Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Fossil Fuel versus Solar Power: Where the Line Meets the Circle Essay

Fossil Fuel versus Solar antecedent Where the Line Meets the CircleThere atomic number 18 a spell of benefits to twist a house that utilizes direct solar cleverness as comp ared to received conventional designs, which are largely powered and heated by competency from fossil fires. According to a number of estimates, it is actually cheaper in the dogged term to incorporate solar energy into building design. Solar energy is far cleaner than fossil give the sack derived energy, and therefore is far little impacting on the health of humans and the environment. There are a number of innovative technologies that have been developed for nearly every application of solar energy, thus making its use comparably convenient to fossil fuel use, but with greater assurance of long-term dependability. While it is currently shut away cheaper to build a home around the theme of fossil fuel power, the cheap supply of this finite resource is rapidly diminishing. The years that are left in wh ich fossil fuels will be accessible to the commonplace public are numbered for certain. One of the factors contributing to the widespread misconception that this is not so is the overestimation of fossil fuel reserves due to varying regulations regarding turn out vegetable oil reserves among different countries (Campbell & Laherrere, 1998). Problems of this nature have occurred with the former Soviet Union (Campbell & Laherrere, 1998). Another factor is deliberate misrepresentation, which is highly probable in the case of OPEC estimates from 1998, in which three hundred billion barrels of oil were added to OPEC reserve estimates without any accompanying reserve discoveries (Campbell & Laherrere, 1998). While fossil fuels are a form of stored solar energy and thus finite, direct solar energy can be consid... ...ths natural energy flows. This could be described as an inter hooklike system rather than a dependent system as is the case with fossil fuels. References CitedCampbell, C .J. & Laherrere, J.H. (1998). The End of Cheap vegetable oil global production ofconventional oil will begin to abate sooner than most people think, probably within ten years. scientific American. Gould, S.J. (2000). The Golden Rule a proper scale for our environmental crisis.Chapter guild from The Earth Around Us maintaining a livable planet. New York, Freeman. clear referencesGlass on Web. (2003). http//www.glassonweb.com/articles/article/221/National Renewable Energy Laboratory. (2000).http//www.eere.energy.gov/erec/factsheets/solrwatr.htmlSolarenergy.com. (1997 - 2001). http//www.solarenergy.com/ sunlight Ovens International, Inc. (2003). http//www.sunoven.com/usa.asp

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