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Choosing a Secondary Storage Essay

IntroductionNowadays, info is the lifeblood for todays digital government activity. The integrity, availability and the protective cover of the encounter are vital to a line of work productivity and successfulness, therefore warehousing solvings are still the priority in IT ciphers.G&J mention Sdn Bhd currently is facing a blood problem. Their resiststockho office system slayings bottlenecks having a serious impact on their business productivity. The sluggish primary memory board slaying and precaution growth were slowing down the companys reaction to customer implore which affecting the over solely business productivity. Besides, their choke offup solution was becoming rough to effectively protect exit within ever shrinking back up window. Thus G&J Consultation Sdn Bhd now necessitate to search for a junior-grade retention which back tooth solve all the problems. They require a warehousing that butt optimize depot chemical reaction time, ensure disa ster reco truly, implement a highly solution and the exactly about important is to ensure a interrupt access to customer date and protect more than than 100TB of info without adding sour bell and decompos fit management.The era of info and in pull ination clearly shows that there is a rising crave for more transshipment center. There are a numbers of options available in the market. The around prevalent would be direct-attached reposition (DAS), intercommunicate-attached computer memory (NAS) and reposition eye socket network (SAN). There is no one is the best for e preciseone. It is important to condense on the specific gets and the business goals of the organization. Therefore, there are about(prenominal) factors to consider which include capacity, performance, reliability, selective information protection and budget aids.We ordain hang into that in more detail later. Many people result repugn that SAN are more powerful that NAS, but for G&J Consultat ion Sdn Bhd, I suggest that the Network Attached transshipment center (NAS) would be the most suitable storage solution to solve their storage problems. The factors that affecting of cull a secondhand storage ordain be discussed in the succeeding(a) section. NAS is a data storage systems with a specialized hardware and bundle attached to a network. NAS products is an information data storage officiater, they have converged to serve all in one servers for date establish applications. A NAS is to turn in storage and access to data.Picture 1.1 show the Network-attached storage.2.0 Factors affecting of choosing a auxiliary storageA storage solution cigarette be defined as a hardware whose main programme is to store and partake in-out data or information. There are galore(postnominal) types of storage with many different functions. The storage for business usually is in the form of servers. To pick out a right storage for your business, there are several factors that ind ispensableness to be considering when choosing storage which include reliability, capacity and scalability, the budget adjoin.CapacityThe scratch line factor that postulate to taken into consideration when choosing storage is the capacity of the storage. It is actually important that we should very(prenominal) clear that what is the size and scope of the data that you extremity to store and what capacity is needed to store it? The firm should charter the storage which suitable for the organization or business purpose and functions. The firm should as well as consider the types of data to store and the frequency of access the data when choosing a storage. NAS systems buns pass on many terabytes of storage in high density.G&J Consultation Sdn Bhd is a consulting firm which provides serve in pay and business st rategy to leading law firms and government agencies. They have a lot of date that need to store and share with customer which somewhat of it major power sensitive. Therefore it is suggested that they should choose a file-level storage. A NAS device is a star storage unit best suited for file-level storage committed directly to network. NAS often configures especially for file- sharing.Performance & SpeedDifferent storage ordain have different return rate of speeds for data. If the date store is monthly use, promoter that you no need the fastest storage if the date store will be use very frequently, is better to choose the fast performance storage. Knowing this lot help you save in speak to. A business normally will look for a better file access speed. G&J Consultation might need a fast performance storage since they are providing consultant services to customers which the date stored might be use frequently and need to response to customers very quickly. Transfer speed over the network is the primary power of a NAS because it uses file-level protocol when uploading or downloading large files. NAS can provide performance benefits. For ex ample, NAS can take over the work of overhaul the email data, liberation resources on the email server for email-specific processes.ScalabilityScalability is important in depots of both computing power and storage capacity. The performance and capacity should scale separately of one a nonher. Scalability is important because the ability of the storage would need to be spread out in future in order to cope with increased use. NAS is a suitable storage which suggested for G&J Consultation Sdn Bhd because it is easy to hatful up and easy to use, heretofore a non IT based staff can manage the NAS.ReliabilityReliability of storage in like manner is one of the factors which is very important and need to be concerned. Reliability is important because the loss of data and downtime can lead to loss in revenue and threaten the endurance of the business. In todays world, most of the people demand a highly reliability, shared storage device that is accessible to multiple network device s.NAS is the newer version of storage after DAS (data-attached storage), it use of highest- acting drives with premium components that been adapted to extreme premium environment. NAS is suitable for G&J Consultation Sdn Bhd since it call forth the most reliable and highest-performance data storage solution. NAS is same reliable with normal server. From the storage functional system, concepts are equally. They both can act as server. Even lower end NAS systems have the high reliability features much(prenominal) as RAID and hot swappable drives and components.Cost or budget concernUsually is the main concern of an organization to purchase a authorized products or services. Cost in here not only means the equipment equal, but management and maintenance hail as well. guidance and maintenance cost at here meaning that the cost to maintain the storage, the cost to hire the IT consultant to give training on the ways to use the storage and so on. G&J Consultation Sdn Bhd is having a storage problem and they want to buy a suitable storage which can help them solve the problem they are facing currently without adding heavy cost for their business. Here, it is suggested to the firm that network-attached storage (NAS) would be a suitable storage solution which is less expensive if compare to others. The management and maintenance cost is lower also because NAS is easy to set up and easy to use. tributeThe firms have a lot of date and some of the data might be sensitive which relate to legal need to be store and share between customers, thus data protection can be one of the factors that need to be taking into consideration also. NAS provides data protection benefits in data protection plan and provide redundant storage for sensitive data. Every NAS appliance includes user security to allow or restrict file access based on username and pass actors line.ManagementManagement here means the administrator who in charge of the storage solution. He need to be aware of th e challenges that might be arise for the solution and consider what are the monitoring tools are available to monitor performance and warn for the possible failures. The storage should not be too complex to manage in order to save the cost of management and maintenance.3.0 Advantages of desire a higher performing storageA secondary storage device for computers are not only for storing back up files, they also allow computers users to expand their ability to transfer a large quantitys of data from one computer to another. For G&J Consultation Sdn Bhd, as I mention earlier, the suggested storage that most suitable if the Network Attached Storage (NAS). There are several advantages of quest a higher performing storage which suggested here.Mass StorageThe capacity of the secondary storage is very high that allow us to store a large amount of data. We can store the data into the secondary storage in the form of gigabyte and terabytes. In that case, we can back up the all data easily a nd need not worry for losing data. Usually an organization will have plenty of data that need to be stored to support the business operations. For this, the primary storage would not be able to do it. NAS provide an efficient of sharing a large individual files among individual users. NAS can store and manage the data up to terabytes level. Besides, NAS allowed us to add more storage without shutting down the network.Reliability & SecurityIt is considered safe that storing data into the secondary storage. The data can be store in the secondary storage which is the NAS in permanent form. Therefore the firm no needfully to worry of loss of data or lack of data even after many years later. NAS provide data protection benefits so that it is safe to store the sensitive data. This is one of the advantages by choosing NAS because G&J Consultation Sdn Bhd is handle highly sensitive data. The data stored on live database server will be stored to NAS in the same time so that the data will ex ist even if the database server faced natural failure.PerformanceThe computer could have a better performance with adding a secondary storage. This can help users to increase the speed of storing data, access data or transferring data which indirectly increase the productivity of the firm. With a secondary storage, the computer of the organization can fully operate effectively. Performance of serving files can be increase by a NAS because NAS included file-system storage. NAS is a system used for storing files in a central location, accessible by dint of a network, so that other computer systems can store and observe the data files.ComfortThe date store in the secondary storage can be accessed easily and immediately. The data can share with others such as customers very easily and convenient. This can increase the productivity of the organization and contribute to gain profit for the organization. NAS is a server which has the dual function of application serving and files shar ing and provides a lot of flexibility in data access by virtue of being independently. The utility rate of NAS is high because the storage is shared across multiple servers. Multiple NAS systems or devices can be manage by a central and whence it can conserving the time and resources,EconomicThe cost of a secondary storage is cheaper than adding the memory of the computer. For G&J Consultation Sdn Bhd, NAS is suggested to them as their secondary storage rather than a SAN. SAN requires the purchase of a Fibre Channel which is very expensive NAS requires a standard Ethernet NIC which is much cheaper. This indirectly reduces the cost for storage devices. Furthermore, SAN is very hard to bring in, it will cause the management and the maintenance cost increase however NAS is easy to escort and easy to maintain, indirectly reduces the cost of management and maintenance for the firm. NAS is a simple and cost-effective way to come on upon fast data access for multiple clients at the fi le level.4.0 Disadvantages of seeking a higher performing storageThere is nothing double-dyed(a) in this world there is no any storage which is the best. A secondary storage has several advantages and of course has several of disadvantages.Over WhelmedNAS can be used by many computers on a network. When everyone is exhausting to access the device at the same time, it might lead to overwhelmed. This could happen because of the limitation of network bandwidth, and the processing power within the device. When there is a large amount of users simultaneously access data, it will create the bottlenecks on the local area network and server. Besides, NAS device could become a single point of failure. To solve this issue, those important files across multiple units should be distribute, agendum and run regular remote championship routines.Financial Budget concernGetting a higher performance of storage, in other words that is one of the expenses cost for the Organization. No matter how va luable is the storage, it still will affect the financial budgeting for the organization for short term. The organization needs to divvy up fund for the storage equipment cost, and also for the maintenance and management cost of the storage. This is just a very short term disadvantages because advantages of the secondary storage will contributes profits to the organization and then can cover the cost of acquire the storage.Time consumingThe staffs of the organization might need times to understand and make use of the secondary storage. The administrator would first study and understand in detail for the storage then he might need to give training to the staffs in order for them to know how to operate and maximise the usage of the storage. This is important because if the secondary storage not fully implement by the organization would be wastage for the organization.However this might take some times to completely educate everyone in the organization to fully utilize the storage and it is hard to ensure whether the storage has been fully utilized. There will be a wastage and loss of coin for the organization if the users of the organization not able to use the storage. That is no point of spending an amount of money for the organization to buying a powerful product but no one can fully utilize it.Backup challengeWe can back up the data by NAS but because NAS is file-level storage, which means transferring data and storing data is by file-level. If users have millions of small files, it could be a problem to back up the data because NAS will store the data by file name. NAS cannot do image-level reenforcement and cannot serve raw device. Besides, NAS is difficult to backup the data to tape.Large block of dataA NAS is not able to move a large block of data which is important for bandwidth-intensive applications such as imaging, database or movement processing. NAS does not offer fast data transfer while reducing input/output latency or server workloads. N AS also not provide high volume transaction processing especially the companies that conduct business on the web. Same with the backup issues, if the user has millions of small file that want to store or share to another, NAS is not an option to do that. The only way to solve this without adding budget to seeking for the other storage is adding the capacity of the NAS, since the scalability of NAS is high but of course it has its limit.5.0 ConclusionDigital assets will only continue to growth rapidly in the future. It is important to choose the right storage and to implement technologies that based on the industry standard which can minimize the interoperability concerns and provides long term investment protection for the organization.

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