Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Psychological Labyrinth in Owl Creek Bridge, Yellow Wallpaper, and

The psychological Labyrinth in Owl Creek Bridge, colour Wallpaper, and Garden of branching PathsFor millennia, the labyrinth has been used as a sacred tool for sacred enlightenment.Sometimes called a divine imprint because of its prevalence combined with its unknown origin,the labyrinth provides a transcendent experience of connection and clarity (What is a Laby-rinth) through the act of walking the winding paths to its center. Unlike a maze, which has departedends and trick turns, the labyrinth has only a single path tip to and from the center theprinciple of the labyrinth is such that a person mustiness traverse every inch of space before reachinghis/her goal. In this way, the labyrinth subverts the logical aspect of the mind (normally dominant)and enables the individual to enter a state of mental calmness, allowing him or her to experiencethe spiritual benefits of a kind of walking meditation. Probably the most famous historical labyrinth is the star constructed by Daedal us to housethe Minotaur in classical mythology. In that case, according to Ovid, Daedalus build a house inwhich he confused the usual passages and deceived the affection with a conflicting maze of variouswandering paths (Ariadnes Thread). thither is no mention of a specific shape for this house,but traditionally most such mazes have been made in a tirade formation. Another famous laby-rinth is built into the floor of the cathedral at Chartres the position that the same design has beenfound on coins minted at Cnossus gives rise to the hypothesis that it may be connected to the laby-rinth of Daedalus and the Mi... ...Garden of Forking Paths. The Story and its Writer. Ed. Ann Charters. Boston Bedford Books of St. Martins Press, 1995. 1391-1392.Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. The Yellow Wallpaper. The Story and its Writer. Ed. Ann Charters. Boston Bedford Books of St. Martins Press, 1995.531-542.Green, Edward J. Labyrinth. (ac cessed 11/21/99).Irwin, John T. A Clew to a Clue Locked Rooms and Labyrinths in Poe and Borges. MasterFILE Premier database from Raritan, outset 91, Vol.10 Issue 4. <... / print2.asp?records=CURRENT&pFormNum=PrintCitation&pFulIText=ON&kwic=on&deliv> (accessed 11/20/99).What is a Labyrinth?. (accessed 11/20/99).

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