Friday, March 22, 2019

Educational Philosophy :: Education Teaching Teachers Essays

Educational Philosophy In our society today, the demand for teachers is st artificeing to increase. besides today its not only how good an education you have, but how you atomic number 18 going to conduct yourself and your classroom. The act of teaching has almost become an art these days, as to how you control your room to how you arrange the seats to how you decorate the air boards. I willing be talking roughly each of these topics and addressing my views and thoughts somewhat each of them throughout this paper. By the end of this paper my views of teaching and ideas virtually my classroom should be app atomic number 18nt and ready for improvement for the day that will occur in the future. 1. I feel some of the most grand people in our society today are our educators. Without teachers who would be thither to influence and teach our future leaders. I think that in befitting an educator it is a responsibility like n unrivalled other. You are in charge of a clas sroom full of kids that are ready to victimize and its completely up to you to teach them. I feel and think that I want to be an educator because I want to teach children about things they never knew about before. I want to influence and encourage children to be all that they can be. I think that each child has a spark inside of them and its the responsibility of the teacher to ignite the spark into a flame and encourage them to do all that they can and overmuch more. I think that teachers deserve the millions of dollars instead of the pro athletes because they do so much more for our society and for our future.2. As you walk into my classroom, you will notice haemorrhoid of work up on the walls. The seats will be in a circle with my desk up front included in the circle. I will have the seats like that to make sure we are in unity and everyone is in the class discussion and nobody is in the back being left out. Referring back to the papers on the walls, I will have numero us bulletin boards for all of the subjects, so that if one student excels in one subject but others excel in other subjects, everyone will have a paper up on the wall for recognition of good work in a subject.

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