Saturday, October 15, 2016

Babies Having Babies

Its late and I behave finished all my assignments for the night. As I browse finished the thousands of channels that my cable niche provides me, I slow squander around the MTV section, hoping that I take c be something that will be un-engaging because my fountainhead is tired. I tune to MTV2 and the celebrated teenage drama instal, teenage ma, is deputeing and because I contact two people present I am today intrigued. The screaming match is mingled with a fuck off and her daughter, a new teen mother herself, that be arguing around Janelle (the new mother) smoking marijuana, creation on probation and not taking care of her child. I right away think, isnt this designate close babies and the struggle of be a mom? I theorise there a high-powered to this show; I am intrigued and I must relate to watch. As I get across viewing this program, I learn there is more to the show than just babies; this is a show with difficulties, drama and fundamental bread and bu tter lessons. Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 and the Original, Sixteen and heavy(predicate), are shows on MTV that centers on assorted groups of 16-year-old mothers from different parts of the U.S. and all(prenominal) teenage girl is followed by cameras in their own exclusive story. Both Sixteen & large(predicate) and Teen Mom show portrayals of struggle, as each example faces a bevy of challenges which are all related to being pregnant as a teen. By showing passing emotional programming where a young woman is acquiring her heartbroken in a reality setting, unscripted and raw, I believe reality tv set helps teenage viewers by deeply connecting with the young women on the show and therefore dope rationalize their future decisions by basing what they saw on television with real life situations.\nIts safe to say that at a young age, teen pregnancy (most of the time) is unexpected, scary, depressing, and complicated. Along with a young mother confronting her parents close the new life growth inside her, she now faces legion(predicate) circumstances to overcome. Sixteen & Pregnant i...

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