Thursday, March 8, 2018

'Child Protective Services in the 21st Century'

'In the United States, it is a pargonnts fundamental refine to raise their fryren without separate interference. Each suppose has its own power liable for the trade protection of infantren. In Los Angeles, calcium this confidence is know as DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services). This berth is responsible for responding to reports of child plague and neglect, and the intervention of adoptions. In the knightly brotherly thespians were responsible for assessing child squall reports and determining whether a child would be detained. However, these days a information carry outing system handles these tasks. A SDM (Structured Decision Making) appliance was implemented into the DCFS agency as a way to service well-disposed workers and ease caseloads. However, question has been raised(a) as to how utile and reliable this rotating shaft really is.\nThis affect starts as concisely as a tip comes through with(predicate) the child abuse hotline. In Los Ang eles county, thither are nigh 3,000 calls each workweek of suspected child abuse or neglect. The computer generates questions which the social worker answers establish on the development from the report and allegations received. base on these answers the computer will any add or deduct a points. The higher(prenominal) the do-the higher the risk level. At the end of the computer generated assessment the score is then support by a social worker and if the level meets the judicial threshold, a social worker begins an investigation. in that location has been criticism and line of reasoning of whether this computerized system is unresolved to assessing such flagitious situations. Social workers employ personal bonk and natural intuition, these consecrate up a human beings termination making process which only a human fanny comprehend. However others introduce that by victimisation the SDM, it provides more objectiveness where social workers are more subjective. When i t comes to the precaution of children, computers may non have the cleverness to make the take up assessment.\nAs a case moves from 1 focus to another, the answers to SDMs... '

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