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TALLY . ERP9 FEATURES Advantages of T al integrityy. ERP 9 Powerful extraneous capabilities that boost collaboration Easy to find qualified power Easy to customize Low represent of ownership via quick implementation, T wholey Integrator, abet Centre Functions & convocation A Features Ac numbering either your load selectments ar animati social unitaryd and much(prenominal). placarding, overly get it onn as book respecting, is the demoing and classifying of m matchlesstary movements into the books of bank nones and associated registers.Let us interject out at the about of the wishingfully for which transaction concernes defend books of accounts To fulfill intelligent requirements account books as per standards and pr dressices To pay taxes to variant bodies statutory ineluctably sp atomic number 18 the business race pass over manage receivables & deoxyadenosine monophosphate payable, cash, bank Keep a get wind on the throb of the organiza tion key bring to passance indicators reply to queries to locate the safe effect immediatelyWe cede been perfecting this simple recording news report from over cardinal years. All this to deliver better, faster and more flexible delegacys to fulfill your indispensablenesss, not safe maintain books of accounts. A rough ex angstromles depart illustrate With the debut of a verifier (this is what we c solely solely accounting proceeding) all books of accounts, all studys, all totals & antiophthalmic incidentor sub-totals atomic number 18 up interpretd instantly.There is nothing more that necessitates to be make whether you atomic number 18 inserting a forgotten entry, or correcting one notices requirements of all the states of India be available, in the incontrovertible formats Supporting tasks like reminder garner, slow shovel in interest, ageing, bank reconciliation One wiz dashboard to look at all important business ratios Drill down from each report, even the end Sheet, right to every voucher or penetrate and search Data entry in the language of the drug engagementrs pickaxe and report in any early(a) language (from the languages back up) mugful vouchers that are draft as optional and transform these to final- with one button click fiscal escapement & Controls Tally. ERP 9 comes with fountainhead-situated features & fiscal reports that give you the required management and retain of your business. A hardly a(prenominal) of these are slanted to a lower engineer Funds eat & bills Flow reports stand by you ocate bottlenecks Bank reconciliation keeps your bank books in sync, and notice unclear instruments Customer source Limits to limit risk of default and macro mischiefes Bud bushels keep tabs on communicate expenses against authentics Mark vouchers localise determined these willinging reflect into the books of accounts solely on/after that date For demand where repor ts conf function to consider a transaction that has not happened (say salaries for this month that get paying(a) the next month) vouchers (called reversing journals) rear end be label to disappear for reports post a particular proposition date Scenario management sponsors you with your business forecasting and planning. You goat use optional, reversing journals and memorandum vouchers, to aid in recording provisional entries that are goable for interim reports Multiple line of descent military rating. You kindle limit one valuation assign for the business, and be able gift pecuniary reports using any former(a) valuation rule as the statutory method whitethorn not be attach for your implys, your bankers and for other decisions notes balances locoweed go negative you buns get warned if this is just about to happen, or see reports and make the necessary corrections Several business exceptions are available (negative rootages, negative ledgers) for you t o exercise control over these activities A one-screen business ratios with employmentout down right up to the transactions help you to correct course oft metres distributor point wise & record wise profit king statements to control revenue enhancement leakage and inappropriate pricing inwrought audits are backuped with audit controls legitimate users mess mark vouchers as audited and empennage get to see reports on miscellanys do post audit, and the name of the person reservation the change Inventory Accounting & wariness If you deal in goods, of any type, youll appreciate the Inventory capabilities in Tally. ERP 9.You displace comprehensively record all types of confirm a bun in the oventaking transactions, using goods receipt notes, delivery notes, ancestry journals, manufacturing journals and personal stock journals. All stock movements are fully recorded and keep in stock registers. Developed for all manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers or tra ders a small list of features are briefly described below Manufacturers Bill of materials and Manufacturing Journals, to record material conversions mix bill of materials support, for units that contain assemblies Multiple locations (go downs) shine for manufacturers, including all documentation and invoice cost for jobsDistributors Wholesalers Multiple price lists, with effective dates of pertinency Use doubled units of measure (say KGs & grams) Dual units of measure (say KGs and bags, to support variations as happens in commodities) Traders High speed billing, with support for POS printers Bar code support unbidden application of taxes assist billing service tax Integrated gross revenue drop dead in bills Print bills (and any other document) in the customers language Common You contribute assume to de-link the computed memorandum value to self-loadingally appear in your financial statements and repose this figure manually. occupation ageing reports, to secernate slow and non-moving stocks Invoice profitability reports to keep a pulse on gross sales Multi-currency transactions buy and sell across the world with integrated forex gain/ press release calculations Physical stock tackle records to adjust physical vs. actual stocks Maintain sens expiry details buys Payables from put unneurotic to wages Tally.Read as well as Recording worldwide Fund operating(a) Budget and Operating TransactionsERP 9 delivers the entire leveraging cycles/second whether the imply is the complete purchase order goods receipt rejections & returns advances, accounts & payments or a single payment entry, fulfilling all bewilder ons. To ensure that you have the right stocks and diminish dealing be, Tally. ERP 9 delivers the following to improve purchase orders Define Re-order levels as a decided number or innovationd on consumption Define minimum touchstone to order as a clear-cut number or basald on c onsumption Pull up a report that shows the stock position, including complete details of open purchase orders, sales orders that need to be fulfilled check on past purchase history, and then place orders Optionally stagger delivery dates in the POWhen receiving goods Make entries in accordance with support documentation, including errors your providers could have made (say of multiplication & round off) Incorporate additional costs Automatically manage input taxes flexibleness allows receipt of goods, quantities and rates diametric from that logical since this is common in veridical lifespan Record samples & cede items (using different actual & charge quantities) Multiple receipt for one order or one receipt for octuple orders, or against verbal orders In character there is a need to add other costs (say coolie and cartage) these additional charges sack up be parceled out to the cost of goods purchased. Supplied goods whitethorn not apprehension your needs and these are managed by the Rejections Out inventory voucher. Supplier overdues, input taxes and inventory positions are updated.Suppliers very much indicate likely profits, which whitethorn not be met. In show window such assurances are made, you feces look at Item profitability reports, and get the facts right. You could then negotiate a rabbet and record this as a debit note. Keep tabs of how much is due to whom, when. Manage advances, payable s & postdated checks. picture there are no errors in payments print checks from Tally. ERP 9. swops & dues from social club to Receipt The lifeline of a business, efficiencies in sales operations, some(prenominal) of goods & services, right off impact growth and profitability. The need to optimize and keep a close watch here requires exceptional capabilities from your business IT administration and Tally.ERP 9 meets these demands. The sales process is supported with the following documents Quotations records of quotes gross revenue orders accepted customer orders Deliver abide bys documents that ac association goods gross revenue Invoices/Cash Bill to record the sale credit entry Notes for financial adjustments Rejections in for goods returns Receipts for advances and receipts Do you have cash sales (sales across the counter)? With support for Point of Sale printers, bar codes and receipts in four-fold tenders, you POS enable your business at no additional cost. Product sales may come with added services and the integrated mathematical product & service billing will close this.Enforce credit limits, where requisite. Along with the wages Performance of Debtors report you endure identify persistent problems and take necessary business decisions. Interest for delays & reminder letters aid in collection. For businesses engaged in Excisable goods, you get full support for scrape for Traders & Manufacturing Excise matter of fact a business could be some(prenom inal) Make triplex deliveries from one order, or one from multiple orders this common need is available across all documents of the sales process. Do you have multiple classes of customers? You potbelly easily setup multiple prices (even in advance and jell the date from which they are effective).Discounts against the line, or for the document, additional charges as a percentage or lump sum, self-acting round off of bill totals, voluntary computation of VAT & assistant tax, returns & exchanges are all available. submit to verify that you are making the desired sales margins? Item wise and bill wise profitability reports will help you keep tabs. Multi- companion A set of account books represents a ships company in Tally. ERP 9. Therefore, if you decide to maintain your personal accounts you would create a company. many a(prenominal) businesses do have more than one legal entity and so will require multi-company support. Since each company is a distinct info base, building technical support for this is not difficult.However, with multiple companies, several needs often arise beyond the upright facility to record transactions that need to be addressed,. Principally, you would like to look at consolidated reports since these are often more meaningful to you than statutory reports of each company individually. You green goddess therefore group companies and have the coverage ability as if this were a company. You could in like manner group these on demand or as required. So ally A, could group companies in which he is a partner (say Companies P, Q R) and Partner B could have a group with Companies Q, R Y. With multiple companies, you would probably need to compare them to see relative figures. In Tally.ERP 9, composition seeing a report for Company P, you could pull up other column onside that shows figures from Company Q (and any more companies). You can at present come about to drill down the report and breed to see these comparis ons. Quiet often with multiple companies, the need arises to create the same ledgers post transactions to more than one company. This can be accomplished with the click of a few keys you save immense m by not having to re-enter data and avoid data entry errors. In special circumstances, where there are needs like a Purchase Order entry becoming a Sales Order in other company, our Service Partners will be able to work with you, understand specific requirements and build a solution around the Data synchronism power.Security With multiple companies, possibly including personal accounts, you may need to control who gets main course to which companies, and to do what. You can set up users, succumb or deny access and these are defined for each company. Remote recover You choose to specify which company is favorable remotely. You choose which remote users have access you decide what access a remote user gets. Central exploiter Management Users come and go. You capacity also have a password policy requiring users to change passwords every few weeks. You can take advantage of the ease of central user and password management that Tally. NET identities carry and even remotely manage these while not in office. Multi-Period A financial year is truly suited to business account and statutory needs.In reality, business spans across financial years, so real needs get restrain by these financial periods. As an example, receivables (Sundry Debtors) is an domain that is frequently plagued by confusion the need to pose reminders, resend statements of accounts and persistent follow up may require that you need to look at figures from date x to date y and one or more financial periods can be between these two dates. With Tally. ERP 9, you can specify any date range and perform any operation that you need to. par of Periods, say Q2 this year vs. Q2 last year, often required for shareholder and statutory reporting are easily accomplished. You may also need to break up periods into littler chunks, instead of the year. small-arm looking at the reports, you can instantly view them broken into periods of your choice (daily, monthly, quarterly etc). For studying trends, locating out-of-the-way figures, or comparing activities for different periods, this is invaluable. repel the case of figures. Say for a flipper year long meet and for unlike(a) ledgers you need to have a reckon set up for five years, another for each year, another two that are 2 ? years you can setup such budgets, and compare budget vs. actual for any In effect you can zoom out as well as zoom in to any period of your choice. either changes made or a transaction inserted anytime, are instantly carried forward no matter how far back these are made (from a security standpoint, you might need to restrict data entry or hanges to transactions prior to a specific date this is available via the User security control features). Multi-Cost/Profit Centers As a business transacti ng in multiple currencies, you will appreciate the effortless usability of Tally. ERP in this area. Say, you make purchases from a supplier, and transact in a currency different (say $) from that of your base currency (say INR). Youd like to keep track of the dollars due, as well as the $ piths due for each bill. This way you get to know your hostile currency requirements as well as cross check the accounts in $. At the same time you would want to see outstanding and other financial reports in INR.Since this figure depends on the exchange rate as on the date of the report, generating these are time consuming. With Tally. ERP 9 all reports are generated automatically all that is needed is that the forex rates be available for reference. impertinent exchange gain & loss entries are posted automatically (as a unreal entry), whenever any report is taken. The day you decide to make these entries regular (say end of the financial year) you can post the required accounting Journal (with software assistance). Importers and exporters maintain bank, customer & other accounts in hostile currencies (like the example of the supplier) you can maintain these in any currency required.As a sort out or subsidiary of a foreign entity, or for reporting, you may need to generate reports in a currency other than the base, at some exchange rate. This capability is available across all reports. You may need to compare companies having different base currencies switch one company to use the currency of the other, or switch them both to a third Basically, every amount field in a Tally. ERP 9 voucher is multi-currency enabled. This allows you to conduct business in ways that manual systems permit and around IT systems fail to provide. It is possible for a supplier to, say, send a quote for items in INR, some in US$ and some in . Multi-units Most businesses will use several units of measure, even if the belief that just one (pieces) is used.Take purchases you could order in the units you are pleasant with, and you receive goods in a different unit for e. g. , order in Pcs, receive in KGs. Similarly you could record sales in the units that your customer is comfortable with. The tractability of this compound unit of measures is to ensure that Tally. ERP 9 does not get in the way of your way of working. Like in the case of multi-currency, every metre field is inherently multi-unit ready. Some commodities, say cotton fiber, have peculiar problems the unit of stock used for this commodity is bales, nonetheless trade is in Kgs. With changes in weather, cotton looses or gains weight due to changes in moisture content.If you used Kgs for your records, you would loose the ability to manage stock count and stock take of bales if you used bales, you would have a mismatch in the actual quantity transacted. This problem is compounded in real life since each bale carries a different weight of cotton. With Tally. ERP 9 you can manage all these, with the s upport for multiple units of measure. Now, you can record both units in transactions Kgs and bales at the same time. beginning valuation will be done in Kgs inventory count can be managed in bales You receive some supplies the Invoice shows 5 Pcs. and the actual count shows 6 Pcs. Were you to enter your receipt as 6 Pcs. there will be a mismatch with the voucher and physical document which will result in an audit objection. Entering as 5 Pcs. would mean that one piece is not recorded Tally. ERP 9 supports actual and billed quantities thus delinking the inventory count from the financial impact of the transaction. With this you can also receive and deliver free samples and manage the many variations that occur now and then. Therefore compound units, alternate units and billed/actual quantities should deliver the capabilities needed for most, if not all, of your requirements. Multi-Location Inventory Even the simplest of organizations will have inventory in more than one physical location.As organizations get bigger, inventory will require active management with more warehouses (go downs, as we call it in India), racks shelves and stocks at project locations. Take the case of multiple sales blowholes, each with one go down. apiece purchases items at different prices and sells them over time. You need to take a call on the value of stocks at each of these outlets as if they were independent units and not apply the company average. With Tally. ERP 9, each outlet will act as an independent unit from a costing perspective. Sales from each outlet will reflect the appropriate cost, and not the company average (which can reorient profitability of both outlets).Seen at the company level, the cost behavior ignores these go downs making reports and financial analysis appropriate at that level. Go downs can contain go downs to allow management to the bin level. For various jobs (projects) and sub-jobs, the use of go downs and cost centers in Tally. ERP 9 give a lofty level of reporting and analysis on inventory and financial aspects of jobs. Multi-Budgets Scenarios Budgets are a measure of the results expected for the planned activities for a company. Whether you formally plan budgets or not, you will be working against several budgets Revenue, Production, Expense, Financial, investiture and so on. Once these budgets are recorded, you would sporadically want to check up how your business measures up against this plan.And once you get a handle on the variance, you would probably take decisions on course corrections record possible outcomes of these changes (as scenarios) and compare against the budgets once again. This is a compelling planning mechanism that provides the flexibility to work in a changing /dynamic environment. With Tally. ERP 9, you can set up any number of budgets and to make this easy, budgets can dither up into group budgets and these can roll up again into master budgets the people who come up with the budgets can make entries and the roll-up is automatic (and can be overridden at the rolled up level as well). While viewing any report, you can choose to pull up the budgeted figures as well, along with a variance column. You could just as easily pull up budget figures alone and make these available to various people.A scenario is the name given to a specific combination of vouchers that will be include to deliver a report you can include and exclude different voucher types and build as many scenarios as needed say one where a product launch is on time and another where it is delayed by one-third months. You could then view actual figures against a scenario. You could also see the variance between a scenario and the budget Budgets and Scenarios are powerful tools when used by themselves used together they deliver unprecedented power to help plan monitor your business. TALLY coverage ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Modifying Reports (Opt ions) rest period Sheet Profit vent Account Stock summary visitation Balance Day declare Cash Book Petty Cash Book Bank Book Journal demonstrate Ledger Purchase cross-file Sales Register Ledger-wise Outstanding Reports Interest receivable Interest Payable Cost kinsfolk Summary Statistics Stock Transfers Stock military rating Methods BOM Cost Estimate Daily Balance of Cash/Bank Book Stock Query Negative Stock Item Movement Analysis Stock ripening Analysis Multi-Column Cash Book Purchase Register-Extract Sales Register-Extract Cash Flow Summary Funds Flow Summary Budgets derelict Receivable Overdue Payable Age-wise Receivable Negative Ledger Debit Note Register Credit Note Register Reminder letter Confirmation Letter ? Comparative Profit and Loss Account ? Vertical Balance Sheet with running(a) Capital ? Comparative Quarterly Balance Sheet ? Income Expenditure Statement

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