Wednesday, December 12, 2018

'English as an Official Language for the US Essay\r'

'â€Å"Do we really need another(prenominal)(prenominal) bureaucracy controlling how and what we speak?” (â€Å" face Should not Be the Official Language of the join States.” n.d.) I think when the administration makes slope as an formal nomenclature, tribe could put up a chance to mete out up what expression they want habituate in their homes. It was strike to me when I found out that the U.S.A does not have an positive language. Although slope is many people’s native language, it also often handling for business. For me, I think the U.S.A should declare face as an formalised language for many reasons.\r\nWhen I asked some Americans rough their opinion, they said U.S.A is a demesne of freedom, which means at that place can be no laws that do anything to take the freedom from American citizens, accordingly they are against qualification English an authorised language. I think if the country makes English as an authorized language, it wou ld not be active the freedom because people can speak another language at home, they righteous will use English as an official language. English is the world(a) language is one of the reasons to make English as an official language of U.S.A. Around the world people usually notice English in their school. For example, in my country, which is Saudi Arabia, we study English from the fourth social class of school until graduation. By making English the official language citizens could still keep their freedom plot of ground government declare English as an official language.\r\nEnglish is already lingua franca of the United States. clapper franca means a popular language that is used throughout the country. Many people in U.S.A use English as a first language. another(prenominal) example, pilots have to learn English to use it when they fly. other example is in Saudi Arabia, which is my country, the doctors have to learn English and that’s weird how the doctors in other co untries, which have Arabic as an official language, mustiness learn English. Being the lingua franca is one of the reasons, which I think it would make sense for the US government to declare English as an official language.\r\nThe government could save money if they declared English as an official language. â€Å"The report finds that the federal government has spend US$4.5 gazillion on outsourced language go since 1990.” (â€Å"Common Sense Advisory Home.” 1/10/2011.) Depend to this fact the U.S. could have saved $4.5 billion in translation services from 1990 until 2009 if it had declared English as the official language. This includes translation for 911, hospitals, and other services. Also, the thriftiness could benefit if the United States declare English as an official language because most tourists use English as a second language. The government saves money, is just one more reason to argue for English as an official language in the United States.\r\nThe US would gain world(prenominal) respect as one of the reasons to argue for declaring English as an official language of the U.S.A. When the intertheme community knows the official language in U.S.A is English they would try to learn English before they come. When the visitors learn English before they come, it would second citizens to be able better understand the visitors. Gaining international respect is one of my reasons to support English as an official language in the United States.\r\nIn conclusion, the U.S should declare English as an official language because Americans can still keep freedoms while promoting national identity. English is already lingua franca. It would benefit the rescue and the U.S would gain international respect. For these reasons the U.S should declare English as an official language.\r\n'

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