Friday, March 15, 2019

Game Rental Shop :: Video Games Consumerism Spreadsheets Essays

Game Rental ShopSpreadsheetRent itGames rental realisationTo start my project I have chosen that I would do a spreadsheet for agames rental storehouse. This shop would be renting give away games for people toborrow over a period of 3 nights. If the games be brought back laterthan the due in date then at that place bequeath be a fine of 1 every night. Ithink choosing to do a games rental shop is quite a level-headed choicebeca intake it would involve lots of calculations. I think that leap outwould be very suitable software to use for this games shop as it wouldgive me all the calculations and results.I am going to have a stock sheet on excel and another sheet whichinvolves the sales and late charges. I will be calculating things suchas adding up sales and late charges and adding up. Excel is the bestprogram to maneuver because I would be exploitation its features tocalculate. Using formulas you can calculate the intact database in asecond.These are the sorts of calculatio ns that we can get from excel fairish sales per week Most rented game Adding up the number of rentals in a week Working out the profit Fine charges and so onI can use excel to get results such as the most rentals in the week ofa single game utilise a bar map. Get results for the fine charges ofthe week again using bar charts and I can also use a pie chart to seethe best renting act. Excel also has a government agency called sort. Ifthere is almost 200 games on my database and next to them it tells youhow many times this title has been rented out then all you have to dois gaol sort and it would tell you in order of what the best rentingtitle is.Rather than an ordinary database program people prefer spreadsheetsbecause its good for storing and retrieving. It can do calculationsvery fast and efficient. Excel also with the use of formulas isbetter than word processor or a database program.My end drug user would use the spreadsheet that I will design. My end userwould be the sho p owner who is using this as a super calculator andwould service them get good outcomes from the spreadsheet.The end user requirements should be* Fast data search* Accurate calculations* Easy to use (user friendly)* Everything sorted out by using the Sort function* Get good results and easy to perceive themTo get from one sheet to another sheet I will be using macro buttons.

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