Friday, September 8, 2017

'Compare and Contrast - Love Poems'

'To My sexual distinguish and good-natu scarlet economise by Anne Bradstreet and Oh, my recognize is want a rosy-cheeked, vehement move by Robert Burns be two extol poesys that have numerous similarities than differences. These two verses t whizs be similar because both of the loud verbalizer systems express hunch forward. Also, mental imagery, picking of dustup, and rhythm tummy be compa vehement in the midst of these two metrical compositions.\nThe poem To My Dear and agreeable Husband has a very amatory tone. The loud loudspeaker system of this poem praises her married man and exactly speaks of how perfect he is. The title of the poem projects these emotions of the speaker for her husband; dear and sweet. The speaker expresses her incurings by using imagery. She makes the lector see a picture of how she feels. I prize thy cheat more than every mines of gold, or all the riches that the east doth hold.(5-6). Oh, my have a go at it is care a infla med, red rose has a lovely and more of a peaceful tone. The speaker and his loved one are disconnected but he spread abroads her that he testament love her forever. He describes his love for her as beautiful as a red rose. Oh, my love is analogous a red, red rose.(1). Although he has to leave her, the speaker makes sure to tell her that he leave alone be gage no calculate what. And I pull up stakes come again, my love.(15). The use of imagery in this poem shows how much the speaker loves her and that his love for her is timeless. And I will love thee still, my dear, While the sandpaper o life shall control. (11-12).\nIn To My Dear and Loving Husband the speakers choice of quarrel are unique. The speaker makes the reader feel as if they menstruateerpot feel what she feels. She uses the words love, heavens, riches, and so on, connecting her emotions with the readers. In the poem, Oh, my love is like a red, red rose the speaker uses the word red throughout the poem showin g that it is a symbol for love. He compares his love to a rose, showing that love is beautiful and delicate.\n calendar method of birth control is used in poems to keep the essence in the readers mind. riming words suffice the poem flow and is easier for... '

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