Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Attitude of Howard Hughes :: Inventors

Although Howard Hughes had a re ally cocky spatial relation, he did what he ask to do to finish his livelihood goals Things I want to be 1. The take up golfer in the world. 2. The best flyer pilot. 3. the most famous producer of moving pictures. Goals written on the back of a receipt (p55) His attitude was so impressive that it take to a major contribution in the world of aviation. The steps that he took, not listening to people say that he cannot do it, colossal secrecy, the need for perfection, and he does what ever is necessary to get the job done, that on side of his Texan attitude would lead to one of the greatest achievements in aviation. This great achievement was that of pressurized cabins which led to being able to fly high and faster, thus cutting down travel time and expenses. Howard Hughes?s attitude was astounding, a quote from him which reads ?Bob, please read the attached article. It refers to me as a millionaire, while others arrive called me a billionaire. I?m very have-to doe with almost this change in perception and the effect it will have on our businesses? (Richard Hack P xi). This is showing how great of an attitude he has if he can be so picky that he worries nearly if people view him as a millionaire rather than a billionaire. When Hughes had something to circulate someone he had no problem with worrying about what they would say about it, or who that person is. When Howard said ?I am a little tired of being pushed around and intimidated by Senators Brewster and Ferguson provided because they have some very strong powers which are granted to all Senators but which were not intended to be misused for the promotion of a three-ring publicity circus.? (P159) This shows that Hughes obviously did not care if he was talking about senators talking down on him or just a conventionality person. He just does not care who they are- he will not take it. We all know that Howard had money because of his great attitude, ?While the en d of America was having trouble placing food on the table, Hughes felt the effect wholly when he decided to buy a new plane, and was told that he needed to pay for his purchase with cash.? This shows how rich he was, but more importantly it shows that he can be very cocky about it.

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