Saturday, February 11, 2017

Analysis of TV\'s Mad Men

The proverb goes, Boys go to Jupiter to get much than stupider. Girls go to college to get more than(prenominal) knowledge. In the 1960s, the irony of this dialect was obvious, besides the fact that the sort claiming to be more brilliant is c wholeing the boys stupider, which isnt a word, but because boys went to college to get more knowledge and girls went to college to find a husband. Many die hard force curb women rights during this succession period, especially occupational opportunities in the work place. work force believed themselves to be superior to women in all aspects of life agree to their genetics. Few women challenged this idea that was trustworthy by past their mothers, grandmothers, and all who preceded them. Some women defied this expected tired to be submissive and non to yearn to be anything more than a housewife. Even more progressive, a handful of men treated people with evaluate based on their work ethic rather than run away or gender both insi de the workplace and in their personal life. The Sterling cooper Advertising Agency in the television show maladjusted Men represents many stereotypic attitudes of men and women in the 1960s in America, but also several anomalous viewpoints for the time period.\nPredictably, the male executives of Sterling barrel maker Advertising are no exceptions from the theme of belittling women by means of their patronizing actions toward them in their patch setting. This condescending demeanor is exemplified in multiple situations throughout the series. by and by a brainstorming academic session involving mostly women to help publicise a lipstick for Belle Jolie which is a client of Sterling Cooper, ane executive named Freddy Rumsen was frustrated with the womens apparent lack of maturity. He said to his colleagues that they should have set a man in there so theyd coach it seriously (Weiner, The Hobo Code). later on he makes that comment, Peggy Olson, a repository at Sterling Coo per, entered his major power and gave him an idea for the cam...

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