Friday, November 8, 2013

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Practice Test for 6.1-6.3 1. Complete the following grand calculations: a. What is the thou of a resolvent containing 25.3 grams of copper (II) chloride dissolved in 140 mL of water? b. How many grams of sodium hydrated oxide atomic number 18 needed to make 2 L of a 0.05 M settlement? 2. A student dissolves 0.350 moles of potassium nitride (K3N) in 0.650 L of water. c. Calculate the molarity of the ancestor. d. What is the immersion of potassium ions? e. What is the concentration of nitride ions? f. What is the pair concentration of ions? 3. How many times more acidic is a root with a pH of 3 than a solution with a pH of 5? 4. Complete the following calculations and betoken whether the nerve centre is acidic, basic, or neutral: g. What is the pH of a solution with a pOH of 11.4? h. What is the total heat concentration of a solution with a hydroxide concentration o f 6 x 10-5? i. What is the hydrogen concentration of a solution with a pOH of 3.7? j. What is the pH of a substance with a hydroxide concentration of 4 x 10-5? k. What is the hydroxide concentration of a substance with a pOH of 8.5? 5. salvage the disassociation equation for each of the following: l. sodium sulfate m. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
magnesium hydroxide n. atomic number 20 bromide. 6. travel by the Lewis structure for CH3Cl. o. How many valence electrons does this molecule reach? p. What is the constrain of this molecule? q . What is the bond angle? r. Is th! e molecule frosty or nonpolar? s. What is the dominant intermolecular force fall in in this molecule? Answers: 1a. 1.34 M; b. 4 grams; 2a. 0.538 M; b. 1.614 M; c. 0.538 M; d. 2.152 M; 3. 100 times; 4a. 2.6, acidic; b. 2 x 10-10 M, basic; c. 5.01 x 10-11 M, basic; d. 9.61, basic; e. 3.2 x 10-9 M, acidic; 5a. Na2SO4 ? 2 Na+ + SO42-; b. Mg(OH)2 ? Mg2+ + 2 OH-; c. CaBr2 ? Ca2+ + 2 Br-; 6a. 14; b. tetrahedral; c. 109.5°; d. polar; e....If you want to get a full essay, gild it on our website:

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