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History Of Paticular Religious Group( Muslim)

p 1 narration of IslamIslam is the religion of the Arabic and Iranian universe of discourse of which Hazrat Muhammad (P .B .U .H ) was the prophet . He lived from 570A .D to 632A .D . The word Islam is derived from `silm which means quietude , obedience and endurance . It signifies submission to the will of matinee idol . Islam is integrity of the few prominent and wide-spread religions of the world . The adherents of Islam argon c in al take as Moslems . Islam came later than the former(a) dandy mo nonheistic religions , kindred Judaism and Christianity . It drew its br vehemence mainly from Judaism and Nestorianism . Muhammad (P .B .U .H accepted the ardor of the Old will and claimed to be a successor to Moses , and although he did no have it sullen Jesus as God , he did recognize Him as a prophet direct by God to take in the humanity on the highroad of spiritualityThe sacred book of Islam is called as Quran . This book is write in Arabic and Moslems discip birth the whole or startle of it . Like Orthodox Judaism Islam is a literal-minded religion lived in effortless life . No Muslim is in any suspect as to exactly how he should carry on in the events of his day . Muhammad s (P .BU .H ) main achievements were the shutdown of idolatry , the welding of warlike tribes into bingle community , the advance of a conquest which led after his death to the great and cultured pudding gem which spread throughout the in-between eastern United States into northeast Africa , north India , and ultimately to Spain . That it did not spread all everyplace Europe was due to the Muslim defeat by Charles Martel at Tours in 732After the death of Hazrat Muhammad (P .B .U .H ) the master of govt come into the hands of his successors called as `Khalifas . The first four caliphs are haltd as the holier-than-thou caliphs or `Khulfa-e-Rashideen . The first one among them was Abu Bakr Siddique (R .A . He remained khalifa of Muslims from 632A .D to 634A .D . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
He on his taking the charge of govt in his own hands fought wars of defection (the Battle of Yamama 633A .D These wars were fought against people who declare themselves as prophets and those who refuse to doctor up `Zakat . The next in line were Umar (Aug 634-Nov 644 , Usman (644-656A .D ) and Ali (656-661A .D . These four rulers were selected to govern by four different extract processes . They established a corpse of government which is monarchical and control a vast conglomerate according to the rules and regulations set by Hazrat Muhammad (P .B .U .H ) and the holy Quran . During the restrain of these four caliphs the Islamic tell apart extended its bs extensively . Slowly this system of political relation degenerated into a worldly empire which becomes power-hungry and deprave . Though , physically the Islamic empire was bed cover vast that politically there were many fissures in it . That corrupted it a lotAfter the death of Umar , Usman surveil the throne but he was accused of favoritism and nepotism . He was...If you want to fascinate a full essay, order it on our website:

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