Sunday, February 17, 2019

Cold War Vs. United States :: essays research papers

Cold struggle vs. joined StatesThe Cold War ended in 1991 after the Soviet Union fell apart. Since then,Russias saving paralyzed, and the United States is three cardinal dollars indebt, and both counties were weakened by the Cold War because of legions pass. To flummox world peace does non mean that United States should increaseits military strength. The Realist theory would argue that military strength isimportant to maintain peace both domestically and internationally. correct thoughthe United States as the completely superpower remains in certain perspective, the U.Scan non be the peace keeper for the tout ensemble globe and every state on it.First of all, there ar more than two hundred sovereign states in thewhole world, and to have world peace requires every sovereign states effort nononly the United States but also every other states. A inviolable example was thecoalition absorb led by the United States at a lower place UN command which defeated Iraqsinvasion ar my in Kuwait metropolis in 1991. But the United States still respectedIraqs sovereignty under international rules. That was probably the reason whyPresident Bush did not order the U.S army to invade Iraq after the U.S ledcoalition force expelled Iraqs force in Kuwait. Another example would be whenIraqs government massacred grand piano of ethic minority Kurds when the Kurdsrebelled against Iraq government in northern Iraq. The United States did not doa lot to help the Kurds because United States and the rest of the countries just about the world recognized Iraq as a sovereign state in the internationalcommunity even though that United States had a grown military presence in thePersian gul f area during that time. more than and more, non goverment organizations also play very importantroles in world peace. Since 1945, the United Nations, a non governmentorganization, has helped to bring cease-fire agreements to numerous hot sightaround the globe in place like Cambodia or the Mid-E ast. man-to-man persons alsoplay important roles in world peace. Such as former President Jimmy Carter, whohelped negotiate the peace agreement that restored the classless electedPresident Aristide back to his office in Haiti and avoided a estimate militaryconfrontation between the United States and the Haitis military government inthe last minute.Secondly, the cold war made former Soviet Unions discharge to white butalso put the United States three trillion dollars in debt, and the debt is goingup too. According to the IRS, the United States government is spending fifteenpercent of gross annual revenue just give off the interest of the threetrillions deficits in 1996 (3).

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