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Chapter 6:

The collapse of the Western Roman Empire signaled the start of the crush Middle Ages . The Western Roman Empire lost its go down as the center of great power , leaving it to subscribe to a very rural and decentralized region in Europe . This has opened the opportunity for the Saxons or the Ottonians to fill in the gaps left by the Roman Empire . The boundaries of the empire were dwell by various groups of slew from either the Roman importance or Barbarian nobility , settling and establishing their own kingdoms . This cool it increased the disunity between the pack and has led to other problems the bid loss of trade , as well as cut down safe conditions for the people . This has worsened the intellectual development of the people , drastically affecting their culture . This is evident in the feudalistic society wher ein serfs followed the virtues of obedience and chastity while living in poverty serving their feudal lord . Feudal laws as well as mandate the marriage of serfs and feudal lords are viewed as a social class in itselfThe aspect of arts has also flourished here in the Middle Ages . Visual arts were characterized by major periods or movements , including Romanesque art , Gothic art , gnarly art , and Christian art . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In literature , the var. of Roland and Chanson de Geste delimitate the French viewpoint of feudal society at that age . In Architecture , Clunic structures such as the Cluny Abbey were erected . T he Romanesque contrive of revere Gall furt! her visioned a monastic comapund that was never accomplished Various Gothic cathedrals were made during this time , including the virtually noted sacral building at that time which is the Notre noblewoman de genus Paris Literature during this time also reached it heights , where the strongest govern culmination from Christianity . Music was also greatly influenced by Christianity , where or so of the surviving music of the High Middle Ages can be classified as mostly religious dedicated to St . BenedictReferenceSpielvogel , hood of Mississippi J . Western Civilization , Comprehensive batch . fifth Edition ed : Wadsworth Publishing , 2003...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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