Friday, February 22, 2019

Advertising media industry Essay

I am schoolchild in a fetch placement dominance c all in alled STG Media Corporation, a company which dedicates their mission and vision in providing responsible advert solutions. In my 7 week placement here in the corporation, I learned a dish and discovered that nonhing beats on-hand give in solveing. Week One (provide date) It was a week of anticipation, stress and learning. How does matchless person deal with work placement? The first daytime was dedicate with meeting the executive staff, the working staff, and introduction to what the company is.STG Media Corp. is an evoke work placement mental representation. I learned close the company through wholeness of my friends and I thought that working for a media company will be so great little did I know that it is a lot difficult. The first thing that came up in my mind when STG Media Corp. was menti onenessd is that it is just an announce company. simply it is different. The company details their service in the c oncept of account able advert, in which they refine mark advertising media in context of the twenty-first century need.As a communication student, this was beginning to worry me. after the primary day of introduction, I get to know more virtually the company and the thought that it is non the conventional type of advertising agency made me overwhelmed with the wrinkle and the condition in the work place. This week, I was designated to the issue Media Research, print Media Planning and Market Analysis of one of the companys client. The company of a check offed sports subscribe is asking STG Media help them with the advertising promotion in one of the new products they will launch in active 5 months time. The first thing I did was to interview the sports drink company representative about the nature of their company. I went to their office was so anxious to do the interview that I forgot to bring my recorder, which is considered as one of the great mistakes before doin g an interview, coming unprepared. But the good thing is, I did the interview well.I was given the set questions of STG Media Corp., questions that are required to be asked to the client, and throughout the interview, I inserted some of the questions I thought myself to be able to get a good amount of fact for the company. As unversed as I am in working for the company, one of the sterling(prenominal) skill I learned is to communicate effectively and luckily I am able to do that with this interview. During the week, one of the great challenges I face was inputting the vital information of the companys client to their database called the Print Media buying System.The PMBS which is the companys own database generates detailed market research, psychoanalysis reports accounting for all aspects such as demographic information, buying trends and other print media recommendations. I really asked for help this time as since I was not acquainted with the kind of technology they used in the particular system. But later I got the hang of it and was commended for a job well do in collecting information from the client. Week 2 (provide date) in front the work placement began, I was told that I will be working unspoiled time in one of the companys venture with a famous sports drink brand.I thought that would be easy since I dont have to do all the other work, tho the challenged I soon found out during the second week is that the action of STG Media Corp. as an advertising consultant is a process to which many travel are taken. This week I am part of the Creative team designated by the company to help the sports drink brand. Although I must be clear that I was just a part of the team, doing menial job that the professionals are tasked to do. I learned one great thing about the print media industry, 75% of advertisement fail because of weak creative and non-compelling ad copy.Its true that one of the strengths of a great brand is not just with its quality, but thr ough rigorous and effective advertising that they create. Before working here, I thought that companies only advertise for the sake of advertising, but companies do take this strategy very seriously. On the third day of this week, I was asked to look at one print ad for pentad seconds during one of the meetings of the Creative squad. They asked me questions rigorously, whether it be based on the appearance or the content.I answered them frankly and mention the things that I would personally think about the ad if I was just a normal consumer looking at the advertisement. Several times, the Team will press and argue their points with me, but all was attributed to presenting a better advertisement for the client. During this week, as unprofessional to assume the enjoyment of being a advertiser consultant, I was placed in the plaza of the consumer, the Teams viewpoint on the things they realize about the brand and how they can effectively approach working for the client.I really fe lt like my ideas were respected and included to the Creative Teams analysis of the product. This week, I also was comfortable with the workplace. I am familiar with the different employees and get to have small talks with them through several breaks. Its interesting how some of them had assumed I am part of the Creative Team when in fact I am just a student on work placement.

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