Saturday, February 9, 2019

Self Concept Essay -- essays research papers

Self- idea emerges as a child develops an increasingly rich concept of him or herself, separating the notion of I from other people and objects. In appurtenance to he concept of I a child develops a disperse notion of Me which has certain defining features and qualities. William James defined Me as ace that is observed and perceived. It is the Me that one sees when attention is focused on the self, the Me as an object, represented in self-concepts, in how we see ourselves.The notion of I is represented by actions of an someone. The I self-regulates, self-monitors, and presents the self to others in most appropriate way. Self-concepts involve an consolidation and organization of an enormous amount of information. The self-concepts are utilized with the individuals past experiences as well as his or her future preferences. The individual who learns to perform more competently achieves more gratification and is also in all probability to develop more positive attitudes toward h imself or herself. Once one fag overcome fears and stressful feelings, one will become more self-assured as a result. Evaluation of ones behavior whitethorn play a significant role on how the individual perceives himself. Critics of behavioural therapy note that people may suffer not because their behavior is incapable but because they evaluate it improperly. Some people have problems with distorted self-concepts more than with performance. These distorted self-concepts can be seen as a person labels himself a...

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