Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Analysis of Traditional and Modern Medical Methods

god has gifted us with checkup checkup certifyation to know his considerable ability in creating us. He gave us mind and feelings to implement them for our benefit and progress. Medicine reflects immortals sympathy for us, as it is the all means for band and relieving pains. Doctors ar like angels who serving people and work breathed to heal and cure their pains. They function patients to live happily and in a more than agreeable track. Unfortunately, some doctors follow the handed-down medicinal drug schools blindly, they deal with patients as cases ignoring their feelings and stick only to their medical informations and what they develop been taught in the faculty of care for while palming their patients. Other physicians treat their patients in a couthie guidance; they are come to well-nigh their patients humanity and feelings. They encourage patients and help to relieve their pains. The last mentioned method is better way in dealing with patients as it respects the patients humanity, help them to impart over their fears and achieve its goals double-quick and in a more effective way.\n\nDoctors following the traditionalistic method treat their patients as cases neglecting the patients feelings and stick to their medical association only. They deal with their patients in a cold and unrespectable way as if they were worrys to solve. They take medicate as a mull not as a humane centre as it supposed to be. However, others who take medicine as a message of mercy treat their patients in a friendly way, come on them care and try to inform the patient of his/ her own problem to make him/her independent and qualified of speeding his/her recovery.\n\nAnother major(ip) drawback is that the traditional methods may take to task the patients fears. As, the patients will become machines obeying the doctors without both thinking. Unfortunately, this method is useless, because doctors have forgotten that half of the patients recovery depends on their psychological state in addition to their awareness of their persona to boost their own improvement. On the other hand, untraditional doctors relief the patients and help them to overcome their fears. They are equally concerned about the psychological state of the patient as a major and as a more reliable factor for treatment, olibanum speeding their recovery.\n\nTraditional physicians clear not achieve their goals in properly in treating their patients. They only focus on the physical...If you want to get a abundant essay, order it on our website:

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