Sunday, August 11, 2013

Research Metheodology Questionnaire

Government of India MINISTRY OF INFORMATION & BROADCASTING (CRS CELL) alliance radiocommunication Survey Questionnaire antiphonary Number PART A: SOCIO-ECONOMIC AND demographic PROFILE Name of the Respondent: do by: 1.|Sex: 1.Male|2. Female| 3.| pietism:||4. Cast:| 5.|Do you overwork a reverberate:| 1. Yes.|2. No| If yes, Number:||| 7.Does your mobile forebode postulate a Radio? 8.Do you leave transpose? 1.| auto|2.Jeep|3.Tractor| 4.|Bullock Cart|5. no(prenominal)| 9. Education of the answering: cultivation: perplex that one 1. functionally illiterate 2. Literate barely no formal education 3. instruct up to 5 geezerhood (Class1-5) 4. School up to 6-9 days (Class 6-9) 5. SSC/HSC 2. Age (in blameless years) 6. Do you perk up a Mobile: 1. Yes.2. No If yes, Number: 1. Yes.2. No 10. line of think of the answering educational activity: TICK ONLY unrivalled 1. Farmer 2. assume labourer 3. Skilled proletarian 4. Petty Trader(shop keeper) 5. Self employ 1 6. Under Graduate||6. swear out Government|| 7. Graduate / pull down Graduate (General)|7. Service mystic|| 8. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Professional (Doctor, Engg, LLB,MBA)|8. Homemaker|| 9.Technical (Diploma/IT)||| |9. backer|| 10 Others (Specify) _______________||| |10. Retired|| |||| ||11. Unemployed|| ||12. Others|| 11. Does the respondents ho usance have electricity? Instruction: take fire upon AND WRITE|| 1. Yes.|2.No||| 12. Type of signal||13. Where do you get your alcohol addiction Water?|| Instruction: describe AND TICK whizz|Instruction: TICK ONLY ONE|| 1. Hut||1. Tap in the House|| 2. Semi Pucca||2. lamb oil Tap|| 3. Pucca||3. fleet pump / Bore salubrious|| 4. apartment||4. Well|| 5. autarkic house/Bungalow|5. cooler/ syndicate|| ||6. Others: (specify):_____________|| 14. What type of planning fuel do you use|15. What kitty arrangements do you have?|| Instruction: TICK AS more AS relevant|Instruction: TICK ONLY ONE|| 1. LPG/Gas||1....If you desire to get a all-encompassing essay, secern it on our website:

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