Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An Analysis of the Famous Statue of Akhenaton.

Akhenaton was the beginning pharaoh to introduce the concept of monotheism, the worshipping of only one god, as opposed to polytheism, the worshipping of numerous gods. The people of Egypt had usually depicted gods in either animal or human form in their paintings and sculptures in order to help give them a physiologic form that they could worship. However, under Akhenatons new ideas, the only god was Aton, which was designate with the form of a sun disk. Artwork likewise changed in sync with this change in religion. The statue of Akhenaton incorporated these new changes, and the statue itself acts equal a symbol for Akhenatons revolutionary ideas. The statue has many interesting and specialize characteristics. The statue of Akhenaton is made of sandstone and is approximately 13 feet high. Upon seeing it for the starting time time, the first thing that becomes apparent is that one of the accouterments is broken off. parenthesis from this, the statue has most perfe ct symmetry. Because of the position of the hands, it can be safely assume that both gird mirrored each other. The statue has safe(p) balance. It does not change much in width. The headdress is more or slight twice has tall as the face, and the headdress surrounds the entire face, nearly acting like a frame for it. This gives importance and draws rationalize towards the face. This is significant because the entire statue, especially the face, uses many feminine characteristics.
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In this statue of Akhenaton, the thighs are wide, the hips are narrow, the face is elongated and narrow, the lips are large, t he arms and fingers are narrow and long, and! there are breasts. The face is to a fault important because it is looking straight ahead. This makes any person penury to stare right back at it. Again, this helps to bring... According to many Muslim Scholars, Jihad actually does not mean a holy war, it really means; to try ones utmost to book ones own bad If you hope to get a right essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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