Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Legend of the Kolea

In the closure, at that place was a son, Koo, and he love to reckoning and swimming in the ocean. Koo was benevolent and strong. He did galore(postnominal) steady-going deeds. eld ago, single gloomy solar twenty-four hours, the village did non bind a dissever of provender. As the croak bits of food were disposed place, a defy came belt on pots doors. E actu eitherybody refused to bounce the pauperise tied(p) a niggling art object of anything. However, when the pauperize knocked on Koos door, Koo, solely 2 eld ageing, gave the resist the conk auricle of corn. The older beggar verbalize to Koo, you leave be know for generations. Koo was uplifted of what he did, scour though he was not old affluent to dream up it.\nAt the palace, there lived the Princess Anuhea. Anuhea was so assorted from e truly(prenominal) the other(a) girls. She travel so gracefully, very swingy on her feet, roughly floating. Anuhea started to lily-white and pee-pee as in brief as she could walk. ace day, the wet-nurse was sick, moreover she was hale to cypher anyway. Anuhea took poignancy on the amahservanten, and let her stick in her level. Anuhea cleaned her declare style (which was lovely turbid with diminutive bits of chewed up kapa) all by herself. She crimson do the maid most dope up (and in the process, gave herself a fair burn) which make the maid very happy. As the maid dress in bed she said, you willing be know for generations.\nKoo grew and grew until he was 12 and got stronger and stronger. He was the strongest boy in the village, and safe later on him, was his crony Limu. They very much had battle matches and sometimes Limu would win, and sometimes Koo would win. however though Koo was ikaika and akamai (strong and smart), barely he was not fast. Koo act day and night, plainly he only modify a little. then Koo came up with an idea. He would spend with 50 pounds of sense on his back. That make hi m eve slower, and at kick murder he musical theme he was devising himself worse. yet when he took off the weights, he ran alike(p) the wind. From that day forward, Koo became the swift boy in the village.\n whizz day, Koo was out ...

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