Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Civilization Paper -- essays research papers

Civilization is a term used in umteen different ways. It canbe defined as people who discharge the same(p) kind of foods,People who live unneurotic, people who speak the samelanguage, and so on. Yet each way that it is defined relatestowards the same base Humans and their existence on theplanet. Civilization is kn avow greatly as a group of humans oranimals that live generally together and practice the samehabits.Civilization, according to some historians, first came intoplay in the year 3000 BCE. These historians note atcivilization as people who stool the same dietary needs andhabits, who practice these habits regularly in parliamentary procedure tosurvive. A couple of years before 3000 BCE, the worldwent through what historians birdcall the Agricultural revolution.They feel that because of this revolution, groups of peoplestarted to come together to practice their solid ground ways.Because of all the new food supplies that came aboutthrough the agricultural revolution, t he universe started togrow into little villages, which eventually turned into citystates. This caused people to look further beyond their littlevillages in search of more background to hold their growingpopulations. This caused groups of people to break off andform their own little towns or civilizations. After a while thepeople knowledgeable that by being in different places their farmingencountered different withstand and growing conditions.Forcing them to grow products that will grow moresufficiently in their new conditions. Thi...

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