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Macbeth : The Tragedy :: essays research papers

many people believe that Shakespeares runaways all have a tragedy to them. on that point are very good arguments that support this theory. Macbeth is integrity of the many tragical plays that Shakespeare has written. There are many incidents that take place in the play of Macbeth, which prove that this is a tragic play. There are the murders of many exculpated people. There is the murder of King Duncan, who is killed by Macbeth. There is the murder of Banquo, which is go by up by Macbeth. There is the murder of Macduffs wife and son, which is also stripe up by Macbeth. These meaningless killings are what make Macbeth a tragic story. The first tragic murder in the play was that of King Duncan. Duncan was a respected man by all in Scotland. Duncan had no enemies indoors his kingdom. He was a good leader and good father to his sons and to Macbeth as well. People were shocked to discover the murder of Duncan had taken place. Duncan was liked by everyone in Scotland, which made i t hard for the people of Scotland to come up with a conclusion as to why Duncan was murdered. This is best summarized by Banquos reaction towards Duncans death," Fears and hesitate shake us. In the great hand of God I stand, and thence against the undivulged pretense I fight" here Banquo is saying that no one person can be suspected for committing this crime and that this murder has a hidden purpose (II, iii, l. 131-133). Duncan was killed for a very terrible reason. Macbeth killed Duncan because Macbeth was edacityy and was expansive to be become king. Macbeth wanted to be in control and knew that if he killed Duncan he would be able to receive it. An impoverished man is killed because of the greed of another man. Such a tragedy is inhuman. Others have also been killed because of Macbeth.The secant tragic murder in the play was the brutal killing of Banquo. Banquo was an innocent man that had no flaws whatsoever. Banquo was always kind to everyone and respectful to Ma cbeth, even though he knew Macbeth killed Duncan. Banquo was also a loving father. Banquo had a son named Fleance whom he loved very much. When Macbeth sent the murderers out to kill Banquo and Fleance, Banquo sacrificed his own demeanor so that Fleance could get away.

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