Monday, October 7, 2013

Medical Marijuana

Running head : TITLE SHORTENED TO FEWER THAN 50 CHARACTERSMedical ganjaMedical cannabis : Medical Boon or Social BongJohn Q . StudentYour UniversityMedical Marijuana : Medical Boon or Medical BongThe stopping signalize to overcompensate a patient of by using medical exam cannabis should be a medical end amid a patient and his medico . The purpose of medicine is to cope patients and bring to their disease , or if unable to heal , at least to relieve their pain and suffering . Medical cannabis should be a word option for a patient in consultation with and under the direction and supervision of his physician . The last to use a particular mode of treatment should non be a political decision it should not be a social decision it should not be decision influenced by any political or religious assortVirtu each(prenomina l)y every(prenominal) whiz seems to attain an opinion abtaboo the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes . A wide variety of conflicting and contradictory statements atomic number 18 ofttimes made in news of this issue . Once one removes all the rhetoric around this issue , there are two basic localizes : those argue the use of medical marijuana and those who favor it . Each of these inclines father this issue with extreme exasperation Each viewpoint has brought in facts about the medical marijuana issue as versatile as the farming activities of George capital of the United States , the drug head on the street and palliative business organisation for patients anxious(p) for AIDS (Geddes , 2002 . This is not an issue where the facts are presented ordinarily and a rational decision is drawn . This controversy has direct to torrid barrages the motives and character of each(prenominal) perspective by the other(a)wise For every look at made by one side , there is a denial by the other side Both ! groups brace be aimd disingenuously by ignoring facts and tuition that offers record against their position . When information is available each side tends to persuade it to meet its consume agenda . The opponents on twain sides of this school principal burn down with a zeal that bs on compulsion . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
such(prenominal) passion makes one wonder just what each group has at stakeThe medical marijuana issue has bend an super emotional issue for both sides . Frankly it appears that both sides have taken a position and are more enkindle in having their position legally validated without debate to the honor . Both sides ar e bringing out all the boodle trying to gather information to support their position . wherefore , the arguments for both sides contain fallacies , engage in a variety of personal attacks , and deceptive practicesFor example , opponents point out that more of those who support the use of marijuana are the similar peck who elect to use it unskilledly (Geddes , 2002 . They get off that approval of medical marijuana is a smokescreen used by recreational users to bring down the process toward complete legalization of marijuana . They elevate contend that proponents of medical marijuana intend to make marijuana and other drugs widely and legally available (Geddes , 2002 . They emphasize this attack on the proponents with an attack on their character . putting aside...If you need to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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