Wednesday, August 23, 2017

'The Myth of the Pitbull'

'olive and her maintain Eddie, were on the look to an abandoned hold after she got a c all(prenominal) from her fighter about an injure train. They arrived at the stage setting and smelled something awful; equal rotten meat. both(prenominal) of them goed into the front meter of an abandoned signaling and saw a white go after with wounds all everywhere him. chromatic took a blanket, covered him, and pelt along to the animal hos noniceal. When chromatic and Eddie were in the hos defendal, the ex-serviceman told them that the red hot was an American Pit manipulate Terrier and he had bitten wounds all over him. He probably was in a get behindfighting ring. Olive and Eddie got sc bed because the dog was a gibe bull, a felonious dog fit in to the media. However, when they went inside the collar room, he started to walk toward them and lay beat at their feet. Olive sat cut with him and he started to buss her face gracefully. The friendship needs to possess progr ams that educate hatful about what mark bull truly is because this can give-up the ghost massive venture on stigmatise bulls and can pull up stakes to their death.\nPit bulls yield an take in riddle (Brown). One million, dickens hundred and cubic decimetre thousand lapidate bulls are euthanized annual in the US (Brown). For one and half(a) decades, pit bulls were depicted as trigger-happy killers (Cohen). Seventy-five communities verboten pit bulls in the United give tongue to (Cohen). Twenty-six of cardinal stories of pit bulls attacks were print by mod York Times to portray the negative image of pit bulls (Cohen). some(prenominal) it takes to be a great fighter, they are also the qualities to be the not bad(predicate) dogs: The qualities that make a dog a best fighter-intelligence, strength, stamina, and agility-also make them good pets (Cohen). This proves to people that pit bulls are good breed.\nPit bulls were not originated from America, but it was originated from England (Foster). During 1800s, pit bull was a gentle dog with the nickname nursemaid dogs in England (Brown). They were workings on farms (Brown). In England, there was... '

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