Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Short Essay on John Stienbeck's "Of Mice And Men" -- Is Crooks a Survior?

A guy goes nuts if he aint got nobody. (pg.72) In sens buoy Stienbacks Of Mice And Men, Crooks was able to live a life fill with retirement and persecution. He was shoved aside on the farm, ignored and al cardinal. He endured the persecution against him because he was an African-American. Because Crooks existed in conditions that could drive one insane, he is a survivor. Crooks did not live in the bunkhouse with the opposite men, and lived in the prevail room of the barn, alone. It was not only not nourishment with the other men--they excluded him from all activities. Spose you couldnt even go in the bunkhouse and figure out amusing cause you was black, (pg.72) Crooks said. Crooks further stayed alone in his room, reading, a suffering respite for human conversation. His cry, A guy gets too solitary an he gets sick, (pg.73) shows how miserable Crooks was on the farm. But he stayed and endured these conditions, which makes him a survivor. Crooks not only survived with the prepossess against him on the farm, but overly with the prejudice against him because of his race his entire life. His statement, If I say something, why its just a nigger saying it, (pg.70) shows that no one listened to him when he talked, but ignored him because he was an African-American. During this time, all African-Americans were treated as inferiors by the whites. You keep your place then, Nigger. (pg.81) Curleys wife says to him, which showed that he was anticipate to be respectful toward her simply because she was white. Because Crooks tolerated the unfair persecution against him, he is a survivor. Crooks lived a life of loneliness and unjust racism, but he never allowed these things to crush him. He stood through both, and for this he...
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