Tuesday, November 12, 2013


MILITARY SCIENCE 27 Notes Davis, Spring 2012 3 types strategical=War o Level of a state of warfare realm determines internal security objectives Operational=Campaign o homework conduct and livelihood of campaigns designed to accomplish strategy goals at bottom a specific battleground of war Tactical= skirmish o Techniques to tempt battles & engagements 9 Principles of War intention Offensive Mass thriftiness of Force Maneuver adept of Command Security Surprise Simplicity Terminology Logistics: how we conk out things Force protection: movement of armament forces from the continental US to an overseas conflict US military operations traditional warfare sum of money vs. Limited War o Total: takes all resources o Limited: more contained US has been in war 1 out of every 5 historic period cut & Indian War 1754-unofficial war began at Ft.
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Necessity in Pennsylvania w/LTC George capital letters castigate British intervened to take control of war Consequences: o Brits heavy in debt as a go forth of 25 years of war o American colonists didnt feel threatened with French threat removed o They resented the British Regular Army stationed in their midst and the exist of maintaining it American Revolution: Brits Surrender at Yorktown Started at end of French & Indian War Americans legitimate an army in 1775 Second deadliest U.S. war per capita Strategies: intimidation, force, persuasion, enlisting loyalists Colonists hoped to follow by: o Not having to create a unfluctuating army o 1st tr ied to rely on animate citizen soldiers ! Battle of Bunker Hill Brits failed in introductory two attempts Battle proved that an amateur militia could defeat a condition professional force Second Continental Congress Congress convened to petition American rights in 1775 The Continental Army was formed June 1775; George capital of the United States became Commander July 1775 usual Washington & American Strategy Washington: o Maintained...If you prerequisite to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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