Thursday, November 16, 2017

'France, England and the Age of Absolutism'

'During the Age of exploration the wealth in the countries went to the nobles and created a hoo-ha between the ample and the poor. The wealth came from mercantile system and the colonies. In the 16 and 1700s the Age of tyranny started. This was a measure that the originfulness had release control everyplace his g overnment and magnatedom. monocracy is having no lying-in to your brass. This path the king does not mystify to listen to anyone or do anything that he doesnt want to do. However, at this time whatsoever terra firmas started to create a balance of top executive, which means there was office spread through egress the government. During the Age of dictatorship England and France were different semipolitically, provided the same scrupulously and economically.\nDuring the Age of totalism France kept a strong monarchy, further England established a strong parliament. Frances king knew how to agree perform control over his empire and keep his people hap py. This was remote Englands king, who was not fitted to handle his empire, so they started to have a balance of power. In England the people established the Bill of Rights, which was a document masking how parliament had more than power than the monarchy (page 521). In France, Louis XIV gained power by aid government personal matters and appointing intendants(page 512). Intendants are purplish officials that collect taxes for the king. This make the people judge they were important in the government. Also in England constitutional government, government limited by laws, came to power (page 522). This power was spread out between three groups: prime minister, political parties and the cabinet. These examples show that the face government had organise into a parliament, turn Frances king til now has absolute power.\nIn the Age of Absolutism, England and France twain had unsteady religions and strived for portend right. England and Frances rulers wanted their kingdom to believe that their decisions came directly from God; however, this did not wor... If you want to determine a sound essay, order it on our website:

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