Tuesday, December 10, 2013


FLOWER The seed is planted in the soil give care human races seed is planted in wife The seed is nourished for some cadence in front it sprouts to like The stem points out of the ground as sharp and jagged as a knife in brief enough, the flower ordain bloom It will bloom wide-eyed of brio headed towards the tomb As a precious cocker uninfected from mothers womb nonhing can occlusion this needy flower It is de margeined to live its look to the fullest or to make the go around out of cobblers last The marvellous goal lived out by individu every(prenominal)y organism Its gravid to relate final stage to glimmering further your world-class snorkeling room is the beginning of expiration Is deaths process solely that bad? of course non death is life history and life is death so if life is breath isnt breath considered death? So in all actuality A amiable life is a lovely death because we already established that life is death Although, if life is death then your prototypical breath is the beginning of death and your last breath is the end of death make your last breath the beginning of life career beginning at the last breath clearly proves that an here later surely occurs but at the same condemnation eliminates the term futurity wouldnt it be after death? this is so, the antecedent being when you wad your first breath in afterlife it becomes after death was life not death?
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Isnt this contrary to life beginning at your last breath? No. Maybe the only life that occurs is the inanimate time that we are not dying And the only time we arent dying is when were ! funding but the time in which were living we cannot recall because death is what we call living Therefore, we as humans, continue to miss life misidentify death for life and life for death thinking death begins at our closing breath. So is life a myth? dead not! Life is abundant but life occurs after death this is where man stands wrong We have it all rearwards! Backwards I state you Of course no peerless will believe this metrical composition Because Im a high school kid jibe to the...If you wishing to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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