management:\r\na) Placental site bleeding:\r\n➢ To palpate the fundus and manage the uterus to make it ha rd. ➢ To start crystalloid with oxytocin at 60 drops /min and to arrange for blood transfusion if necessary. ➢ Oxytocin 10 units IM or methargin 0.2 mg. is given intravenously. ➢ To catheterize the bladder. ➢ To give antibiotics ( angstromicillin 2gm.and metronidazole 500mg. IV).\r\nb) Traumatic bleeding:\r\nThe utero vaginal supply is to be explored under general anaesthesia after the placenta is expelled.\r\nii) Management of true post partum hemorrhage:\r\nIn this true post partum hemorrhage the bleeding occurs completesequent to extrusion of placenta (majority).\r\nManagement:\r\n➢ Call for extra suspensor involve the obstetric senior stave on call.\r\n➢ Keep patient humdrum and warm.\r\n➢ Send blood for diagnostic test.\r\n➢ instil rapidly 2 litres of formula saline.\r\n➢ discontinue oxygen by mask 10-15L/min.\r\n➢ superintend the pulse, blood pressure, urine output, drug type, point and time.\r\nB. secondary coil Pos t partum hemorrhage:\r\n exbroadcastation:\r\nSecondary post partum hemorrhage is bleeding from the genital tract more than 24 hours after delivery of the placenta and may occur upto 6 week later. The bleeding usually occurs between 8th to 14th daytime of delivery.\r\nCauses:\r\nThe causes of late post partum hemorrhage are-\r\n1. well-kept bits of cotyledon or membranes (commonest) 2. Infection and separation of slough over a belatedly cervico-vaginal laceration. 3. Endometritis and sub involution of the placental site- due to delayed healing process. 4. Secondary hemorrhage from caesarean section wound usually occur between 10-14 days. 5. climb-down bleeding following oestrogen therapy for retrenchment of lactation.\r\nClinical Manifestation:\r\n1. The lochia are heavier than normal & antiophthalmic factor; recurrence of bright red flow.\r\n2. Offensive lochia if transmittal is a tributary factor.\r\n3. Sub involution of uterus.\r\n4. Pyrexia &type A; tachycardia.\r\n diagn osis:\r\nThe bleeding is bright red and varying amount. Rarely it may be brisk. Varying degree of anemia & evidences of sepsis are present. Internal examination reveals evidences of sepsis, sub involution of the uterus & often patulous cervical OS.\r\nUltrasonography is usual in detecting the bits of placenta inside the uterine cavity.\r\nManagement:\r\nPrinciple:\r\n➢ To assess the amount of blood loss & to replace it (transfusion)\r\n➢ To chance upon out the cause & to find appropriate steps to rectify it.\r\nManagement:\r\ni) Massage the uterus if it is still unmistakable to bring about a contraction.\r\nii) shew each clots.\r\niii) Encourage the mother to empty her bladder.\r\niv) Give an oxytocic drug such as ergometrine by intravenous or intramuscular route.\r\nv) Save all pads & lines to assess the volume of blood loss.\r\nvi) If retained products of conception are not seen on an ultrasound scan, the mother may be treated conservatively wit h antibiotic therapy and oral examination ergometrine. vii) Anemia is treated with iron add on & in severe cases, blood is transfused.\r\nNursing management of PPH:\r\n evaluatement:\r\n1. mensurate maternal history for risk factors, plan accordingly and communicate to the perinatal area. 2. prize pulse pressure, recording consistently little than 30bpm are consistent with hypertensive crisis. 3. rate intake & output chart. 4. esteem location & firmness of uterine fundus. 5. Palpate the bladder distension, which may put in with contracting of the uterus. 6. Inspect for intactness of any parineal area.\r\nDiagnosis:\r\ni) Deficit fluid volume cogitate to blood loss as manifested by looking pale, dehydrated & minify pulse rate. ii) Acute pain cogitate to perineal discomfort from birth trauma and physiologic changes from births as monitored by wrinkled in forehead, restlessness & irritability. iii) unbalance nutrition less than body fate related to res triction in viands intake as manifested by fatigue, helplessness and lethargic. iv) Sleeping plan disturbance related to pain & bleeding as manifested by drowsiness, lethargic, irritated, etc. v) Risk for infection related to birth process & maintaining poor hygiene as manifested by patient’s verbal complain, recalcitrant & discomfort.\r\nGoal:\r\ni) Monitoring for hypotension & bleeding.\r\nii) Minimize the pain.\r\niii) mitigate nutritional lieu.\r\niv) Improve sleep pattern.\r\nv) Reduce the risk for infection.\r\n interpellation:\r\n➢ For 1st diagnosis:\r\ni) Monitor full of life signs every 4 hours during the first 24 hours. ii) Assess vaginal discharge for clots and amount. iii) retained IV line as logical by the doctor.\r\n➢ For second diagnosis:\r\ni) Assess pain level, location, duration and type also. ii) can comfortable position (i.e. supine position) iii) Administered euphony as prescribed by the doctor.\r\n➢ For tertiary diagnosis:\r\ni) Assess the nutritional status of the patient. ii) tolerant is advised to take liquid state diet from 3rd day & solid from 4th day. iii) Weight in monitored daily.\r\n➢ For 4th diagnosis:\r\ni) Sleep pattern is assessed.\r\nii) Provide a neat and tidy up bed to the patient.\r\niii) Unnecessary procedures avoided during sleeping period.\r\niv) Patient is advised to discourage day time sleeping.\r\n➢ For 5th diagnosis:\r\ni) Assessed the level of infection, intent sensation and frequency of urination. ii) Washing hands & wearing gloves can reduce the risk for infection before doing any procedure. iii) Advised the patient to maintain the personal hygiene and also should teach how to take care of perineal area.\r\nEvaluation:\r\ni) bleeding is reduced than before.\r\nii) Patients pain level exponent be minimized.\r\niii) Nutritional status of the patient is improved.\r\niv) Patients sleep pattern is improved.\r\nv) Infection is controlled.\r\n fi nding:\r\nPost Partum hemorrhage continued to be a leading cause of maternal morbidity & mortality. In this patient despite identification and attempt at correction of an identified clotting disorder, major obstetric hemorrhage was not avoided.\r\nHowever, these factors may be unavoidable and early operative intervention as per local protocol is recommended to minimize maternal morbidity. After perusing & presenting the seminar on the topic of PPH, I got a thorough idea about this disease and I am thankful to ma’am for giving me luck of presenting this topic. I think I can be able to import some amount of knowledge to the group & I will be able to provide proper care to such patient if I got in future.\r\nBibliography:\r\n1. C.D. Dutta â€Å" textual matter book of obstetrics” 7th edition, revolutionary central book agency, page no- 410-418 2. Annamma Jacob â€Å"A comprehensive textbook of midwifery & Gynecological Nursing”, 3rd edition, Joy pee brothers health check publishers (p) Ltd. 3. â€Å"Myhes Tex book for midwives”, edited by V. Rith Bennett Linda K. Brown, twelfth edition. page No- 462-470\r\n4. Dr. Parulekar Shashank V., â€Å"Text book for midwives”, 2nd edition, voramidical publication. Page No- 351-356.\r\n5. B. Basavanthappa T. â€Å"Essentials of midwifery & obstetrical Nursing”, 1st edition, Jaypee Brothers medical publishers. Page No- 544-555.\r\n6.>URMC>Health Encyclopedia\r\n➢>Labour & Birth.\r\n➢>Home>women’shealth> idelines>search for a guideline. ➢ Bmb.oxford\r\n➢> journal list>cases J/V.J;2008\r\n'

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'Review of Marketing Article\r'

'The expression â€Å"Building kind grocerying into Your Program” by N.K. Weinreich provides overview of acquirable techniques how to make mixer trade get a line element of backing. The author stresses the important of kindly merchandising and sociable responsibility as every maven should realize the effects of own actions. Market research processes make cordial marketers strike down exhausted and overwhelmed and, as a result, they whitethorn hesitate to pay proper tutelage to mixer merchandising ignoring its greatness. Often, social markets value that lack resources and work experience to insure social project.\r\nN.K. Weinreich, the author of the phrase, identifies ten potent ways how to incorporate social market into business program. The author recommends talking to targeted customers, segmenting targeted audience, perspective the product, being awargon of competition, following the audience, utilizing anatomy of approaches, using effective models, t esting, building league with key fruit allies, and, finally, seeing what it is possible to do the next time.\r\nWeinreich argues that evaluation is the key in social merchandising and it is necessary to delineate what is to be accomplished and how to reform the program. When develop any program it is required to smooth and test products and messages with the targeted audience to avoid misapprehend and misconception. After the program is implemented one should monitor activities to evaluate whether everything matches the plan. The key of social trade is claimed to be talking as social marketing is customer-driven process.\r\nImportance for the melt\r\nI think that the current article is important to be referenced in course it is directly think with marketing study. The stem presents particular aspect of marketing †social marketing †and the author offers instructive and well-structured analysis of how to build social marketing. Moreover, the paper is non simply theoretical as the author uses logical arguments and examples to defend her pip that every modern business should trade the importance of social marketing as it gives an opportunity to retain and to attract customers, to improve reputation and to succeed in highly-competitive business worlds.\r\nPositives of the Article\r\nI agree that social marketing should be paid more than financial aid as it promotes fair and comely customer-buyer relations. Social marketing teaches how to talk to customers, how to crystalise their popularity and attention. Moreover, social marketing aims at self-coloured needs and wants of the targeted audience. Further, Weinrich says that information is military unit and I agree as information gives power to predict and to avoid risks and to develop ways of performance improvement.\r\nNegatives of the Article\r\nIt is rather firm to identify moments I disagree with as the author provides in-depth overview of social marketing and its key elements. How ever, I think that more attention should be paid to discussing the benefits of social marketing in the introduction. The only thing I disagree is author’s testimonial to follow the audience. I think that thriving social marketing should aim at offering services and products in such a way that they should attract customers and not vice verse.\r\nQuestions\r\n1. What are the main benefits of social marketing for business environment?\r\n2. What are internal and external challenges of social marketing?\r\n3. Why to incorporate social marketing into program?\r\nFuture Impact\r\nFirstly, the article offers new ways of building social marketing programs. Secondly, the article underlines crucial importance of social marketing for business success. Thirdly, the article sets background for further researches in this and related fields.\r\nReferences\r\nWeinreich, N.K.(1995). Building Social Marketing into Your Program. Retrieved work on 13, 2008\r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \ r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n \r\n'

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'Chinese philosophy Essay\r'

'??. presentment A. Thesis There ar so umpteen dissimilar philosophies and religions, and they greatly modulate nation’s life. In this paper, I am deprivation to cite and congeal the representatives of the westbound philosophy such as Plato’s metaphysical Dualism and Chinese philosophy like Daoism. And I am sacking to comp atomic number 18 these philosophies and appointulate the diversity in the midst of them. ?. Dualism A. Explain Plato’s metaphysical Dualism Plato’s Dualism divided the reality into 2 various estates of surviveence (World of the Senses and World of the Forms).\r\nOne piece (the physical humanness) is constantly changing, and a nonher creation (the humankind of the Forms) is perpetual. Plato further divided these two diverse realms of live iodinnce. The existence of Forms th at a lower place mug be divided into the higher human being (realm of the form) and the turn down bena (the Empirical introduction). The globe of gutss stern be divided into physical objects (ordinary objects we perceive) and images ( dwarfs, reflections and encounters). B. heavyset of fiction of Cave Plato explained his metaphysical dualism by using the Allegory of a counteract.\r\n match to Marc Cohen: In the both toldegory, Plato likens people untutored in the Theory of Forms to pris matchlessrs chained in a cave, inefficient to turn their heads. All they can dep annihilate is the wall of the cave. Behind them burn down a fire. Between the fire and the pris unmatchablers in that respect is a parapet, along which puppeteers can walk. The puppeteers, who ar tooshie the pris wizrs, hold up puppets that whorl eclipses on the wall of the cave. The prisoners ar unable to see these puppets, the real objects that pass behind them.\r\nWhat the prisoners see and hear are shadows and echoes suck by objects that they do non see. However, one day one of them is released from what keeps them the homb re sit down, and they locutioning for choke off. At that quantify, the guy realizes that there are objects and the fire behind people and just about dust moves the objects. The shadow people r all(prenominal) seen is a fake. People who are til now sitting fall in never seen the objects behind them, so they believe that the shadow is real. The guy is excuse to move, so he starts to run to the passing of the cave.\r\nAfter reapting out of the cave, the guy feels dizzy because the world out of the cave is too shiny. After a while, his eye got used to the brightness and the beautiful world like the mountain, the sky, the river, or the sun is in the eyes of the guy. And then he realizes that the world out of the cave is real. He goes back to the cave and tells people who are still sitting in the cave what he saw out of the cave. However, they do not believe that what the guy told is the truth. C. Interpretation of the Allegory.\r\nBy using this Allegory, we can conjecture roughly today’s world. There are too ofttimes in organic law in the world, and the world seems to be narrower than onward. specially the appearance of gage media like newspaper, television, magazine, Internet, or SNS changed how we deal with tuition. Too practically training is created and flows e precise day, and we can communicate the cultivation you strike any time by the device like a extraneous phone, a PC or a tablet. However, is the information you can take off in truth the reality?\r\nThe information created by heap media might be like the shadow in a cave. Before I was born, there was already too much information. I learned much information like Japanese history in a school, and I besides have intercourse the new information of the incidence that occurs every day at the same time through and through mass media. So I learned close of matters that occurred near the world through the information created by mass media, and the information is like a s hadow in Allegory of a Cave. cogitate that an internal warfare is happening in one coun analyse.\r\nWe fuck about that through mass media. We might see suffers in a TV or in a photo. We feel like watch everything about the war through the picture on TV or linguistic communication of the in the buffs, but that is not a wholly thing but just check of that. We need to anticipate the reality by my own eyes today’s world. ?. Plato’s Legacy fit to Philip, â€Å"Plato belief that the consciousness could and would exist apart from the consistency and would exist after the remnant of the body. He offered a â€Å"proof” for this position and was the starting to do so in paternity that we have any evidence of doing so.\r\nHe offered several different proofs or program lines none of which are convincing today”. His argument was that humans were composed of bodies and reasons, but soul was more pregnant and immortal. His arguments used exposit that are questionable today. For example, Plato thought he could conclude that the soul could exist separating from the body because it worked autarkically from the body when it engaged in pure thought. save today, it is proved that how we value depends on the physical brain works. So this is no thirster accepted as true.\r\nPlato thought that they are remembering the familiarity im appointed in their souls when the souls were in the realm of pure thought and eternal forms before entering into the body after which they forgot as they became confused by physical emotions and feelings and modified experiences through the senses. And that is the only way to explain how people come to know. This is no longer accepted as the best comment of how people come to have fellowship. However, Plato is ascribe with being the finalize human to fire to set out any split of a proof that humans had souls and that they survived the death of the body and that they were immortal.\r\nA. Descartes -Substance Dualism According to Philip, â€Å"Descartes besides believed that the soul existed prior to and separate from the body, and it was immortal. In his view, all of reality consisted of two very different substances: matter or the physical and odor or the non-physical. ” The physical was what would be extensive in time and space and the non-physical would not be temperamentized. He thought that his noted subscribe to that â€Å"I think consequently I am” established not just that he existed but that he existed without a body as a â€Å" cerebration thing”.\r\nA â€Å" sentiment thing” is a thing that thinks and by that would be included: imagining, conceiving, hoping, dreaming, desiring, fearing, conjecturing, reasoning, remembering and more. For him a â€Å"thinking thing” require no physical parts to do what it does. sophisticated science has established that there is no evidence of humans that are without a physical body and it s brain. There is no evidence that thought is possible without a brain. There is much evidence that what has been associated with Descartes’ â€Å"thinking thing” is now explained solely in term of the brain and how the brain is physically structured and the functioning of the brain.\r\nB. doubting Thomas According to the text, â€Å"Saint Thomas Aquinas is the philosopher who explained tailfin ways to demonstrate the existence of the beau ideal in spite of appearance the framework of a posteriori (the noesis comes from, or after the experience) and developed cosmogonic and teleo discursive arguments. ” I am going to explain one of the demonstrations. The way is from the temperament of efficient cause. In the world of commonsensical things, there is an value of efficient causes. It never happens that the thing is the efficient cause of itself.\r\nIf you look at one phenomenon, you can see umteen efficient causes behind it. But you cannot go back to infi nity. There must be the first efficient cause. Aquinas claims that that is the deity. The Aquinas’ claim is similar to Plato’s claim. He thought the God is the first efficient cause and independent one. That is cozy to the supposition â€Å"the realm of the form” Plato claimed. And the things in the world of sensible things are the collateral things of the God. It is close to â€Å"the Empirical world” Plato claimed. ?. Chinese Natural Cosmology A. Ames `Image of causal agency in Chinese Culture”\r\nAmes claims the departure among the dominant allele idealions of reality in the West and in the Chinese usage in his â€Å"image of Reason in Chinese Culture”. According to the text, Ames claims that â€Å"to seek the Chinese philosophy, he thought you needed to recognize at least that you are dealing with a fundamentally different world if you are familiar with westbound culture. To bring into relief certain features of the dominant In do-European view and Chinese option to it, he constructs a â€Å" perspicuous sense of order with an â€Å"aesthetic” order.\r\n” What we call â€Å"logical” sense of order has developed western sandwich philosophic and religious orthodoxy, and it is based on the presumption that there is something permanent, perfect, objective, and universal that disciplines the world of charge and guarantees natural and moral order-some antecedental and determinative arche, an eternal realm of Platonic edios or â€Å"ideas”, the One True God of the Judeo-Christian universe, a transcendental strongbox of invariable commandments or laws, an annalistic manner for discerning clear and distinct ideas.\r\nIn a single-order world, the One God is the initial beginning of the universe. The God is primal and static linguistic rule that causes and explains that origin and issues everything from itself, and that is familiar and presupposition in western sandwich customs. A lthough the world is explained by â€Å"logical” order in occidental tradition, however, there is no â€Å"logical” order in Chinese philosophy. The order of Chinese tradition is inseparable in and inseparable from a spontaneously changing world. The universe possesses within itself its organizational beliefs and its own creative energy.\r\nIn the view of Chinese tradition, the world creates itself. That is black from the view point of westbound prentice reason. The yin and the yan come together and guide the countless combination of these two opposite bug of energy. These two originations of energy make a spontaneous intelligence possible. Yin and yan as the passage of a particular relationship invariably entail a perception from some particular perspective that enables us to hunt down patterns of colligateness and interpret our circumstances.\r\nThey provide a style for sorting out the relationship among things as they come together and constitute them selves in unique compositions. Ames also mentions the Chinese volume â€Å"li”. In both perfect Chinese corpus and modern language, the encompassing(prenominal) term that approximates â€Å"reason” or â€Å"principle”. He claims that identifying the meaning of the word â€Å"li” correctly is essential to understand Chinese philosophy. According to the text, â€Å"Philosophically, the most familiar uses of li lie somewhere in the gang â€Å"reasoning” or â€Å"rationale” (A. S. Cua), â€Å"principle” (W.T. Chan), â€Å"organism” (J. Needham), and â€Å" tackiness” (W. Peterson). ”\r\nAmong these several secondary translations used for â€Å"li”, although philosophically as protean as â€Å"principle” for horse opera tradition, unwarrantedly restrict li to a tactual sensation of human consciousness and tend to introduce distinction such as beatify and inanimate, agency and act, intelligible and sensible. Li is much different from being some independent and immutable creative principle that disciplines a recalcitrant world. It is the fabric of order immanent in the moral force process of experience.\r\nThat is why â€Å"psychology” is translated in to Chinese as â€Å"the li of the heart-and- estimation,” but then â€Å"physics” is â€Å"the study of the li of things and events. ” What separates li earlier clearly from Hesperian common grounds of â€Å"principle” is that li is both a unity and a multiplicity. Li is the coherence of any â€Å"member of a set, all members of a set, or the set as a whole. ” Both the uniqueness of individually(prenominal) particular and the continuities that obtain among them are reflected by this description. Li then is the defining character or ethos of a given community, or any otherwise such composition.\r\nAmes also claims another point at which li departs from â€Å"principle. ” In Western tradition, the recognisey of originative and determinative principle gives us a schema for classifying things and subsuming one thing under another. That is why people seek â€Å"principle” in Western tradition. However, the investigation of li, by contrast, is to seek out patterns that relate things, and to discover resonances between things that make correlations and categorization possible. B. Hans-Gorg Moeller In Daodejing, the meaning of â€Å"the alkali” is described by using metaphor.\r\nFrom the view of the Daoist, our world is a â€Å"self-generating” process. In Daoism there is no initial beginning for â€Å"logical” order. In Daoism, order is immanent in and inseparable from a spontaneously changing world, and then â€Å"the world creates itself. ” In this point of view, the role of â€Å"the basis” is very important. â€Å"The chill out” is an origin of phenomenon, and many things are derived from â€Å"the ro ot. ” Unlike many Western philosophical perspectives, this â€Å"root” has a close to unique, interesting, and different meaning in it. The Western philosophy’s principle or arche is the first cause of the event.\r\nAnd nothing would exist if there were not any of the Western philosophy’s principle or arche. However, the concept of â€Å"the root” is different of that. From the Daoist perspective, â€Å"the root” is a part of the plant. â€Å"The root” does not exist before the plant although plant cannot exist if there is no â€Å"the root. ” That is, â€Å"the root” itself is not a creator of the plant. It is the origin of the growth of the plant. â€Å"The root” is buried in the soil or ground, so it is invisible. However, â€Å"the root” greatly influences its visible part.\r\nThis illustrates Daoist’s â€Å"autopoiesis,” self-generating concept well, which differs a lot from the Western p hilosophical concept â€Å"arche,” which is stated or recognised as â€Å"the God. ” ?. Comparative Epistemology A. Hellenistic-Prescriptive theoretical cognition In Western tradition, most of philosophers think there is one principle or one God and things happen from it. And the drumhead is separable part from the body. One of the examples is Plato. Plato’s dualism is that there are the realm of form and the imperial world. The body lasts to the imperial world and the world is constantly changing.\r\nAnd what we sense by the body is limited, and the Empirical world is not real. The true world is the realm of the form, and the mind belongs to the world. Plato argues that the â€Å"knowledge” continuously exists and must be justified conviction. However, the Empirical world that we belong to is contentiously changing, and there is no unchanging thing in the world. That is why there is no thing from which we can get â€Å"knowledge” in the Empirica l world, so we cannot get â€Å"knowledge” by our own senses. The unchanging things exist in the realm of the form, and we cannot debate the world by using our senses.\r\nSo we need to use our mind to get â€Å"knowledge”. Not all of Western philosophers claim like that, but most of philosophers claim that the truth does not exist in the world where we live today. This concept greatly influences Christianity or other religions that have the one God. In Christianity, there is one God named â€Å"Jesus Christ”, and he is the reason why things happen or why we live. People pray to seek â€Å"knowledge” that exists in the world where we are not living. That is, we cannot get the â€Å"knowledge” about it in the world where we are living, and we need to get it from the other world to know the essence of the things.\r\nB. Chinese philosophy-Prescriptive practical On the other hand, there is no the one God in Chinese philosophy. In China, the war occurre d constantly, and Chinese dynasty changed over time, so people did not come to rely on one thing. This influenced the Chinese philosopher. sooner of one god or one principle, Chinese philosophers think that the world creates itself and that the world is constituted by the combination of determinacy and indeterminacy, and spontaneous, dynamic changing is the universal principle of the world. In Western tradition, the philosophers try to attribute many phenomenons to the one reason.\r\nHowever, Chinese philosophers think that each thing is â€Å"self-so” creativity, self-generating, and spontaneous. For Chinese philosophy, the Nature is very important, and in Daoism it is important not to try to force thing. That is why there is the concepts in Daoism; wu wei(without intentional action), wu si(without deliberate thought), wu si(without selfish interesting), wu ji(without self-awareness), wu zhi(without knowledge), wu xin(without heart-and-mind). Daoists claim that when you ar e thinking something, the world is also changing at the same time, so you are missing something.\r\nThat is why it is important for Daoism to stop thinking by your head, get out of the world of your head, look around the world, and take action. The most important thing for Daoism is that we ought to take action as a part of the world. ?. Conclusion There have been so many philosophers through the history, and each of philosophy has been developed around the world. And how people think about the world is different, depending on the philosophy. Of many philosophies, the significant different philosophies are the Western and Chinese philosophy.\r\nIn the Western philosophy, the philosophers try to attribute everything to the one principle or the one God. On the other hand, there is no principle, and the philosophers have acknowledge the world as self-generating process, and the world is the source of itself without no exact start and end point. This thought influences religion and how people think about the world. Around the world, many wars related to religion occur today. The difference between the religions is just what ancient people developed, so it is important to try to understand the difference in today’s world.\r\n file name extension\r\nPecorino, Philip, Ph. D. â€Å"Chapter 6 : The Mind-Body Problem Section 3: DUALISM. ” Introduction To Philosophy an Online Textbook. Queensborough Community College, CUNY, n. d. Web. 4 Dec 2013. . Deutsch, Eliot. Introduction to World Philosophies. maiden ed. 509. New Jersey: A Pearson program line Company, 1997. Ex-255-256. Print. Deutsch, Eliot. Introduction to World Philosophies. 1st ed. 509. New Jersey: A Pearson Education Company, 1997. Ex-469. Print. Cohen, Marc. â€Å"The Allegory of the Cave. ” Philosophy 320 History of Ancient Philosophy. University of Washington, 07 11 2013. Web. 4 Dec 2013. .\r\n'

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'Case study of dove soap Essay\r'

'â€Å"I appreciate Canada was just substanti on the whole in altogether(a)y ready for it,” says Aviva Groll, assembly account director at Ogilvy, who has worked on plunk since 2004. â€Å"There was a draw of support intern solelyy at Unilever, it enamored a chord… [It was] a metre of great experimentation and great leadership that every(prenominal)owed that to happen. ” Groll also notes that having the budget avail adequate to(p) and co-operation amongst the harvest-time categories to allow for a campaign centred on the brand as a full-length meant everything fell into place for a Canada-first launch.\r\nWhat followed was unforeseen buzz as the campaign gained grasp around the world, becoming a study water cold topic ahead the days of social media spreading ideas cope wildfire. New go down overlaps were launched using the uniform creative idea †showing real women with different hair types, skin types and dead body types, loving themse lves and their favourite squab fruits, frequently in their underwear.\r\nWhile the water cooler buzz and media attention escalated (Oprah had those underwear-clad women on her show), hotshot of the most talked-about aspects of the campaign came as a complete surprise to MacLeod and her team †the viral power of striking the right chord. By now, almost everyone has seen the â€Å"Evolution” video on YouTube (12 million peck and counting), depicting a woman who gets transformed, through makeup and Photoshop, into a model, proving that take down The fall billboard poop easily be compared to the story of the â€Å" origination of Wrestling” from Barthes Mythologies.\r\nIn the story, wrestling is depict as a myth for the artless reason that the audience doesn’t guardianship if a wrestling match is rigged, just rather what it is seeing taking place. They get into’t recover about populace or truth. In fact, they really wear down’t re turn at all; they see (Barthes 2000, p. 15). This stack be utilize to the plunge advertisement because the audience is solo engaged with what it sees, not with the truth and impression of the ad. The target audience doesn’t sop up that what they’re seeing was all a process to evoke a received message and get them to hazard a definite way about their intersection point or have meaning to the audience.\r\nAnd return a original way they did. ultimately genus Columba’s daring dodging increased their sales and market share. Women were cap open to connect to the ad, which in turn do them buy the produceion. The campaign conduct to the fall Self Esteem Fund, which gave Dove raze offtide more media exposure with the making of YouTube videos and clips. As one brush aside see, Dove successfully turned around their advertising tactics, which take to increased sales and changed feelings toward Dove crops. These point of intersections were the equ ivalent beauty products before and after the raw campaign, still successful advertising allowed for mess to view the products as something totally different.\r\n match to the Magic Bullet or hypodermic syringe Needle Model, potful media has a si saucyy influence over passel, and seat by choice alter or control the cigarette audiences’ behaviour. I suppose this is not in argument today. The Dove billboard female genital organ easily be compared to the story of the â€Å" orb of Wrestling” from Barthes Mythologies. In the story, wrestling is set forth as a myth for the wide reason that the audience doesn’t maintenance if a wrestling match is rigged, and rather what it is seeing taking place. They bust’t deal about human race or truth.\r\nIn fact, they really slang’t think at all; they see (Barthes 2000, p. 15). This toilette be apply to the Dove advertisement because the audience is and engaged with what it sees, not with the t ruth and suasion of the ad. The target audience doesn’t seduce that what they’re seeing was all a process to evoke a legitimate message and get them to think a reli up to(p) way about their product or have meaning to the audience. And think a authentic way they did. in the long run Dove’s daring scheme increased their sales and market share.\r\nWomen were sufficient to connect to the ad, which in turn do them buy the product. The campaign take to the Dove Self Esteem Fund, which gave Dove level off more media exposure with the making of YouTube videos and clips. As one can see, Dove successfully turned around their advertising tactics, which take to increased sales and changed feelings toward Dove products. These products were the alike(p) beauty products before and after the juvenile campaign, notwithstanding successful advertising allowed for tidy sum to view the products as something totally different.\r\n agree to the Magic Bullet or hypoder mic Needle Model, caboodle media has a puissant influence over lot, and can purposely alter or control the kettle of fish audiences’ behaviour. I suppose this is not in argument today. The Dove billboard can easily be compared to the story of the â€Å" humankind of Wrestling” from Barthes Mythologies. In the story, wrestling is expound as a myth for the elementary reason that the audience doesn’t circumspection if a wrestling match is rigged, scarce rather what it is seeing taking place. They father’t think about universe or truth.\r\nIn fact, they really take over’t think at all; they see (Barthes 2000, p. 15). This can be utilize to the Dove advertisement because the audience is that engaged with what it sees, not with the truth and belief of the ad. The target audience doesn’t accredit that what they’re seeing was all a process to evoke a trustworthy message and get them to think a certain way about their product or have meaning to the audience. And think a certain way they did. lastly Dove’s daring dodging increased their sales and market share.\r\nWomen were suit qualified to connect to the ad, which in turn make them buy the product. The campaign lead to the Dove Self Esteem Fund, which gave Dove counterbalance more media exposure with the making of YouTube videos and clips. As one can see, Dove successfully turned around their advertising tactics, which guide to increased sales and changed feelings toward Dove products. These products were the equivalent beauty products before and after the sweetly-fang lead campaign, still successful advertising allowed for plurality to view the products as something totally different.\r\n agree to the Magic Bullet or hypo Needle Model, loudness media has a sizable influence over batches, and can by design alter or control the sight audiences’ behaviour. I suppose this is not in argument today. The Dove billboard can eas ily be compared to the story of the â€Å" introduction of Wrestling” from Barthes Mythologies. In the story, wrestling is expound as a myth for the sincere reason that the audience doesn’t do if a wrestling match is rigged, besides rather what it is seeing taking place. They feign’t think about realism or truth.\r\nIn fact, they really adopt’t think at all; they see (Barthes 2000, p. 15). This can be use to the Dove advertisement because the audience is except engaged with what it sees, not with the truth and sight of the ad. The target audience doesn’t visualise that what they’re seeing was all a process to evoke a certain message and get them to think a certain way about their product or have meaning to the audience. And think a certain way they did. at long last Dove’s daring system increased their sales and market share.\r\nWomen were able to connect to the ad, which in turn make them buy the product. The campaign led to the Dove Self Esteem Fund, which gave Dove withal more media exposure with the making of YouTube videos and clips. As one can see, Dove successfully turned around their advertising tactics, which led to increased sales and changed feelings toward Dove products. These products were the akin beauty products before and after the red-hot campaign, but successful advertising allowed for people to view the products as something totally different.\r\nharmonize to the Magic Bullet or hypo Needle Model, mass media has a omnipotent influence over people, and can designedly alter or control the mass audiences’ behaviour. I suppose this is not in argument today. The Dove billboard can easily be compared to the story of the â€Å" humanity of Wrestling” from Barthes Mythologies. In the story, wrestling is describe as a myth for the primary reason that the audience doesn’t precaution if a wrestling match is rigged, but rather what it is seeing taking place. They strike’t think about globe or truth.\r\nIn fact, they really turn in’t think at all; they see (Barthes 2000, p. 15). This can be employ to the Dove advertisement because the audience is still engaged with what it sees, not with the truth and judgement of the ad. The target audience doesn’t prepare that what they’re seeing was all a process to evoke a certain message and get them to think a certain way about their product or have meaning to the audience. And think a certain way they did. in conclusion Dove’s daring system increased their sales and market share.\r\nWomen were able to connect to the ad, which in turn make them buy the product. The campaign led to the Dove Self Esteem Fund, which gave Dove even more media exposure with the making of YouTube videos and clips. As one can see, Dove successfully turned around their advertising tactics, which led to increased sales and changed feelings toward Dove products. These products were the i dentical beauty products before and after the new campaign, but successful advertising allowed for people to view the products as something totally different.\r\n fit in to the Magic Bullet or hypo Needle Model, mass media has a sinewy influence over people, and can on purpose alter or control the mass audiences’ behaviour. I suppose this is not in argument today. The Dove billboard can easily be compared to the story of the â€Å" universe of discourse of Wrestling” from Barthes Mythologies. In the story, wrestling is describe as a myth for the bare(a) reason that the audience doesn’t wield if a wrestling match is rigged, but rather what it is seeing taking place. They bust’t think about reality or truth.\r\nIn fact, they really hold out’t think at all; they see (Barthes 2000, p. 15). This can be use to the Dove advertisement because the audience is except engaged with what it sees, not with the truth and cerebration of the ad. The target audience doesn’t progress to that what they’re seeing was all a process to evoke a certain message and get them to think a certain way about their product or have meaning to the audience. And think a certain way they did. last Dove’s daring dodge increased their sales and market share. Women were able to connect to the ad, which in turn do them buy the product.\r\nThe campaign led to the Dove Self Esteem Fund, which gave Dove even more media exposure with the making of YouTube videos and clips. As one can see, Dove successfully turned around their advertising tactics, which led to increased sales and changed feelings toward Dove products. These products were the alike beauty products before and after the new campaign, but successful advertising allowed for people to view the products as something totally different. consort to the Magic Bullet or hypo Needle Model, mass media has a fibrous influence over people, and can intentionally alter or control the mass audiences’ behaviour.\r\nI suppose this is not in argument today. The Dove billboard can easily be compared to the story of the â€Å" human race of Wrestling” from Barthes Mythologies. In the story, wrestling is expound as a myth for the elementary reason that the audience doesn’t care if a wrestling match is rigged, but rather what it is seeing taking place. They slang’t think about reality or truth. In fact, they really tire’t think at all; they see (Barthes 2000, p. 15). This can be employ to the Dove advertisement because the audience is exclusively engaged with what it sees, not with the truth and opinion of the ad.\r\nThe target audience doesn’t gain ground that what they’re seeing was all a process to evoke a certain message and get them to think a certain way about their product or have meaning to the audience. And think a certain way they did. at long last Dove’s daring outline increased their sales an d market share. Women were able to connect to the ad, which in turn make them buy the product. The campaign led to the Dove Self Esteem Fund, which gave Dove even more media exposure with the making of YouTube videos and clips.\r\nAs one can see, Dove successfully turned around their advertising tactics, which led to increased sales and changed feelings toward Dove products. These products were the like beauty products before and after the new campaign, but successful advertising allowed for people to view the products as something totally different. fit to the Magic Bullet or sodium thiosulfate Needle Model, mass media has a regnant influence over people, and can deliberately alter or control the mass audiences’ behaviour. I suppose this is not in argument today.\r\n'

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'Marketing Strategies for Luxury Brands Essay\r'

'New harvest-homes atomic number 18 continuously launched into the senior high school life aroma grocery each year. DKNY’s recent antiophthalmic factorlification to the olfactory property mart is DKNY Pure. As a competitor intending to introduce a analogous reaping into the extravagance fashion sword kernel market, consumer deportment has important implications for the construct of a triple-crown marketing strategy. This writing allow outline which key factors marketers should move to entice in the cross of a marketing strategy to introduce a modernistic extravagance stake odor to the market.\r\nthrough and through the use of merchandise emplacement, identifying get groups and the target market, extensive advertize and operant condition marketers evict see to it the consumer purpose-making performance together with internal and external modulates lead-in to consumer bribe deportment. From a marketing sight luxury fashion smirchs ar d elimit in by features such(prenominal) as exclusivity, premium prices, excellent lineament, distinctiveness, video, status and opposite aspirational characteristics (Fionda & adenine; Moore, 2009).\r\nFor many consumers the barter for of luxury fashion crack nub is a high- occupyment and emotional decision (Sadeghi & angstrom unit; Tabrizi, 2011). These bribes involve the use of extended decision-making with an extensive try of internal and external data and a consider able-bodied evaluation of alternative point of intersections procurable (Quester, Pettigrew & deoxyadenosine monophosphate; Hawkins, 2011). An extensive ad exploit should be use the major marketing strategy for the introduction of a b are-ass crossroad in the luxury olfactory property market as it elicit be utilise to manipulate and deviate consumer behaviour in a number of ways.\r\nInfluencing the consumer decision-making bidding In separate to bewitch the consumer decision-making fulfil adver tising dissolve be utilize as external stimuli in order to trigger the first stage of the consumer decision making process; problem or motivation cite. Advertising chamberpot influence consumer behaviour by affecting the consumer’s desired state or their living state (Quester, Pettigrew & angstrom unit; Hawkins, 2011), prompting the realisation of perceive need or desire for a reaping.\r\nStrategic marketing c adenylic acidaigns such as preannouncements (for ex axerophtholle through media releases or s vitamin Ales) canful be used to influence consumer anticipation, maintenance and desire or perceived need prior to the launch of a sore product such as a luxury odourise (Schatzel & adenine; Calantone, 2006). By understanding the motives which direct consumers to purchase products and the needs they are seeking to pay marketers can target their advertising much efficaciously (Kotler et al, 2007).\r\nFor luxury instigator kernel advertising can be used to h ighlight the emotional need of the consumer snap on their â€Å"esteem needs” as described by Maslow’s hierarchy of Needs (Kotler et al, 2007; Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins, 2011). Emotional self-pride needs can be efficiently used in advertising luxury disfigurementmark perfume to women by including messages and visuals which offer sophistication, elegance, love and confidence.\r\nFeeling and emotion fundamentally shapes consumer designings for perfume with consumers visualising, imagining, estimating and assessing the perceived feelings gained from purchasing and victimization the product (Sadeghi & Tabrizi, 2011). Perception trade efforts should focus on building customers acquaintance of both the brand and the product. Perception is a significant internal factor in a consumers’ purchase decision for luxury brand perfume. The perception process involves bear on tuition from exposure, attention and interpretation with meanings record as me mory (Kotler et al 2007).\r\nConsumer perceptions can be manipulated through product positioning; in this case introducing a new perfume’s under the nearly-known(prenominal) luxury brand flick bequeath position it in the high-end perfume market creating a perception that it is a connatural high-end product. Identifying the desired product position allows marketers to design strategies to develop the appropriate product build for that particular target market (Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins, 2011). Perfumes are products that are comprised of both obvious and in overt characteristics designed to satisfy consumers.\r\nPerceptions of feature can be influenced by the tangible (intrinsic) characteristics of the product; for perfume this is the bottle and the package. Through the application of beautiful and clever product design and packaging marketers can manipulate consumer perception of the perfume and its realize (Sadeghi & Tabrizi, 2011). Intangible (extrinsic) characteristics such as price, computer memory image or brand image in addition serve to influence the consumer’s perception of fibre (Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins, 2011).\r\n range higher prices for the perfume consistent with the product position and target market (Fionda & Moore, 2009) and stocking the perfume in high-end department stores are strategies that can be employed to educe quality and influence consumer perceptions of status. Brand image and brand awareness Brand supplement strategies can be employed to provide on the brand equity of a long-familiar luxury brand by giving the brand name to a new product (Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins, 2011).\r\nBy introducing a new perfume use an complete luxury fashion brand (either as a product or line extension) marketers can increase consumer recognition and acceptance of new products (Wu & Lo, 2009) as well as making the approximately of the perceived intangible benefits associated with a substant iative brand image. A consumer’s imperative perception of brand image of familiar luxury fashion brands has a significant effect on increase purchase intentions of the products produced by those brands.\r\nThe populace and usage of a strong brand image can be used by marketers to subjugate uncertainty nigh product evaluation (or perceived purchase risk) whilst also increase confidence in product quality (Sadeghi & Tabrizi, 2011). Consumers view brand as an important part of a product which adds perceived value to the product (Wu & Lo, 2009; Sadeghi & Tabrizi, 2011). Launching a perfume under an existing familiar brand with a confirmatory brand image can generate competitive profit by increasing consumer’s take and attention and resulting positive evaluation of a product (Fionda & Moore, 2009).\r\nFurther, consumers are be like to give greater attention to a familiar brand and to engage more effort in processing information active a product with a familiar brand name (Sadeghi & Tabrizi, 2011). Brand personality & honor endorsement Brand personality is a key factor in brand identity and is highly influential in the consumer decision making process as it relates to the desire to satisfy needs of conceit and belonging (Rajagopal, 2006).\r\nConsumers are motivated to purchase products from brands that reflect their own personality or that portrays personalities to which they aspire (Sirgy, 1982; Guthrie & Kim, 2009; Spry, Pappu & Cornwell, 2011). reputation endorsement is considered an effective strategy by marketers as a highly visible means of brand personality creation ((Rajagopal, 2006; Spry, Pappu & Cornwell, 2011). Endorsement by celebrities influences consumer behaviour through attracting increased attention, generating greater brand crawfish out and recognition (Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins, 2011; Spry, Pappu & Cornwell, 2011).\r\nDean (1999, as cited in Spry, Pappu & Cornwell, 2011) only posits that credit endorsement can also influence a consumer’s perceptions of product quality and distinctiveness. The effectiveness of use a celebrity to endorse a product will be compound if there is congruence between the celebrity’s image, the product (and brand) personality and the self-concept of the target market (Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins, 2011).\r\nMarket enquiry should be conducted to determine perceptions of chosen celebrities to see to it they are credible and have attributes that coexist with the target market’s needs and desires (Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins, 2011; Spry, Pappu & Cornwell, 2011). For the luxury brand perfume market such attributes should be based on attractiveness and image. assumeing & operant conditioning Consumers learn about products through the knowledge and examine gained from purchase and consumption (Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins, 2011).\r\nBy understanding how consumers learn about produ cts marketers can include information to assist and influence the consumer decision-making process. Operant conditioning is highly effective marketing strategy used to influence consumer behaviour particularly in high involvement purchases such as perfume (Peter & Nord, 1982; Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins, 2011). Operant conditioning can shape positive reinforcing stimulus for consumer purchase intention (Amor & Guilbert, 2009).\r\nBy trialling, using tester bottles and sample disperse cards the product consumers are able to experience the perfume determine if they like the scent and if it smells good on their skin. Amor & Guilbert (2009) suggest that consumers are more in all likelihood to respond to new perfume samples than conventional ones. Marketers can provide detached samples during related to purchases to encourage product trial (Amor & Guilbert, 2009) which assists in capturing consumer attention and increasing product familiarity (Sadeghi & Tabr izi, 2011).\r\nPlacing samples in high-end fashion magazines will also assist with familiarity as well as perception of quality. Using free samples as promotional tools whitethorn also assist marketers in developing a positive attitude toward the sampled perfume product as well as toward to the brand (Amor & Guilbert, 2009). External influences A consumer’s purchasing behaviour is also influenced by social factors. By identifying the roles in the get process marketers can incorporate this information in the product design and advertising message decisions (Kotler et al 2007).\r\nFor women’s perfume the same person cleverness capriole several roles in the purchasing decision. The purchaser will often be the firebrand of the purchase, the decider who ultimately makes the purchasing decision and the exploiter or wearer of the perfume (Kotler et al). Products such as perfume that are complementary to self-image are occasionally purchased by consumers as gifts for themselves. Marketers can target the fulfilment of self-gifting motivations by interspersing perfumes with early(a) products such as cosmetics so that sales-staff might promote combining purchases (Mick, Demoss & Faber, 1992).\r\nMales may also be purchasers of women’s perfume as gifts. Identifying this group in the buy process will change targeted marketing through the development of gift packs around peak gift periods such as Christmas, and Valentines Day. As shown in the above password through the use of extensive advertising campaigns marketers can influence consumer purchase intention through stimulating emotional need or desire for the new perfume product as well as creating attention and awareness.\r\nIdentifying and establishing the product position and the roles in the buying process will enable marketers to design and direct advertising at the desired target segments. The use of an established luxury brand to launch the product can influence consumerâ€℠¢s perceptions of quality and status of the brand and by association the perfume. Whilst credible celebrities can be used in advertising campaigns to create or support brand personality influencing attention, increasing brand recognition and product recall as well as further addressing consumer’s desire for fulfilment of self-concept needs.\r\nlastly operant conditioning through the formulation on free samples and testers will be used to shape consumer learning about the new product by positive reinforcement, as well as capturing consumer attention and further increasing brand awareness. By understanding the relevant influences of consumer behaviour to the new product marketers can incorporate this theory in order to manipulate the buying intentions and purchase behaviours of consumers and create a successful marketing campaign.\r\n'

Thursday, December 20, 2018

'Plato and Aristotle: An Analysis Essay\r'

'Determining the outstrip skeleton of semi semi governmental association was burning(prenominal) to the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle, and each of them expressed his opinion in important works such as the democracy and governmental relation. In explaining, comparing, and contrasting the semi semi governmental philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, it is evident that each of them shell outd out the attractivered oddment of identifying and promoting the outperform form of governmental government. They likewise shared in prevalent the said(prenominal) philosophy regarding the origins of a political produce. The State arises, Plato says d mavin Socrates in the Republic, â€Å" stunned of the needs of mankind.\r\n” (Plato) Aristotle look intos, and declares that the state is a political typenership that exists for figures of self-sufficiency as swell up as for the sake of life story well. In other words, the State exists in roam to provide f or the well-being of its citizens. Aristotle expresses this in Politics when he argues, â€Å"the good life is the purpose of the city-state. ” (Aristotle) Furthermore, some(prenominal) Aristotle and Plato agreed that Man is by nature a political animal, because he has the ability to express his thoughts about cleanice.\r\nTheir single analyses reflected their respect for solelyice, and their elevation of it to the highest priority. In the Republic, Plato defines full political feel as a system in which each beguile is satisfied to the proper extent and everyone has what is theirs. The philosophers hatful out the knowledge they fatality; the warriors have the honors they want; and the popularers have the goods and pleasures they want, under the enlightened centering of philosophers and warriors. The methods of Aristotle and Plato were similar in many ways.\r\nThey both utilized logic, evaluations of contemporary politics, and lengthy comparisons of motley types o f political regularise to arrive at their conclusions. As citizens of ancient Greece, they both shared much the similar outlook on society, religion, morality, and politics. They in like manner shared similar diachronic perspectives, and their perceptions of contemporary events were formed through the aforementioned(prenominal) philosophical context. One of the contrasts between their methods is that Plato use analogies to make his points.\r\nHe examined a political state by comparing the state with the forgiving soul. Unlike Aristotle, he as well used a style of get along in which he made his points through dialogues involving Socrates. He also designed an elevated state run by plurality he referred to as â€Å"The Guardians” which differed from Aristotle’s antenna in Politics, in which style and form more closely resembled an essay or monologue. In Politics, Aristotle emphasized that correct political shape involves pursuing policies which are to the comm on advantage of the most populate.\r\nAristotle reasoned that persists who rigid their avouch interests above everyone else’s had no political legitimacy, for their tyranny brought suffering upon their own community. Aristotle described the stovepipe forms of political rule as kingship, aristocracy and polity, and described the score forms as tyranny, oligarchy and democracy. Plato was also harshly hypercritical of tyranny, and described it in the Republic as, â€Å"not a matter of minor stealth and violence, but of wholesale plunder, sacred and profane, snobby or public. ” (Plato) Both men’s methods involved a comprehensive abstract of the consequences of each form of rule.\r\nAristotle criticized Democracy because its consequences were rule by the multitude, which causes injustice. He criticized Oligarchy because its consequences were rule by the wealthy, which also causes injustice; and he criticized totalism because its consequences were dictator ship, which again causes injustice. In terms of the merits of the citizenry, Aristotle notes that the tidy sum may collectively be the best judges of certain things, so it is reassert for them to take part in deliberations. only if like Plato, he feels that the common people are not qualified to share in the highest chests.\r\nBoth Plato and Aristotle also agree that laws need to be made in accordance with the regime, and agree that the more just a ruler is, the more just the laws will be. Essentially, both Aristotle and Plato asserted that the goal of politics should be justice. One fight between them is that Plato believed that the best claim to rule was education and virtue, although he conceded that there is also a claim to rule base on wealth and on numbers. some other difference is that Aristotle emphasized that the most important task for a leader was to be a lawgiver, and to frame the appropriate governing body for the city-state.\r\nIn Aristotle’s system, it was the leader’s duty to provide enduring laws, customs, and institutions for the citizens. tally to Aristotle, once the war paint was in place, the ruler needed to take the necessary stairs to maintain it, to implement reforms when he considered them necessary, and to sustain against any subversion of the political system. Aristotle’s emphasis on a constitution sets him apart from Plato, who considered philosopher kingship the best form of political rule. Aristotle described a constitution as â€Å"a certain ordering of the inhabitants of the city-state,” and as â€Å"the way of life” of the citizens.\r\n(Aristotle) He also speaks of the constitution of a community as â€Å"the form of the compound” and argues that whether the community is the same over time depends on whether it has the same constitution. (Aristotle) It should be noted that despite the fact that Aristotle’s political eyeshots were influenced by Plato, he was very crit ical of the ideal city-state set forth in Plato’s Republic. He based his criticism on the campaign that Plato’s ideal city-state overvalued political unity, embraced a system of communism that was impractical and hostile to human nature, and neglected the happiness of the person citizens.\r\nIn contrast, in Aristotle’s view of the ideal State each and every citizen would possess moral virtue and the equipment to withstand it out in practice, and thereby win a life of excellence and unadulterated happiness. All of the citizens would hold political office and possess private property because â€Å"one should call the city-state happy not by looking at a part of it but at all the citizens. ” (Aristotle) In conclusion, the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle were both bear on with identifying and promoting the best form of political association.\r\nIn works such as the Republic and Politics, they used similar methods of analysis to prize th e best form of political rule. For Aristotle, the best form of political rule corresponded to the best way of life for a human being. Since the best way of life is living nobly and according to virtue, the best political form of rule is the one which promotes this kind of life. For Plato, the best form of political rule was Aristocracy, for it involves rule by the best people in the political community. Bibliography Aristotle. Politics. New York: capital of Delaware Publications, 2000. Plato. Republic. New York: Viking Press, 1955.\r\n'

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

'A&P by John Updike Essay\r'

'The taradiddle A&P by keister Updike is quite well-written. Despite the fact that the allegory itself does not have as well much content, the author is qualified to keep the reader interested till the real last line. It’s a simple story and the main theme is the rejection of societal norms and restrictions. Sammy who works in the A&P retentiveness represents a teenager who takes an on-the-spot decision to stand up to his boss, disagree with his actions and move on with his life. This occurs when three girls in very skimpy clothes visit the store to buy snacks.\r\nTheir skimpy attire offends the store conductor Mr. Langley and he makes it a head word to inform the girls that they should be dressed more appropriately next time they enter his store. â€Å"He gravels over and says, â€Å"Girls this isn’t the strand” and when the girls react to his statement he says â€Å"I take’t want to argue with you. After this come in here with your s houlders covered. It’s our policy. ” Basically, Langley is a andton-down who did not standardised these girls indecently exposing their bodies. On the different hand, this is a free world and people like Mr.\r\nLangley have no skillful to impose their point of view on others. That is precisely why Sammy resolute to quit his job even though he is aware that once he loses this job, his life forget become more difficult, and his parents will be dysphoric and angry and that there will be consequences of his action. â€Å"You’ll whole tone this for the rest of your life,” Lengel says and I know that’s true, too”. Nevertheless, he wants to prove his point and wants to stand up for what he believes and that is why he quits and moves on with his life.\r\nOverall, it’s a simple story but makes a valid point and is narrated in a very interesting manner. Some questions for others to echo approximately: 1. Why did Sammy feel so strongly virtually Mr. Langley’s behavior? 2. Do you think Sammy did the right thing? 3. Do you think its right for teenagers straight off to behave indecently or do you think it’s the old generation which needs to kind their attitude?\r\nBibliography 1. Updike, John. (1993) A&P from Rubinstein and Larson’s Worlds of Fiction. Macmillan Coll Div.\r\n'

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'Is3440 Project Part 1 Essay\r'

'First World nest egg and give is a financial institution that processes citation card legal proceeding and loan applications online. We atomic number 18 shortly considering implementing an well-defined reference infrastructure. This could potentially save us over $4,000,000 per year in licensing fees for the softw argon we be currently development. How incessantly, due to our business motivations; we essential placid comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley spot (SOX), Payment post-horse Industry †selective information Security banal (PCI-DSS), and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). We essentialiness comply with SOX, beca persona we are a publicly-traded financial institution; PCI-DSS, because we process online credit card transactions; and GLBA, because we are a financial institution. All of the regulations of these tether compliancy laws must(prenominal)iness be met, while comfort substantiateing the Confidentiality, Integrity, and aditibility (CIA) triad.\r\nA ll security measure requirements for SOX, PCI-DSS, and GLBA bunghole be achieved development Linux and light extraction infrastructure. Some ex font Ales of informal source bundle that we might use are: Web Server †Apache Web Filtering †DansGuardian net profit Firewall †turn turtle Firewall VPN †Endian Firewall Community IDS/IPS †Suricata entropybase †MySQL File Server †trip the light fantastic toe SMTP Server †hMailServer I would recomm stop over that we use a â€Å"Defense in Depth” strategy, having quaternary layers of entry protection. We postulate to sport an IDS/IPS on both sides of our progress firewall. The inside IDS/IPS pass on be used as excess protection for our entanglement and the outside IDS/IPS forget serve as an early warning remains from attacks. We volition also use the outside IDS/IPS for additional protection and to monitor what types of attacks are occurring. Our entanglement master of ceremo nies and mail emcee should be completely degage from the remainder of our network in a de-militarized zona (DMZ). We need to go through a network firewall amongst our DMZ and our internal network, between the outside valet de chambre and our internal network, and between our DMZ and the outside knowledge base. there should also be a local firewall enabled on each local machine. Also, since our physical servers leave be hosted at a third party location, we must have VPN approach to these servers to bang them. All insular selective information will need to be encrypted, as well as all info transitions. To go a coarse with the previously menti unrivaledd physical and parcel ground security measures, we will also apply multiple policies to maintain this security.\r\nAcceptable Use Policy †This form _or_ placement of government will describe how the companies IT assets should and can be used. As well as what is non acceptable to do on comp either assets. Password Pol icy †This polity will explain what parameters a word of honor must dally to be accepted. For example; a tidings must be at least 15 characters long have at least on capital letter, have at least champion start case letter, have at least one(a)ness number, and have at least on symbol. Privacy Policy †This policy describes what information must remain confidential. Training employees on the proper musical mode to use (and how NOT to use) political party assets is a major(ip) key to ensuring the CIA triad remains intact and our network secure. In this part of the executive summary, I am going to be explaining, and making recommendations on what the lift out options are for the open source packet that is essential for the instruction of the First World Savings and Loan financial institute’s various vane and application servers. For each of the servers, I recommend using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux operational system for a number of reasons.\r\nThe mai n ones being that it is one of the most secure, It’s backed by years of technical rear, It’s supported by a vast number of varied hardware, and It is one of the most, if not the most, favourite and used server OSs that one can get today. I would rather go with software that has been vigorously tested to its chip ining point and still remains at the top tier of server software options that’s removeily unattached today, than one that has just come out with all of the bells and whistles. So on that note, let’s get started on what I recommend to be the violate of the outgo in terms of ad hoc software and divine service needs. There are numerous enormous open source software solutions for informationbase servers, comparable, H2, HyperSQL, MySQL, mysql, Oracle, and PostgreSQL, just to name a few. They all offer top toss functionality, performance, scalability, and security. As cold as which one is the trump, I recommend PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL i s an object-relational selective informationbase software solution that offers whatever(prenominal) of the most feature well-to-do options as compared to the bigger commercial manufacturers like Oracle, IBM, Sybase and Informix, and the best part of it, it’s free. It’s also one of the first database software that was released, and it has a turn up quest after record with over 23 years of active development. It was created back in 1989.\r\nThe whole other DB software that came out before it is Oracle, which was created back in 1979. Now PostgreSQL might not be the fastest, alone It some(prenominal) than makes up for it with its functionality. It allows the use of two different types of interfaces, a graphical substance abuser interface (for those who like the point-click style) and a SQL. It workings on most OSs like windows, Linux, Mac, Unix, and so on It has a vast array of services and tools that is included to streamline the administration of the Databa se. here(predicate) are just some examples; Full hot (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, & Durability) compliancy, commercial & noncommercial support, triggers support, user defined data type support, stored procedure support, online reinforcement, multiple index type stimulant support, embedded access controls, encryption, etc. here is a comparison of the top DB software available I got from the unbiased, data-driven comparison website; â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€-\r\nSpecifications\r\nProduct | MySQL | Oracle | PostgreSQL |\r\n architecture | Relational baffle | Relational Model | Object-relational Model | Software License | * GPL * PostgreSQL * branded | * GPL * PostgreSQL * Proprietary | * GPL * PostgreSQL * Proprietary | Operating System | * Windows * Mac OS X * Linux * UNIX * z/OS * BSD * Symbian * AmigaOS | * Windows * Mac OS X * Linux * UNIX * z/OS * BSD * Symb ian * AmigaOS | * Windows * Mac OS X * Linux * UNIX * z/OS * BSD * Symbian * AmigaOS | Demo? | | †| |\r\nInterface | * GUI * SQL | * GUI * SQL | * GUI * SQL |\r\nWebsite | MySQL ( | Oracle ( | PostgreSQL ( | First universe unleash Year | 1995 | 1979 | 1989 |\r\nLastest Stable Version | 5.5.19 | 11g disengage 2 | 9.1.3 |\r\nâ€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€-\r\n-Price\r\nPrice | $0 | $180 | $0 |\r\nPurchase Page | MySQL (https) | Oracle (https) | †|\r\nâ€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€-\r\n-General Features\r\nFeatures | * ACID * reenforcement * Custom Functions * Database mos * Export Data * Extensibility * tall Availability * Highly Scalable * Import Data *\r\n chocolate Support * Multi-Core Support * suck in much› | * ACID * Backup * Custom Functions * Database Imports * Export Data * Extensibility * High Availability * Highly Sc alable * Import Data * Java Support * Multi-Core Support * See more› | * ACID * Backup * Custom Functions * Database Imports * Export Data * Extensibility * High Availability * Highly Scalable * Import Data * Java Support * Multi-Core Support * See more› | Indexes | * electronic image * Expression * Full-text * GIN * totality * chop * uncomplete * R-/R+ Tree * regression | * Bitmap * Expression * Full-text * GIN * GiST * Hash * Partial * R-/R+ Tree * Reverse | * Bitmap * Expression * Full-text * GIN * GiST * Hash * Partial * R-/R+ Tree * Reverse | Database Capabilities | * Blobs and Clobs * green accede Expressions * Except * informal Joins * Inner Selects * meet * go Joins * Outer Joins * Parallel motion * partnership * Windowing Functions | * Blobs and Clobs * Common Table Expressions * Except * Inner Joins * Inner Selects * Intersect * Merge Joins * Outer Joins * Parallel Query * Union * Windowing Functions | * Blobs and Clobs * Common Table Expressions * Except * Inner Joins * Inner Selects * Intersect * Merge Joins * Outer Joins * Parallel Query * Union * Windowing Functions | Partitioning | * confused ( lean + Hash) * Hash * call * domestic Replication API * Range * Shadow | * Composite (Range + Hash) * Hash * disputation * Native Replication API * Range * Shadow | * Composite (Range + Hash) * Hash * List * Native Replication API * Range * Shadow | entrance fee come across | * Audit * Brute-force Protection * Enterprise Directory Compatibility * Native profit Encryption * Password Complexity Rules * Patch gravel * Resource Limit * Run Unprivileged * Security documentation | * Audit * Brute-force Protection * Enterprise Directory Compatibility * Native net profit Encryption * Password Complexity Rules * Patch assenting * Resource Limit * Run Unprivileged * Security testimony | * Audit * Brute-force Protection * Enterprise Directory Compatibility * Native Network Encryption * Password Complexity Rules * Patch Access * R esource Limit * Run Unprivileged * Security support | Tables and Views | * Materialized Views * fly-by-night Table | * Materialized Views * Temporary Table | * Materialized Views * Temporary Table | Other Objects | * Cursor * Data expanse * External flake * Function * role * move | * Cursor * Data Domain * External Routine * Function * Procedure * Trigger | * Cursor * Data Domain * External Routine * Function * Procedure * Trigger | Support Features | * Email * FAQ * Forums * Live call on the carpet * posting\r\nList * On-site * visit * Tips and hints * egg white paper | * Email * FAQ * Forums * Live chat * Mailing List * On-site * Phone * Tips and hints * White papers | * Email * FAQ * Forums * Live chat * Mailing List * On-site * Phone * Tips and hints * White papers | â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€-\r\n-Product translation\r\nProduct Description | MySQL is a relational database management system (RDBMS) that bunks as a server providing multi-user access to a number of databases. MySQL is officially pronounced /maɪËÅ'É›skjuːˈɛl/ (â€Å"My S-Q-L”), but is often also pronounced /maɪˈsiːkwÉ™l/ (â€Å"My lengthiness”). It is named for original developer Michael Widenius’s daughter My. | Oracle Database 11g Release 2 provides the engraftation for IT to success intacty deliver more information with higher quality of service, reduce the take chances of change within IT, and make more efficacious use of their IT budgets. By deploying Oracle Database 11g Release 2 as their data management foundation, organizations can hold the full power of the world’s spark advance database to:ï‚· Reduce server costs by a work out of 5ï‚· Reduce storage requirements by a factor of 12ï‚· Improve legation critical systems performance by a factor of 10ï‚· Increase DBA productivity by a factor of 2ï‚· Eliminate idle circumlocution in the dat a center, andï‚· Simplify their overall IT software portfolio. | PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system. It has more than 15 years of active development and a proven architecture that has earned it a buckram spirit for reliability, data integrity, and crystalizeness. It runs on all major operating systems, including Linux, UNIX (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, SGI IRIX, Mac OS X, Solaris, Tru64), and Windows. It is fully ACID compliant, has full support for foreign keys, joins, views, triggers, and stored procedures (in multiple languages). It includes most SQL:2008 data types, including INTEGER, NUMERIC, BOOLEAN, cleaning woman, VARCHAR, date stamp, INTERVAL, and TIMESTAMP. It also supports storage of binary large objects, including pictures, sounds, or video. It has native programming interfaces for C/C++, Java, .Net, Perl, Python, Ruby, Tcl, ODBC, among others, and extraordinary documentation. | â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â €â€â€â€â€-\r\n-Contact Information\r\nContact Link | MySQL ( | Oracle ( | PostgreSQL ( | Phone | 1 (866) 221-0634 | 1 (800) 392-2999 | †|\r\nâ€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€-\r\n-Limits\r\n goop Blob/Clob size | 4 GB | Unlimited | 1 GB (text, bytea) †stored inline or 2 GB (stored in pg_largeobject) | guck CHAR surface | 64 KB (text) | 4000 B | 1 GB |\r\n muck Column adduce Size | 64 | 30 | 63 |\r\n guck Columns per course of action | 4096 | 1000 | 250-1600 depending on type | Max day of the month Value | 9999 | 9999 | 5874897 |\r\nMax DB Size | Unlimited | Unlimited | Unlimited |\r\nMax public figure Size | 64 bits | 126 bits | Unlimited |\r\nMax Row Size | 64 KB | 8KB | 1.6 TB |\r\nMax Table Size | MyISAM storage limits: 256TB; Innodb storage limits: 64TB | 4 GB | 32 TB | Min DATE Value | 1000 | -4712 | -4713 |\r\nâ€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€â€ â€â€â€â€â€-\r\n-Data Types\r\nType System | * dynamical * tranquil | * Dynamic * Static | * Dynamic * Static | Integer | * BIGINT (64-bit) * INTEGER (32-bit) * MEDIUMINT (24-bit) * keep down * SMALLINT * SMALLINT (16-bit) * TINYINT (8-bit) | * BIGINT (64-bit) * INTEGER (32-bit) * MEDIUMINT (24-bit) * NUMBER * SMALLINT * SMALLINT (16-bit) * TINYINT (8-bit) | * BIGINT (64-bit) * INTEGER (32-bit) * MEDIUMINT (24-bit) * NUMBER * SMALLINT * SMALLINT (16-bit) * TINYINT (8-bit) | Floating Point | * binary_ recapitulate * binary_FLOAT * replicate (64-bit) * fork-like PRECISION * FLOAT * REAL | * binary star_DOUBLE * BINARY_FLOAT * DOUBLE (64-bit) * DOUBLE PRECISION * FLOAT * REAL | * BINARY_DOUBLE * BINARY_FLOAT * DOUBLE (64-bit) * DOUBLE PRECISION * FLOAT * REAL | decimal fraction | * denary * NUMERIC | * DECIMAL * NUMERIC | * DECIMAL * NUMERIC | String | * CHAR * NCHAR * NVARCHAR * TEXT * VARCHAR | * CHAR * NCHAR * NVARCHAR * TEXT * VARCHAR | * CHAR * NCHAR * NVARC HAR * TEXT * VARCHAR | Binary | * BFILE * BINARY * BINARY LARGE OBJECT * BYTEA * LONGBLOB * LONGRAW * MEDIUMBLOB * RAW * TINYBLOB * VARBINARY | * BFILE * BINARY * BINARY LARGE OBJECT * BYTEA * LONGBLOB * LONGRAW * MEDIUMBLOB * RAW * TINYBLOB * VARBINARY | * BFILE * BINARY * BINARY LARGE OBJECT * BYTEA * LONGBLOB * LONGRAW * MEDIUMBLOB * RAW\r\n* TINYBLOB * VARBINARY | check/Time | * DATE * DATETIME * TIME * TIMESTAMP * family | * DATE * DATETIME * TIME * TIMESTAMP * YEAR | * DATE * DATETIME * TIME * TIMESTAMP * YEAR | Boolean | * BOOLEAN * mystic | * BOOLEAN * Unknown | * BOOLEAN * Unknown | Other | * ARRAYS * AUDIO * function * CIDR * tidy sum * DICOM * ENUM * GIS data types * depiction * INET * MACCADDR * See more› | * ARRAYS * AUDIO * BIT * CIDR * CIRCLE * DICOM * ENUM * GIS data types * IMAGE * INET * MACCADDR * See more› | * ARRAYS * AUDIO * BIT * CIDR * CIRCLE * DICOM * ENUM * GIS data types * IMAGE * INET * MACCADDR * See more› |\r\nI think it’s comely obvious that the data speaks for itself. You can’t get whatever better option unless you want to pay big currency for these specific services. When it comes to deciding on which open source web server software to utilize, there are a rotary of different options, such as, Apache, LightTPD, NGiNX, Boa, Cherokee, etc. The one that stands out the most is Apache. Apache is the most popular web server to date. It is the leading web server that is used most over all others including open source and non-open source options, such as, Microsoft’s IIS, Google’s proprietary custom servers, NGiNX, AOL, IBM, etc. according to the website Here is a graph table I found (it’s a little dated) to give you an nous:\r\nApache is the leader because of its functionality, performance, price (it’s free), stability, and security. It has top notch cross-plat forming capabilities so it can be used on numerous operating systems like, Microsoftâ €™s Windows platform, Linux and UNIX base platforms, mack platforms, BSD platforms, IBM platforms, HP platforms, etc. It can basically run on just about all OS platforms. This is ideal in today’s ever evolving business needs and requirements. Some of the best features that an Apache web server offers are as follows: Basic access authentication & digest access authentication, SSL/TLS HTTPS, practical(prenominal) hosting, CGI, FCGI, SCGI, Java, SSI, ISAPI, runs in user space versus kernel space, government activity console, and IPv4 & IPv6 addressing.\r\nNow these are just some of the feature sets that Apache uses. It divine services that most, if not all, of these features are security based; which is most all-important(a) when dealing with IT in any aspect of today’s business world and society itself. There are a lot of different options when it comes to send servers. Some examples are, FileZilla, Samba, HFS, TurnKey, Cerberus, VSFTPD, etc. As far as what’s the best file server software options it boils down to the company’s needs. I recommend using Samba or FileZilla for a number of reasons. Samba has over 20 years of development and FileZilla has over 10 years of development, They both offer amazing cross-plat forming capabilities on several(prenominal) different operating systems, They are both pretty easy to setup and administer, they both offer great security, and best of all they are free. This is extremely important for a modern business. Also the fact that they are free helps in cutting down company costs and drives up financial gains throughout the intact company.\r\nPlus, Samba speaks natively with Microsoft Windows machines and these are typically what most end users use for their operating systems. Now for the open source SMTP server software I recommend using iRedMail. iRedMail offers two different options, iRedMail (which is free) & iRedMailPro (which is a gainful version for $299 per server p er year) with amazing fully rear features. The feature include: blazing fast deployment (less than 1 minute), easy to use, security and stability, mind-blowing productivity (uses a very little resources to run), top notch support, autocratic control over data (all personal data is stored on company’s hard magnetic disk versus some third party storage medium), supports virtualization and non-virtualization software (VMware, Xen, VirtualBox, KVM, OpenVZ, etc. with i386 and x86/x64/ amd64 compatibility), low maintenance, unlimited accounts, stores mail in openLDAP, MySQL, and PostgreSQL, Service and access restrictions, throttling, Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus by default, Webmail, backup support, and security (forced discussion change policy for each(prenominal) 90 days, uses SSL/TLS connections for sending and receiving mail, etc.). The support offered for iRedMail is among the best and in the business world, this is a must. The LDAP server I recommend is Red Hat Directory Server because it offers some of the best features to date. It’s also has some of the best support in the business. It has an amazing reputation as well. Here is a list of the features that it offers: cost-savings, tremendous scalability (Allows 4-way multimaster replication of data across the entire enterprise while providing centralized, reproducible data, and allows extranet applications), enhanced security (provides centralized, fine-grained access controls, and utilizes strong certificate-based authentication & encryption.), and amazing productivity (centralizes user identity and applications for ease of access for administration), you can’t go wrong with using software from a nationally known and reputable company like Red Hat Linux.\r\nEach user will be put into groups; this will be make to control access to the file system. Each user on the network will have to meet the standards below. Having each user in groups will help manage them, and what they have access and are allowed to do on the server. Each user will have their own partitioned /home directory to reduce impact of the file system. No user should be without a group, any users without groups will save have access to only their home directory. The following is the password policy they will be using: User account\r\nStandard users:\r\n secure reuse of passwords to once per 18 months\r\n frame min day for password expire\r\n nock max day for password expire every 30 days\r\nSet password complexity to require 1 capital letter, 1 lower case letter, 1 number, 1 symbol and must be at least 15 characters long do password policies\r\nEnsure all users do not have access to sudo, or su rights create groups for all users, and give them allow sups or admins to maintain rights to those groups, and allow them specific path use on sudo (only if needed). This will allow users to access the data they need to complete their jobs. Also with this password system in place, it will ensure they do not use simple passwords or recycle passwords too often. crack users:\r\nRights to manage groups\r\nSpecific path use of sudo\r\nRestrict reuse of passwords\r\nSet min day for password expire\r\nSet max day for password expire\r\nSet password complexity\r\nEnforce password policies\r\nThese will help super users to manage groups and have access to the tools that they need. This also prevents the users from having too much access to the systems. This helps the admin manage groups by allowing them to move\r\nusers into the correct group or give them access to specific files that they may need access to. Su will only be used by top direct admins, and only if something is truly not working. Lower train admins will have sudo access to files they need to have access to. Users will only have read/write access to the files they need access to; the rest will be read only access. total will be locked down and will need admin permission to access. Passwd file will not be accessible by anyone other than top take admins Firewall and iptables will only be accessible by top level admins and super users. Configuring our network in this manner and applying these user access control permissions will cost less money and add a greater level of security. Using this â€Å"Defense in Depth” strategy, we will have multiple layers of security that an attacker will have to penetrate to break the CIA triad.\r\n'